Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical w/Floor mat

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Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical Review

Creating the perfect balanced body is not easy. Crafting a great physique takes time and tools. Kettler has manufactured the perfect tool: The Unix 2. In this review I will guide you on the mentionable features that we consider important for someone looking for at home fitness machines.

Price / Quality
Customer Support
At a Glance: Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical
Brand Kettler
Price Range $500 to $1000
Model Number 7692-200
Max User Weight 330 lbs (150 Kg)
Flywheel Weight 40 pounds (18 kg)
Stride length 15 Inches (39 cm)
Resistance Levels 8
Dimensions 525 x 55 x 35 inches (65 cm x 140 cm x 90 cm)
Training Programs N/A
Computer / Display Large LCD
Warranty Lifetime on the frame, 3 years parts and labor
Q-Factor 7.5 inches (19 cm)

Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical Review: Small, compact and easy to use, the Kettler Unix 2 elliptical trainer is a practical and simple training companion. These features make it easy to get started, especially for beginners. However, experienced athletes also benefit from the technical advantages of the Unix 2. The Kettler Unix 2 elliptical trainer is perfectly equipped for a basic endurance training which is easy on the joints and includes the most important monitoring data features. Lets take a look at these features in detail.

  • Ease of use
  • Good quality, small, compact
  • 8 resistance levels

  • No pre-installed training programs
  • No app connection (wireless connection) possible

Kettler Unix 2: The highlights

☑️ Inertia wheel located at the back of your elliptical machine for a small circular stride of 39 cm (15 inches).

☑️ Suitable for small to medium stride and arm reach.

☑️ Structure that allows a safe training and can accommodate a total weight of 330 pounds (150 Kg).

☑️ 18 kg flywheel for smooth pedaling.

☑️ Manual magnetic braking system.

☑️ This elliptical trainer has 8 levels of resistance that can be adjusted via a knob.

☑️ Enjoy up to 12 hours of use per week.

☑️ It is suitable for home fitness / home use.

☑️ Home trainer recommended for beginners or regular athletes.

An intuitive console

✔️ Ergonomic console to display personal training data: workout time, distance traveled, speed (rpm: pedaling rate per minute), heart rate, estimated calories burned.

✔️ Small adjustable LCD screen (85 x 48 mm) with easy navigation and intuitive handling.
Adapt your cardiotraining to your heart rate.

✔️ Tactile heart sensors on fixed arms.

✔️ Real-time display of your heart rate upon contact with the sensors.

✔️ Optional Polaris T34 chest belt available.

kettler_unix_2 Cross Trainer

Details that make the difference

🏆 Adjustable footrest

🏆 Ergonomic multi-position handlebar to adapt to each user

🏆 Transport wheels

🏆 Shelf support included

🏆 Bottle holder is optional

🏆 Compact model to occupy a minimum of space in your home

Kettler Unix 2: Small and easy to use

If you are looking for a crosstrainer with easy handling, you should take a closer look at the Unix 2. This device combines ease of use with quality and various functions to make your workout even more intense in the end.

No matter if you are looking for a sporty design, a compact size or an easy-to-use training computer, the Unix 2 is very easy to use for beginners. In addition, a the flywheel system added for provides an optimal concentric run and the 8 resistance levels are more than enough for most people. These can be manually adjusted to the respective performance level by means of a knob control.

But above all these points, Kettler quality is enthroned. The manufacturer produces its equipment in Germany. This automatically sets high standards in terms of performance and quality, that what we refer as the German Seal of Quality. This fact makes the Kettler elliptical trainer also interesting for advanced athletes. You can do an intensive workout without the machine shaking. Optimal conditions to get into shape.

Can be loaded up to 330 lbs (150 kg). Designed with the highest quality components. The Unix 2 scores with performance & quality.

kettler Unix 2 console

Front view multifunctional computer

Visually, the elliptical trainer convinces in any case by its sporty design. In the construction, with high-quality components. The individual parts interlock harmoniously. Not only an optimal concentricity is guaranteed, but also a pleasant training experience.

The training computer allows an easy use. Time, distance, cadence, speed, calories and pulse are displayed. Athletes can therefore not only monitor their workout but also plan it in detail. Motivate themselves for further units and analyze results or progress.

kettler unix 2 pedals

Kettler Unix 2: Gentle on the joints

With its black color, the Kettler Unix 2 crosstrainer shines in a different light than its predecessor, the Kettler Unix M crosstrainer in white. Whether in white or black design, the two models are completely identical in their set-up dimensions. Also the flywheel and the brake system do not differ. But if you would lift the two models and place them next to each other, you would notice some differences. When lifting the Kettler Unix  2 elliptical trainer, you will immediately notice that it weighs more than its predecessor. The strong and robust dead weight of 185 lbs (84 Kg) ensures a stable and injury-free training.

The ratio of the stride length 15 inches (39 cm) and the ellipse height of 8 inches (20cm) is the same for both models. These measurements support a soft and long motion sequence. The ergonomic grip ends of both models allow a flexible grip position. Once the arms and legs of the elliptical trainer start to swing evenly, you can exercise your entire body.

