Kettler Skylon S Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Kettler Skylon S Elliptical Review

Kettler Skylon S Elliptical Review: Kettler’s Skylon series offers joint-gentle elliptical trainers which are designed to motivate recreational athletes with attractive design and good features. The Skylon S is positioned in the high-end range. The equipment is suitable for experienced fitness fans with defined training goals and the desire for smartphone support. The Skylon S can support a body weight of up to 150 kilograms or 330 pounds.

The machine has gym quality according to the DIN classification. This makes you expect the best technology – and indeed the trainer has an induction resistance system. Although this drives up the cost, the settings are more precise and more resistance levels are possible than with conventional magnetic resistances. Up to 400 watts of power are possible, the power control is independent of speed and in 5-watt steps. The flywheel weighs around 22 kilograms. The stride length is an ideal 20 inches (50 centimeters) and the transmission ratio of 1:9 is also very good. The ellipse height of 18 centimetres is also perfect for a round motion sequence that is easy on the knees and joints. You can also expect a lot from a computer in this category: a touchpad is part of the equipment. Thanks to Bluetooth, a connection with smartphones is possible, which can also be charged via USB on the device. The elliptical trainer can be controlled via mobile device, those who use the app can change their training programs again and again – a real advantage compared to the limited number of pre-installed programs of most other exercise bikes. However, there are indications in customer reviews at various online retailers that the app is no longer updated by the manufacturer. As a result, it works more poorly than right with many newer devices.

Kettler Skylon S Elliptical: The Features at a glance

  • Brand: Kettler
  • Stride Length: 20 inches (50 cm)
  • Drive Type: Front wheel
  • Flywheel weight: 48 lbs (22kg)
  • Display: LCD + Smartphone
  • Power in Watt: yes
  • PC interface: Bluetooth
  • Resistance: Electromagnetic from 25 to 400W (adjustable in 5 watt increments)
  • POLAR-compatible pulse receiver, 5kHz, integrated: yes
  • Heart rate measurement: chest strap included
  • Max user Weight: 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • USB charging socket for Smartphone: yes
  • Time measurement, training distance, total distance, speed, cadence: yes

Kettler Skylon S Price

The Kettler Skylon S is usually sold on a price ranging from $1500 to $2000.

Kettler Skylon S Warranty

The Kettler Skylon S Elliptical comes with a Warranty of 3 years parts and labor.

Kettler Skylon S Stride Length

The Kettler Skylon S has a stride length of 20 inches (50 cm).

Kettler Skylon S Max user Weight

The Kettler Skylon S has a max user weight capacity of 330 pounds (150 kg)

Kettler Skylon S User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Kettler Skylon S User’s Manual

Price / performance ratio

Whoever spends from $1500 to $2000 on a fitness machine can and should expect more. Of course, the device also works without software and as such is equipped with high quality and offers real gym quality. But the full range of fitness functions and monitoring can only be achieved with smartphone support – and that should work reliably.

The ultimate in elliptical trainers

Designed for intensive or even professional training, the equipment of the Skylon S crosstrainer ergometer all rival each other in quality, comfort and innovation. Designed for use 5 to 6 hours a day, the Kettler Skylon S may be suitable for semi-professional use.

Equipped with an ultra-robust structure of 104 Kg for an unequalled stability and a very heavy inertia wheel of 22 Kg coupled with an electromagnetic braking system of a great precision, its pedaling comfort is unique.

A home fitness equipment that is perfect down to the last detail, the Skylon S elliptical trainer will meet the performance needs of the most demanding athletes and will allow you to surpass your limits thanks to its particularly motivating connected application, S-Fit.

Electromagnetic elliptical trainer for accurate performance monitoring

Very heavy flywheel of 48 lbs (22 Kg) located at the front for a smooth and silent pedalling. The Electromagnetic resistance system will ensure you enjoy fluid and linear and movements without friction for an easier maintenance and a durable use over the sessions.

You will be able to control the level of resistance very precisely, in steps of 5 Watts electronically directly from the console of your elliptical. From 25 to 400 Watts, the ergometer function will allow you to concentrate your work on a target zone defined according to your objectives. For an even more efficient and safe workout, the touch sensors on the fixed handlebars will help you maintain a heart rate in line with your goal (weight loss, improvement of cardio-respiratory capacity or development of your endurance).

How to describe the movement of the Skylon S?

With this elliptical, you raise your knees and slide forward! This movement uses muscle power and requires a more intense effort. This type of equipment is therefore ideal for light muscle building and advanced cardio-vascular work.

