Kettler Skylon 5 Crosstrainer Model 2016

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Kettler Skylon 5 elliptical trainer

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Kettler Skylon 5 Elliptical Review

Discover why we think the Skylon 5 from Kettler is a great elliptical cross trainer for home. With Advanced High Tech, this Machine is on a different level.

Price / Quality
Customer Support
At a Glance: Kettler Skylon 5 Elliptical
Brand Kettler
Price Range $1000 to $2000
Max User Weight 330 lbs (150 Kg)
Flywheel Weight 48.5 pounds (22 kg)
Stride length 20 Inches (50 cm)
Resistance Levels N/A
Dimensions 84 x 24 x 70 inches (214cm x 62cm x 177cm)
Training Programs 10
Computer / Display Large LCD
Warranty 3 years parts and labor
Q-Factor 8.4 inches (21.5cm)

Kettler Skylon 5 Elliptical Review: The Kettler Skylon 5 is a cross trainer in a class of its own. It may be relatively expensive, but it has some very special features which many crosstrainers do not have. In this product review we would like to show you why it is an extraordinary piece of sports equipment, and a great option if you are looking for an at home elliptical machine.

Step by step we will go into the most important details, the construction, the functions and how to use it. So you know in advance what you are getting into, if you decide to buy this model. At the end of the review you will also find a summary of the most important features.

Because nothing is more annoying than finding out afterwards that it is actually not the right training device for your needs.

If you don’t like it, you will find some alternative cross trainers at the end. And now we hope you enjoy reading the Skylon 5 Elliptical Review.

  • Foldable
  • Can be loaded up to 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • 10 training programs
  • 44.8 pounds (20 kg) flywheel provides a fluid motion

  • Pricey

The first impression of the Kettler Skylon 5

When you stand on the Kettler Skylon 5 for the first time, you will quickly notice the qualitative difference to inferior elliptical trainers. It is simply quiet and gentle in its execution. It always makes a stable impression, even if you tend to be a bit overweight nearing 330 lbs (or 150 kg). Nothing wobbles here and you can workout in comfort.

Even after many weeks of hard training there are no signs of wear and tear. You also don’t have the impression that something starts to wobble. Here you can be happy about a high-quality product which has similarities to many professional elliptical trainers from the gym.

The Skylon 5 is designed for long-term use. This one was build to last.

At first glance, it seems to be a bit bigger than many other Kettler crosstrainers due to its dimensions. All in all it measures 84 x 24 x 70 inches (214cm x 62cm x 177cm) and thus takes up quite a bit of space.

But in a normal living room there should actually be enough room to set it up. Then there is still enough space to place the other furniture such as shelves, cupboards and sofas.

If you stand on it for the first time, you will immediately notice that it is a professional crosstrainer. When using it, it appears very quiet and does not make any noises like rattling, crunching or grinding. It has similarities to the Kettler CTR3 which is also very quiet (and a bit cheaper).

It is not very easy to operate, but you usually get used to it relatively quickly. If necessary, you should consult the manual again for help if you are not sure. Nevertheless, the handling is very intuitive and can be understood even by non-technical people.

In the following, we want to give you an overview of the functions and features of the Kettler Skylon 5.

All functions and features at a glance

The Kettler Skylon 5 has an integrated LCD display. This is three-coloured and illuminated. So you can easily see something when it is already getting a little darker outside or when it is beginning to dawn. The display shows different values at the end of the training. These include, for example, the average values, the energy consumption (in watt) as well as a recovery pulse measurement with fitness grade.

Furthermore, the 6 integrated performance programs can be scaled freely. The Kettler Skylon 5 has a total of 10 training programs. There should be something for everyone, from beginners to advanced users. A graphic load profile is also displayed which shows you how fit you are.

A total of 4 training profiles can be saved. This means that if you want to use the crosstrainer within the family, everyone can access their own individual training profile. Furthermore, a guest participant can be saved and additional profiles can also be saved and called up on a USB stick. For larger families there should be enough capacity available in any case.

If you like, you can also connect your heart rate monitor and connect it to the 5kHz pulse receiver. This usually gives you even better and more accurate results. If you want, you can also set up your training program to be pulse-controlled. This means that the crosstrainer informs you as soon as you have reached a certain pulse rate.

When a certain upper pulse limit is reached, there is an optical and acoustic warning signal which tells you that you have now reached your maximum value.

Furthermore the keyboard is covered with a special foil. This means that if you sweat a lot, it is not bad if one or two drops drip onto the keyboard. Altogether, the training computer can show you the time, the training distance, the total distance, the speed and the cadence.

Kettler Skylon 5 is foldable

The space-saving professional cross trainer for the living room

The Skylon 5 allows a workout similar to a gym and has another convincing feature: The machine is foldable and therefore belongs to the most space-saving cross trainers in the market. If you have little space in your own four walls but don’t want to do without a professional piece of equipment, this elliptical is the right choice.

