Precor EFX 245 Energy Series Elliptical Crosstrainer

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Finding the time to fit everything into our schedule can be quite a challenge. When you have lots of different commitments and responsibilities, you need to think carefully about what you can and can’t do. That may mean, despite your best intentions to work out regularly, that you must miss out on those trips to the gym.

Precor EFX 245 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer Analysis

All is not lost though, if you are determined to lose weight or tone your body up. You could invest in a piece of at-home exercise equipment. Before you start to bemoan the lack of quality models out there, we would like to point out that Precor have been making commercial quality machines for use in both the gym and home environment since 1995. Their exercise equipment is highly renowned for its ingenious use of technology, selection of features and build quality.

The Precor EFX 245 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer is another sterling example of the brand’s ability. Let’s see why by discussing some of the key features.


Along with the durable construction and high-quality materials they all share, Precor’s elliptical machines and other exercise equipment are well-known for their features. With this Precor EFX 245, it’s no different really. From the top to the bottom, this is a crosstrainer that’s been equipped with so many good elements.

Elements like the 7-inch clear and colorful LCD display console, the moving handlebars and Precor’s patented technology, CrossRamp and adjustable elements like the pre-programmed workouts, of which there are a whopping 39 to choose from. Another important feature worth highlighting is the fact you can use the USB port to connect your own MP3 player or tablet to charge and use it while you work out.
Let’s look at those features in greater detail.

Full Body Workout with Movable Handlebars

With many cross trainers and elliptical exercise machines, the handlebars are stationary and unmovable. While this suits those users looking to just work on their lower body, it’s not ideal if you are looking to invest in a piece of at home equipment that will provide you with the full body session you need. That’s where the EFX 245 is a real star. This is one of the machines in the Precor lines that offers movable handlebars.

As well as helping you get into a better and more realistic rhythm with your walking, jogging or running, it also means you are working out your whole body. When you combine it with the following feature, you can really benefit from intense workouts.

Adjustable Motorized CrossRamp Technology

CrossRamp tech is used in many Precor machines. While some offer the very basic manual adjustment CrossRamp elevation and stride height settings, others benefit from the motorized variable version. With the EFX 245, you get the motorized variety of the CrossRamp tech, which helps to make your sessions highly versatile.
You can select the settings based on the muscle groups you want to target.

23 Preset Workouts and 16 Customizable Workouts

We weren’t lying when we said there was the option to quickly choose preset workout patterns. There are indeed 39 to choose from. However, and we think this is more a positive than a negative, there are actual 23 that have been preprogrammed by Precor and another 16 slots for your own customized workout plans.
When you use the features we’ve already spoken about to their fullest, you can have a workout each day that suits your mood and goals for that particular day.

Smart Grip For Tablet/Smartphone and USB Port Connectivity

Although the display monitor you get with this EFX machine is a little on the simplistic side, it displays all you really need to know about your work out. An incredible 27 different metrics to be exact. To make up for it though, Precor has included the Smart Grip holder for smartphones and tablets that is available in many of their high-end machines.
However, in addition to just the holder, you also get the benefit of a USB port that can be used to connect to the console for charging purposes and it makes it easier to adjust the sound levels on your device using the assigned buttons.

7.4Expert Score
Invest in Quality today. Train with the EFX 245 and get the body you desire
High End doens't always mean that you have to spend several thousand of dollars. The EFX 245 is not a cheap machine as others you can find on the market. But great quality always means a higher price, and with the Precor 245 you are getting just that: Quality. Not every ellitpticals are made the same, and Precor keeps showing why they are still one of the most reputed fitness companies in the world.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • USB connectivity for Apple iPods and iPads
  • Motorized Variable CrossRamp
  • 39 Preset workouts (16 user-customizable)
  • Some of the settings and controls can be a little temperamental

Frequently asked questions about the Precor EFX 245

Yes, it has Digital Touch Sensor, Wireless Option Available

No, the warranty this review refers to household only


This is clearly a very high-end and very expensive product. However, given just how versatile your workouts using it can be, we think the price is worth it. Especially if you are looking for at-home exercise equipment made by one of the best companies in the business. Suitable for home and commercial gym facilities, the Precor EFX 245 is another great option from Precor. No elliptical trainer is perfect as we have mentioned several times on our reviews, but Precor is not known to disapoint their customers. Why don’t you give the EFX 245 a go?

Specification: Precor EFX 245 Energy Series Elliptical Crosstrainer


Price Range

Above $3000

Stride Length

18-21 inches

Flywheel Weight


Max User Weight

275 lbs

Drive Type

Rear Drive


5-year parts & wear items, 3-year console, 1-year labor, lifetime frame & welds

Computer / Display

7" Color LCD Display

Special Features

Variable Stride Geometry™, Wireless Heart Rate, Transmitter Included, Personalized Suggested Workouts, Workout Accelerators, SmartRate® Target Heart Zone


76 x 29 x 65 inches // 194 cm x 74 cm x 165 cm


214 lbs

Shipping Weight

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Precor EFX 245 Energy Series Elliptical Crosstrainer
Precor EFX 245 Energy Series Elliptical Crosstrainer Price: $3,899.00 (as of 02/08/2021 08:57 PST- Details)

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