Full body training according to ergonomic principles

As with all elliptical trainers of the Skylon series, Kettler also paid attention to a particularly flat, elliptical rotation in the Skylon S. This describes an elongated ellipse with a stride length of about 20 inches (50 cm) and a height of 7 inches (18 cm).

This enables a flat motion sequence, which provides relief for knee and hip joints and reduces the risk of injuries caused by excessive up and down movements. Thus, training on the machines is gentle on the joints even at higher intensities.

Kettler actively prevents incorrect postures and positions of the body during the workout by reducing the inner distance of the pedals (the Q-factor) to a minimum.

In combination with the elliptical trainer’s elliptical motion, a natural posture is almost automatically achieved during the workout, which promotes the ergonomics of the workout.

Top-of-the-line Elliptical Trainer

Intuitive and stylish console with Backlit LCD Touch Screen and display of personal training data such as distance travelled, time, pedalling speed, or calories burned, particularly motivating indications to encourage you to go further in your training.

But Kettler takes it one step further by offering you the possibility to connect via bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet to fully customize your training program and share it with the KettFit community. Emulation effect guaranteed!

Bluetooth heart rate monitor chest strap included to measure your heart rate and adapt it to your goals according to your target zone. A dedicated heart rate program will help you keep your heart rate under control and adapt it to your effort according to your goals. The Built-in heart rate receiver, compatible with the included heart rate belt (5 kHz), will enable you to get to that perfect heart rate zone when working out to receive the most benefits.

Optimal user comfort

Heavy-duty reinforced and foldable structure, ball bearing in the push bar and double ball bearing for the other joints of your elliptical trainer. Forget about unpleasant movements and enjoy smooth and gentle pedalling for your joints. Console, also called Cockpit, made of touch glass for a contemporary design and ergonomic grip. The console is tiltable to adapt to your eye level and make reading data more comfortable. You’ll be able to focus on your workout in complete safety.

The Skylon S elliptical trainer is equipped with the ideal features to make the workout not only effective and easy on the joints but also comfortable. Its cockpit is height adjustable and can be individually adapted to the body grips. In order to vary the trained muscle units, there are, apart from the two grips, movable arm bars which include the upper body into the training and which are suitable for different body sizes. The elliptical trainer’s pedals are rubberized and anti-slip. They are adapted to the natural foot position and thus support flowing motion sequences. The exerciser is equipped with a floor level adjustment so that it stands firmly and safely at all times. Thus, there is nothing to prevent a safe workout even on small uneven surfaces. A comfortable folding system makes sure that the elliptical trainer can be stored in a space-saving way and that it can be folded out for training quickly and easily. The transport wheels, with which the elliptical trainer can be easily transported, have rubberized rollers for a low noise development.

Handlebars and transport wheels

kettler skylon S transport wheels
Dual handlebars for more precise targeting of muscle groups. You will have the choice to work your entire body shape using the mobile arms, or, on the contrary, you can concentrate on your lower muscles thanks to the fixed handlebars. Features Front travel wheels for easy storage and level compensators at the rear for stability and balance during exercises.

The latest generation elliptical trainer

Kettler integrates its S-Fit connected technology on an elliptical trainer for the first time. By downloading this application for free from the Appstore or Google Play you will have access to a complete range of training programs, all as fun as they are effective in achieving your goals. Thanks to a simple bluetooth connection, you will transform your Skylon S elliptical trainer into a formidable and terribly efficient sports coach.

Kettler World Tours

Kettler World Tours
It is Compatible with Kettler World Tours. Register the device via app and compete against others on courses around the world. This is great to motivate you and see if you can push yourself to new fitness levels.

Modern control and training monitoring

kettler skylon S console
The Skylon S belongs to the S-Line. With it, you can control your elliptical trainer via your smartphone, upload data and evaluate it with KETTFIT. The Kettler Skylon S elliptical trainer allows the user to control the training itself as well as to evaluate the training units with a smartphone or tablet. There is a shelf directly on the device’s training computer which has room for the mobile phone or tablet and where both devices can be used as display and input field. The tablet is in good hands and holds securely even during intensive training. The lower part of the height-adjustable training computer is equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel which works like a touchscreen. The Free S-Fit App offers three different training modes which provide a varied and long-term motivating training. With the app, burgers or sweets, for example, can be easily trained off again. Or you can compete against virtual opponents. The delivery includes a compatible chest strap which measures the pulse during the training and sends it to the training computer.