Innovative pulse measurement with warning function

The pulse measurement of the device is convincing: The heart rate is measured by means of an ear clip or hand pulse sensors. The pulse is conveniently displayed on the display. A warning function is also included, which is especially practical for inexperienced athletes. If the pulse gets too high, the device warns and the speed can be reduced.

Training machine for the whole family

The elliptical trainer has a training computer with a three-color LCD screen which offers ten different training programs. The possibility to create several personal profiles is practical. A total of four internal profiles can be created and a further one can even be saved for guests using a USB stick. The cross trainer can therefore be used by the whole family. No matter if beginner or performance-oriented athlete, the device offers the suitable load level for everyone.

Quiet running behavior due to high flywheel weight

The flywheel weight was increased to 48.5 pounds (22 kilograms) compared to other models of the Kettler, which significantly improved the ellipse motion. The motion sequence feels very natural. As a braking system, the machine has an induction brake. This can be regulated in five watt steps independent of the speed of rotation. The resistance bandwidth covers the range from 25 to 400 watts, which helps to ensure that the movement runs smoothly and quietly even at high resistance.

Special training software provides motivation

Those who like to train together with others can do so via the Kettler Community. There, training results can be shared with other fitness enthusiasts and athletes can get valuable tips. Furthermore, an additionally available training software can be used to train on virtual training tracks and environments. This gives the athlete the impression of running outside on the street or in nature, which provides more variety and often significantly increases motivation.


Kettler Skylon 5 Console Display

Large LCD

The Kettler Skylon 5 elliptical trainer’s training computer has a large LCD display. The display shows 9 functions at the same time and is easy to read. Thereby you get the best overview of your performance. In addition there is the Kettler “Heart Rate Light” function. This allows a color change of the background lighting (green, blue, red) and signals the graphic display of the current pulse zone.

The user has three options for pulse measurement: either via the sensors integrated in the hand grips or via the Cardio earclips included in the scope of delivery. Optionally, you can also measure your pulse via a chest strap (not included). The Skylon 5 elliptical trainer also offers the possibility to save four user profiles. You can also store your personal data here. A fifth user can store and analyse his data on a USB stick if required.

The LCD can show the following metrics:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Distance
  • Calorie burned
  • Total strokes
  • Power (Watt)
  • BMI Heart rate


The Kettler Skylon 5 elliptical trainer allows a connection to the PC

You can connect the elliptical trainer directly to the PC. This is made possible by a USB interface on the back of the cockpit. The device is compatible with the software “Connect-Fit” and “Kettler World Tours 2.0”. This software allows you to race online against friends or strangers, to drive virtual routes and provides comprehensive recordings or evaluations of your training data. There you can also keep a training diary or evaluate your training performance. And you can also create training programs which you can then train off. Of course, this possibility provides a lot of variety and helps the athlete to develop further or simply to keep the motivation high.

PC interface

The training computer can be connected to a PC (via an interface):

In addition, you can take a 15-minute performance test (IPN Fitness Test) with the Skylon 5. After this test a training recommendation for 24 training units is automatically given. If you have trained these 24 units once, the fitness test is repeated. Afterwards a new training plan for 24 training units is created. This guarantees a continuous adaptation of your training and improves the user’s performance.

No matter if young or old, untrained or trained. Heavy or light, professional or rather recreational athlete – this elliptical trainer is suitable for your whole family. It offers a high stability and resistance against tilting. After the workout you can simply fold the trainer. When folded, the elliptical trainer requires less than 10 square foot (1 m²) of space. The ergonomically formed arm bars are optimally accessible for large and small persons. Up to 5 persons can save their data and settings. There is also the possibility to connect it with Fitness Apps. Even statisticians can really let off steam there.

Kettler Skylon 5 Price

The Kettler Skylon 5 is usually sold on a price ranging from $1000 to $1500. The price of far more than $1000 will probably deter one or the other interested buyer before they have had a first look at the functions of the Kettler elliptical trainer. It’s a pity, because the Kettler Skylon 5 elliptical trainer really offers a lot for its money.

Kettler Skylon 5 Warranty

The Kettler Skylon 5 Elliptical comes with a 3 year parts and labor warranty

Kettler Skylon 5 Stride Length

The Kettler Skylon 5 has a stride length of 20 inches (50 cm).

Kettler Skylon 5 Max user Weight

The Kettler Skylon 5 has a max user weight capacity of 330 pounds (150 kg)

Kettler Skylon 5 User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Kettler Skylon 5 User’s Manual

High quality equipment for passionate athletes

This piece of sports equipment is available from around $1000 to $2000 on online stores and is therefore not quite affordable. Athletes at different training levels can use it to train all main muscle groups as well as their endurance and fitness. Due to the relatively high purchase costs, the device is especially suitable for fitness enthusiasts who want to train at home several times a week. Those who are looking for more affordable alternatives can choose the Rivo M or Unix PX models from the Kettler. When setting up the machine, the manufacturer recommends the use of a floor protection mat.

