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Working out shouldn’t be tedious or boring. It should always push you and make you feel energized. If you are not experiencing that recently from the machines you are currently using, whether that’s in your own home or at the local gym or sports center, it could be that your exercise routine needs a bit of a shakeup.

Bowflex LateralX LX5 Elliptical Analysis

Have you ever used a Bowflex machine before? Well, now would be as good a time as any to have your first time with the LateralX LX5. This is a high-end and very high-performance cardio machine that is like a stepper or an elliptical but offers so much more than the average versions of either of those machines. In this review we will show you why you should give it some serious thought.


Even if you have never had the pleasure of using one of their inspired and cutting-edge pieces of equipment, it’s likely you have heard of Bowflex. They have been innovating and pushing the boundaries of at home exercise equipment design for a long time now. Evidence of their time spent in the industry, constantly improving their machines with each new release is shown in the LateralX LX5.
Why should you consider purchasing this as your next big investment in your exercise routine and workout schedule? That’s what we are going to discuss in the following post as we review the main features in greater detail, such as the dynamic hand grips, the performance suspension pedals and most importantly of all, the customizable lateral range.

Four Hand Grips

By designing this machine with two pairs of hand grips, you can use it to work out and target different muscle groups throughout your body. This means that no two workouts never really need to be the same and gives you a full-body muscular and cardio-style session.

Customizable Lateral Range

The feature that really sets this machine apart from others like it is the lateral range that can be fully adjusted. This allows you to change the level of comfort and intensity you experience during your workout. This helps you to push yourself that little bit further than you may have in the past.

10 Resistance Levels, 10 Preprogrammed Workout Plans and 30 Full Workout Videos

The LateralX LX5 may be very different to a lot of machines in many ways, but there are also quite a few ways that it is the same as the rest. Especially when it comes to the versatility it offers you for workouts. As well as the above, you do get 10 adjustable levels of resistance, to ensure the intensity is set to the most ideal level to really push you hard enough and 10 preprogrammed workout plans.
These are standard features for modern exercise machines. Another feature that is a great addition to the norm then is the 30 full length workout videos that you can watch and follow along with. There is really no excuse for saying you are bored, or workouts have become tedious when you have this machine.

Bluetooth Compatibility

If you have a specific fitness app that you like using or if you want to benefit from the Bowflex LateralX app that was conceived especially for use with this machine, you can use either with the Bluetooth connectivity by using your smartphone or tablet.

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Bowflex LateralX LX5 Elliptical User’s Manual
7.5Expert Score
Get fit with the LateralX L5 from Bowflex
How to get fit without spending too much time? Get an elliptical trainer today, and workout that body in the comfort of your home. Get the body you deserve today. Try the LateralX l5 from Bowflex, you won't be dissapointed
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • Comfortable suspension pedals that also make sure you push yourself
  • Adjustable lateral setting
  • Choice of two sets of hand grips
  • Adjustable resistance and workout settings
  • It is on the expensive side of the price range

Frequently asked questions about the Bowflex LateralX LX5 Elliptical Machine

Yes it has a wireless heart rate chest strap included and also contact sensors

The Bowflex LateralX L5 has up to 4 user profiles available.

10 built-in workout programs


Bowflex are known for their innovative contributions to the industry and with this model, things are no different. You get a machine that offers adjustable lateral settings to help really target your body’s different muscle groups, particularly when used in combination with the two sets of hand grips. Then when you add the resistance level settings, the workout plans and the 30 full length videos, you have many options that mean you should never feel bored using this machine.
In terms of the quality of its construction, we can’t recommend it enough. It is expensive, this is true. But, if you are looking for one of the best, you could do worse than this piece of equipment.

Specification: Bowflex LateralX LX5

Price Range

$2000 – $3000


Stride Length


Flywheel Weight


Max User Weight

300 lbs

Drive Type

Front Drive

Computer / Display

7.5" Backlit LCD Display


63.2 x 53.6 x 46.6 inches


Frame 3 years, Parts 3 years, Electronics (Console) 1 year, Labor 90 days

Special Features

Four Sets of Dynamic Hand Grips, Media Shelf/Tablet Holder, Bluetooth® 4.0 Compatible, Syncs with Free Bowflex™ LateralX™ App1


258 lbs

Shipping Weight

Maximum Pedal Height

22" (55.9 cm)

Videos: Bowflex LateralX LX5

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