Certified Safety

With the Skylon S you benefit from a safe whole body training according to ergonomic knowledge and with certified safety.The Kettler Skylon S elliptical trainer offers modern endurance training at the highest level. Its high stability, the flat motion sequence, the favourable stride length and the good Q-factor allow a workout which is easy on the joints and activates the whole body. The training can be controlled, monitored and evaluated via smartphone or tablet.

Kettler Skylon S Elliptical Trainer: effective cardiovascular training at the highest level

The Kettler Skylon S elliptical trainer’s motion sequence is similar to walking and therefore extremely easy on the joints and natural. The Kettler Skylon S Elliptical has a weight of 165 pounds (75 kilograms) making it stable and easily withstands even extreme loads so that it can be loaded with a user weight of up to 330 pounds (150 kilograms). The elliptical height of this crosstrainer is 7 inches (18 centimetres). Thus, the motion sequence is flat and ergonomic. Therefore, the elliptical trainer can easily adapt to your running style and knees and hips are spared during the workout. Furthermore, its Q-factor is a good indicator for the ergonomic motion which the Skylon S elliptical trainer guarantees. The Q-factor refers to the inner distance between the treads which is 6,5cm (2.5  inches) in the Skylon S. Thereby, it allows a natural posture and movement during the workout and provides a relief for knees and hips. Thanks to the electronic resistance regulation between 25 and 400 watts, which is done in 5-watt steps, the workout is not only easy on the joints but also adapts to the personal training condition.

8.1Expert Score
Kettler Skylon S Elliptical Review
Introducing the Skylon S Cross Trainer: It is safe to say that this elliptical is not your regular machine you would find online. Sealed with the German manufacturing quality and packed with some impressive features makes the Skylon S an important addition to any home gym. Be sure to check this one out.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • high-quality elliptical trainer for an effective cardiovascular workout
  • enables the control and evaluation of the training via smartphone or tablet
  • varied training in different modes
  • training that is easy on the joints thanks to optimal technical equipment
  • natural posture and joint-gentle movement sequences
  • low noise and space saving
  • stable and safe
  • Can be considered pricey

Kettler Skylon S Review Conclusion

So, what makes the Skylon S a good choice? If you are still asking this questions, I recommend that you read our review again. This elliptical trainer from Kettler is impressive. It is not cheap, but if you are looking for high quality elliptical trainers, there aren’t many other options on the market that pack these impressive features. The current model has been equipped with a new optimised cockpit and colour changed, the new design gives the unit a sporty black finish. An LCD display with touch-sensitive but scratch-resistant glass was developed for this purpose. So the question is this: Are you going to buy it or not?

Summary of the Skylon S Folding Elliptical Review

Technical Specifications of the Kettler Skylon S elliptical trainer
✓ Colour: black / blue
✓ Height compensation: yes
✓ Foldable: yes
✓ Transport wheels: yes
✓ Treads: fixed tread
✓ additional grab rail/grip: yes

Technical data
✓ Drive system: Drive round / longitudinal ribbed belt
✓ Braking system: Induction
✓ Cockpit height adjustable: yes
✓ DIN EN class: DIN EN 957-1/9, class SA
✓ Power range: 25 – 400 watts (in 5-watt steps)
✓ Power control independent of speed
✓ Maximum weight load: 150 kg or 330 lbs
✓ Dimensions in Use: Length=201cm (79.1”), Width=68cm (26.8”), Height=170cm (66.9”)
✓ Dimensions (Folded): Length=140cm (55.1”), Width= 65cm (25.6”), Height=170cm
✓ Flywheel mass system: approx. 22 kg
✓ Power supply: mains connection (230 Volt)
✓ Transmission ratio: 1 : 9
✓ Keyboard: capacitive touch glass

Confort and safety
✓ Excellent concentricity and ergonomically adjusted ellipses
✓ Ergonomic motion sequences for a workout that is particularly easy on the joints
✓ Easy operation via smartphone/tablet and new S-Fit app
✓ Space-saving storage thanks to a new folding system
✓ Compatible with optionally available software Kettler World Tours 2.0

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Specification: Kettler Skylon S Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer

Price Range $1500 - $2000
Stride Length 20
Flywheel Weight 48 lbs
Max User Weight 330 lbs
Drive Type Front Drive
Warranty 3 years parts and labor
Dimensions 79.1 x 26.8 x 66.9 inches (Length=201 cm, Width=68 cm, Height=170 cm)
Computer / Display LCD Touch Screen
Special Features Innovative smartphone control (Android + iOS)
Weight 192.7 lbs (87.4 kg)
Shipping Weight
Item model number

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Kettler Skylon S Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer
Kettler Skylon S Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer
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