The ergonomic design and construction clearly differ from the other elliptical trainers. The machine looks sporty and very stable due to its high weight of 211 pounds (96 kg). In addition, the elliptical trainer can be folded up after the workout and stored away to save space. The Kettler Skylon 5 elliptical trainer guarantees a natural elliptical motion during the workout. This way you take care of your joints, tendons and ligaments. In comparison to the competition, the more elongated form of training is much more effective than a high, low motion while running.

Reliable Console

The existing multifunctional computer can do a lot. Starting with the display of the most important data such as time, distance, speed, calories, cadence, pulse and a fitness score, the user can create and save user profiles and transfer all necessary data directly from the elliptical trainer to a PC. This function provides the user with a recurring motivation. Compared to the competition, this analysis is unique. All this is rounded off by a 15-minute fitness test function. This function evaluates your fitness and recommends 24 training units which help you to improve your form. Once you have trained these, you can repeat the test and immediately notice whether you have developed further or not. This function is perfect for increasing your fitness and keeping motivation high. All in all, the Kettler Skylon 5 is one of the best elliptical trainers on the market.

The Assembly of the Skylon 5

All parts of the Kettler Skylon 5 have been packed cleanly. Here you are busy unpacking for quite a while. Fortunately, an assembly instruction for the crosstrainer is also included. The instructions are in order and you can easily work your way through the individual steps.

The whole assembly takes about 1 hour and should not be too challenging.

Tools such as screwdrivers and spanners, which are needed for the assembly, should be found in every household.

We recommend that a second person assembles the Kettler Skylon 5 crosstrainer. This is much faster as one person can hand over the required parts and the second person starts to screw.

If you work quickly, you can even assemble the crosstrainer in 45 minutes.

German Quality Standard

Furthermore, the crosstrainer is certified according to DIN EN 957-1/9, class HA. Thus it is standardized and corresponds to many German quality standards. The integrated brake system is a high-quality induction brake system. Due to the induction the brake system cannot wear out easily. Here you can already notice the difference to products of inferior quality.

Kettler Skylon 5 Elliptical Review Conclusion

The Kettler Skylon 5 is a really professional elliptical trainer with only a few weaknesses. One of them is, for example, that it is quite expensive. But in return you get a high-quality product which is completely convincing.

We can recommend this professional elliptical trainer for home use to all those who really want to exercise regularly and make real progress in terms of weight and endurance. This is possible without any problems via the target values.

Furthermore, each user has his own profile and you will not get confused regarding the individual training profiles.

We can recommend it if you are willing to dig a little deeper into your pocket. You will be rewarded by the fact that you might not need a new elliptical trainer for the next decades.

Therefore we are completely convinced of the Kettler Skylon 5 and can recommend it without hesitation.

Summary of the Kettler Skylon 5 Elliptical Review

Technical Specifications of the Kettler Skylon 5
Model: Skylon 5 (7691-400)
User Weight Capacity: 330 Lbs (150 Kg)
Flywheel Weight: 48.5 lbs (22 kg)
Console: Back-lit training display with Heart Rate Light
Heart Rate Control: Pulse grip sensors + integrated Polar compatible pulse receiver for use with chest strap (optional)
Stride Length: 20 inches (50 cm)
Q-Factor: 8.4 inches (21.5cm)
Gear Ratio 1:9
Power Connection: 230 volts
Resistance control: Computer Controlled
Computer Interface: USB port allows interactive programming
Ellipse Height: 7 inches (18cm)
Foldable: yes
Power Range: 25-400 watts (adjustable in 5-watt increments)
Brake system:: Induction brake system
Display Metrics:: Time Speed RPM Distance Calorie burned Total strokes Power (Watt) BMI Heart rate

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Specification: Kettler Skylon 5 Crosstrainer Model 2016


Price Range

$1000 – $1500, $1500 – $2000

Stride Length


Flywheel Weight

48.5 lbs

Max User Weight

150 Kg, 330 lbs

Drive Type

Front Drive


3 year parts and labor warranty

Computer / Display

Large LCD display

Special Features

Continuous display of 9 functions, with 4 user memory; Manufactured in Germany


214cm x 62cm x 177cm, 84 x 24 x 70 inches


211 lbs, 96 kg

Shipping Weight

Item model number

Photos: Kettler Skylon 5 Crosstrainer Model 2016

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Expert Score 8.1
Price / Quality
Customer Support
Kettler Skylon 5 Crosstrainer Model 2016
Kettler Skylon 5 Crosstrainer Model 2016
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