How To Lose Body Fat

How to get rid of body fat

Can You say farewell to that belly?

We have been put in the head for a long time that losing fat, which is in a percentage of healthy fat and in a healthy physical condition requires a lot of effort and is very difficult. For the same reason, many people will look for the best diet to lose fat or just don’t try.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have an excess of body fat, it is relatively easy to remove it. But you need something very important: habits, optimism, patience and a little effort.

In this article I will give you, taking into account my opinion and based on scientific evidence, what we could call it as:

“The keys to lose weight or keys to lose fat without suffering.

It’s no joke, I’m not going to sell you anything at the end of the article, but you must be aware that if you take action: They can help you change your life forever. First of all… Don’t approach it as something negative because that way you don’t get anywhere, approach it well, with positivism. Let’s get on with it.


Less junk food and more real food

Typical but indispensable. Less chips, sugary drinks, bollicaos, etc.. And more real food. It doesn’t mean that you can only eat grilled vegetables, absolutely not. Simply eat a little more healthy food, prioritize these in your diet. A good number to start with is that 70% of your day to day is eating healthy products (legumes, dairy products, meats, fish, rice, potatoes, nuts, vegetables, fruit, etc.).

The problem of processed foods

They are very caloric and give you nothing or almost nothing positive. In addition, ultraprocessed products are often made to create addiction and you eat more and more.

Does this mean you have to go out and eliminate them completely? No, just gradually try to prioritize your day to day in 300 of 365 days of the year, that’s the key, not what you do a day.

Healthy Habits – Increase Neat

Raising your neat is key. Just doing this can help. What is neat? Walking up the stairs instead of an elevator, shopping by walking as many times as you can, parking your car a little further from your job, going out for a chat instead of watching movies all day, etc.

Lose fat and gain muscle

More strength and less cardio, whether you’re a man or a woman. If you are a beginner, you can achieve what you like so much “slimming and gaining muscle” and if you are not a beginner, it is also fundamental, so that you can lose fat without losing muscle.

As a student and lover of sports science, strength training is fundamental to life. Imagine that you become older and have not worked anything strength, very possibly the strength levels will be very low. Today, we see 20 year olds with very low strength levels, imagine being 80 years old. Training hard with intensity (effort) three days a week, adapted to you, is enough to make an abysmal difference.

Sleeping Slims

And if I tell you that… Sleeping doesn’t make you fat, sleeping helps you lose fat.  Sleep a minimum of seven hours a day in most people (average weekly) is important to be able to have all hormonal processes well regulated.  A very common example: If you sleep very little for many days, your satiety levels will be crazy so you can be much hungrier than you really would because of what we have discussed.


Feeding Myths

No more fat loss myths or weight loss myths please… Those of us who do this and are constantly updating ourselves, are very stung by it.  Eating pasta at night does not fatten, the potato does not fatten, you do not have to eat only vegetables, you do not have to eliminate completely the carbohydrates, you do not have to eat like a little bird, I could spend an hour like this.

Ultraprocessed products and being sedentary, this is what fattens.

Approach fat loss with patience

Have a positive outlook on what you’re going to do in your life.  If one day you “fail” nothing happens, the world doesn’t end and you shouldn’t throw everything away.  You can continue to do well. Keep in mind that patience is key, you can’t solve (no matter how many companies want to sell it to you) what you’ve done wrong for 10 years in 4 days.  Maybe not ten years, but you need time to do things right. Try to avoid stress, we all know that in the daily life of today there is some stress that can not be removed, try to learn to control it by knowing how your own body works to avoid attacks of food or anxiety attacks.

Vegetables and fruit for diet

Fruit and vegetables are basic. Both for your health and to help you lose fat. Also, as an example: Include vegetables before the main course is a very good idea because vegetables provide us with fiber, vitamins, minerals … which are very good for health, but other helps us to satiate more, is a food little dense calorically. Another example: Include fruit after meals or as a snack, instead of including sugary desserts and other junk food will be things that will make a difference, much more than the amount.

“I don’t like healthy foods.”

You must gradually regain these taste buds of real food, when you get used to always eat food with artificial flavors, it is normal to lose sensitivity in taste.

Drinking water to lose weight

Drinking water to be well hydrated is essential. There is no need to force yourself, but drinking water during the day, especially when you practice sport is mandatory. Don’t count coffee, zero drinks and so on as water. It is not necessary to eliminate them, but it is important to get used to drink normal water. If you haven’t been doing it until now, you’ll see that you’re doing much better, even at the energy level.

The obsession to have the ideal weight

Don’t get obsessed with how much weight to lose in order to lose weight. It’s just a scale, many factors come into play when we talk about just a number. If you change your habits, you move, and you go looking in the mirror I assure you that you should not take too much into account. You can even gain weight if you gain muscle as a beginner, but this is called body recomposition. Yes, sometimes you can look better gaining weight on the scale.

Conclusion, weight loss tips

I give you heartfelt advice, take action today. Why postpone for tomorrow what you can do today? I guarantee you that little by little you are making changes and finding good combinations, learning to enjoy eating well, with adherence, enjoying sport. Improve your health and your physical condition. You are not special, if thousands of people do you can do it too. Stop looking for miraculous diets because they won’t give you anything.

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