ElliptiGO RSUB Road Performance Outdoor Stand Up Bike and Best Hybrid Indoor Exercise Trainer

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Amazon.com Price: $1,299.00 (as of 02/08/2021 08:57 PST- Details)

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Amazon.com Price: $1,299.00 (as of 02/08/2021 08:57 PST- Details)

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What do you do when you really want to work out using an elliptical-style machine but don’t want to be stuck within the same four walls all the time? That’s the dilemma ElliptiGO tackled when they first started producing exercise equipment. They developed and manufactured the highly successful and first of its kind outdoor elliptical bike.

ElliptiGO RSUB Analysis

This is a great way to get active and will provide you with a more intense workout than you may get from a traditional bike. It’s also a lot of fun. One of their top products is the revolutionary ElliptiGO Sub, the first seatless, stand-up elliptical bike. Which takes the whole experience of using one of their machines to a whole new level. If you thought they couldn’t improve on something that was an already ingenious product, think again. The RSub elliptical bike is arguably the best of its kind, and certainly the most roadworthy. Based on the design of road bikes, as you will see, if you are looking for a seriously exciting, but safe way to ride around, this is the answer.


It’s fair to say that ElliptiGO are a very young company, but over the course of their short lifespan, they have what could best be described as meteoric success. People all around the world love their elliptical bikes. It’s not just the build quality or how they look, though these features are second-to-none, but it’s the safety, performance and comfort features that the company insists are in each model they produce.

Features like the oversized and comfortable pedals so you always feel safe, stable and secure standing up and pedaling on a bike like the RSub. Or the generous and efficient gear system. As you will see as we delve deeper and look at their features in greater detail there is a lot to give you confidence that you will have an experience like no other if you choose the ElliptiGO RSub.

Full-Size Roadworthy 700c Tires

Unlike some other elliptical bike models, and even most from ElliptiGO, the ElliptiGO RSub comes complete with full-size, roadworthy 700 tires. This makes the equipment feel like an actual bike and therefore, safer. The tires being so big allows you to cover more ground quicker and with better grip too. If you are going to ride on main roads and other similar terrains, we would suggest this bike as our recommendation.

8-Speed Gears and Disc Brakes

It is important to feel in control when you are riding on any kind of bike. This becomes even more crucial though, when you are on a stand-up elliptical. With the ElliptiGO RSub you get the 8=speed gear system the company have been known to provide with their exercise equipment. While 8 is not the most offered, it does provide you with enough variety to not only ensure you can tackle the different ascents and descents you face confidently but can help to increase the intensity of your workout as necessary.

Further to the control offered by the gears, you also get high quality disc-style brakes. This means you will be able to stop the bike whenever you need to, regardless of the conditions. This is must-have for any kind of bike, not least of all a stand-up elliptical-trainer-style bike.

Can Accommodate all Heights

When you are choosing a conventional outdoor bike, you need to take your height into consideration. This can often mean that you need to spend more or invest in a model you were not as interested in, so that you have one that fits your size. With the ElliptiGO RSub, like most others produced by the company, this is not an issue. It comes with a fully adjustable steering column that make it possible for adults of most heights to enjoy this tool.

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official ElliptiGO RSUB User’s Manual
8Expert Score
Get a ElliptiGO RSUB so you can enjoy the great oudoors
Do you like to burn some calories outside? Do you prefer to enjoy the sun while you shed some calories.? The ElliptiGO Brand has got you covered: with great features that also allow you to workout indoors. Get one while you can
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • 700c full-size road bike tires
  • Disc brakes for more control and effective stopping power
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Bit more expensive than other models, though this is understandable given the tires

Frequently asked questions about the ElliptiGO RSUB

Yes, you can. Exerpt from ElliptiGO: “Check out our Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer. Convert your ElliptiGO outdoor stand up bike or elliptical into an indoor training beast! Bad weather? No problem, get the same outdoor elliptical workout from the comfort of your home!”

The wheel is 700C aluminum, 32-spoke. The tire is 700 x 40C 60TPI.

It is almost fully assmebled: about 90% assembled when shipped. If you need any help to assemble the RSUB, checkout the Getting Started and Assembly videos on ElliptiGO official Site


As ever, you need to consider what you want from an exercise machine when considering whether the ElliptiGO RSub is for you or not. If you want something you can take anywhere and enjoy an elliptical-style exercise pattern without being stuck in a gym, the office or your home, this is a great choice. We love the road-safe full-size tires, the reliable brakes and the overall look and feel of this bike. We are sure you will too.

Specification: ElliptiGO RSUB Road Performance Outdoor Stand Up Bike and Best Hybrid Indoor Exercise Trainer

Price Range

$1000 – $1500


Stride Length


Flywheel Weight



Wheelbase 46.5" (118cm) Total Length 74.4" (189cm)

Computer / Display



5 years from the date of purchase on the frame; 2 years on the fork, drive arms, crank arms and steering column; and 1 year on all other components, paint and decals

Max User Weight

300 lbs

Special Features

Oversized pedals engineered for comfort, performance and grip. Our lightest, shortest and most portable bike, also designed to stand the test of time.

Drive Type



31.4 lbs

Shipping Weight




Alloy freewheel hub

Climbing Activity

Climb steep hills up to 20-30% grade

Indoor / outdoor flexibility

Gets you outside or easily sets up on a trainer inside (stationary trainer sold separately)

Videos: ElliptiGO RSUB Road Performance Outdoor Stand Up Bike and Best Hybrid Indoor Exercise Trainer

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ElliptiGO RSUB Road Performance Outdoor Stand Up Bike and Best Hybrid Indoor Exercise Trainer
ElliptiGO RSUB Road Performance Outdoor Stand Up Bike and Best Hybrid Indoor Exercise Trainer

Amazon.com Price: $1,299.00 (as of 02/08/2021 08:57 PST- Details)

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