The predecessor model, the Unix M, has a slightly broader range of legs than the Unix 2. The small pedal spacing of 7 inches (19 cm) on Unix 2 instead of 28 cm on Unix M reduces the strain on the hips and knees and supports a workout that is easy on the joints.

Technical features allow an effective workout with the Kettler UNIX 2 elliptical trainer

The mechanics at Kettler’s German factories have positioned every screw of the Unix 2 for maximum effective training. The Kettler Unix 2 elliptical trainer’s outstanding features are its easy handling and the almost silent and comfortable workout. During your workout you can control your time, speed, distance, heart rate, and pedal rotation per minute at any time. The recovery pulse display shows you after the training session how long your body needs to recover from the load. If you train regularly, this value serves as a guideline for your fitness. Besides the easy handling, you benefit from the large flywheel. This allows you to make even and round rotations for training units that are easy on the joints. In order that your legs have enough space, you can easily adjust the foot plates.

Simple manual brake system of the Kettler Unix 2 elliptical trainer

The Kettler UNIX 2 is equipped with a magnetic brake. The load intensity can be adjusted in 8 resistance levels by means of a rotating wheel.

Attention: No automatic resistance setting with watt display is possible. The load can only be adjusted manually.

Kettler Unix 2 Price

The Kettler Unix 2 is usually sold on a price ranging from $500 to $1000. But there are some online stores pricing it above the 1000 dollars mark.

Kettler Unix 2 Warranty

The Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical comes with a Lifetime on the frame, 3 year parts and labor warranty

Kettler Unix 2 Stride Length

The Kettler Unix 2 has a stride length of 15 inches (39 cm).

Kettler Unix 2 Max user Weight

The Kettler Unix 2 has a max user weight capacity of 330 pounds (150 kg)

Kettler Unix 2 User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Kettler Unix 2 User’s Manual

Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical Review Conclusion

The summary: design, performance and quality are 3 terms which the Kettler Unix 2 elliptical trainer combines in one product. In addition to that, it is also easy to use, which makes the device extremely interesting, especially for the target group of beginners. Easy handling combined with quality is enough for many athletes to do their workout regularly. However, advanced athletes will also get their money’s worth when exercising on the Kettler Unix 2 elliptical trainer. The machine is sturdy, has a weight of 148 pounds (67 kg) and therefore provides a safe stand during the workout. You can work out intensively on your form without the elliptical trainer wobbling or slipping.

Summary of the Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical Review

Technical Specifications of the Kettler Unix 2 Cross Trainer
Model: Unix 2 (7692-200)
User Weight Capacity: 330 Lbs (150 Kg)
Flywheel Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
Stride Length: 15 inches (39 cm)
Q-Factor: 7.5 inches (19 cm)
Brake system: magnetic brake
Performance range: Steps 1-8 are manually adjustable via a rotary control
Drive system: round drive and longitudinal ribbed belt
DIN EN class: DIN 957-1/9, class HB, the elliptical trainer UNIX 2 meets the DIN and EN standards. Its design and technology is ideal for home use.
Power control: speed-dependent
Transmission ratio: 1:11
tread distance/ Q-factor: 7 inches (19 cm)
Transport Wheels: Yes, thanks to the transport wheels, the Kettler UNIX 2 can be flexibly adjusted at any time.
Bearing of the swivel joints: double ball bearings in all swivel joints support wear-free and round rotations compared to plastic bearings, self-aligning ball
Drinking bottle holder: optionally available

Kettler Unix 2 Training Computer Specifications

Display: LCD Display 3″ X 2″ (85×48 mm)
Operation: 4 operating keys (Plus, Minus, Set, Recovery)
training data: time, speed, distance, pedal revolutions per minute, heart rate, energy consumption, recovery pulse measurement with fitness grade
Tilt adjustment: Yes, adjustable for any body size
Tablet holder: optionally applicable
Average values: Yes (after the end of training)
Connectivity: compatible with KettMaps App via headtracking function Without a Bluetooth connection, you can use the front camera of your device (Smaprtphone, Tablet) to determine your current speed.

Kettler Unix 2 Pulse Monitoring

  • Telemetric measurement with chest strap (optionally available)
  • Hand pulse measurement by hand pulse sensor on the handles

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Specification: Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical w/Floor mat

Price Range $500 - $1000
Stride Length 15
Flywheel Weight 18 Kg, 40 lbs
Max User Weight 330 lbs
Drive Type Rear Drive
Warranty Lifetime on the frame, 3 years parts and labor
Computer / Display Backlit LCD display
Special Features Arm levers with ergonomically shaped handle ends
Dimensions 25 x 55 x 35 inches (65 cm x 140 cm x 90 cm)
Weight 148 lbs (67 kg)
Shipping Weight
Item model number

Photos: Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical w/Floor mat

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Expert Score 7.9
Price / Quality
Customer Support
Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical w/Floor mat
Kettler Unix 2 Elliptical w/Floor mat
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