Pro-Form Endurance 320 E Elliptical Trainer

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Proform Endurance 320 E Elliptical Review

Proform Endurance 320 E Review: Choosing an elliptical trainer can be difficult. There are several criteria to consider when choosing the model that best suits your goals and that you could buy at a good price. We offer several tips to help you make a wise choice in the comparative guide available here. If you are looking for a good quality elliptical trainer available at a good price, the Proform Endurance 320 E might interest you. This model seduced our team with its many qualities and, of course, its very attractive price. Follow this guide to learn more about this elliptical trainer.

Endurance 320 E is a high performance elliptical trainer that allows its users to stay in shape or to slim down their silhouette. This device can be used by professional athletes as well as beginners. You will soon understand why it is our favorite among the best elliptical trainers.

The Endurance 320 E elliptical trainer is an effective and fun indoor sports device. It comes with 16 different exercise programs to efficiently work your body’s muscles. The variety of training programs available on this machine gives each user the ability to focus on a specific aspect of toning their body’s muscles. In addition, this elliptical trainer is compatible with iFit Bluetooth technology. This technology allows users to make their workouts more fun and enjoyable by having them participate in virtual races by connecting to Google maps. So you can choose your favourite cycling tracks in the most beautiful places in the world without moving from your living room. To enjoy more benefits and possibilities, every user can take the option to take out a subscription to the iFit platform.

Proform Endurance 320 E: The Features at a glance

Proform Endurance 320 E
  • Brand: Proform
  • Model Number: PFEVEL39716.0
  • 17 inches (43 cm) Stride Length
  • Drive Type: Front wheel
  • Max user weight: 254 lbs (115 kg)
  • Power: 4 D cell batteries, optional 9 Volt DC 2A transformer
  • Flywheel Weight of 15 lbs (7 kg)
  • 16 levels of resistance
  • Resistance System: Magnetic
  • Dimensions: 67 x 25 x 66 inches (169 x 63 x 168 cm)
  • Step length 43 cm
  • Number of programs: 8 Watt programs, 8 calorie programs
  • Console Feedback: Speed, time, distance, resistance, calories and pulse display
  • Transport Wheels: yes

Proform Endurance 320 E Price

The Proform Endurance 320 E is usually sold under $500, with some online stores pricing it at a little over $500.

Proform Endurance 320 E Warranty

The Proform Endurance 320 E Elliptical comes with a Warranty of 2 years parts and labor. Please be aware that you need to Register Within 28 Days of Purchase to get the full benefits of the warranty.

Proform Endurance 320 E Stride Length

The Proform Endurance 320 E has a stride length of 17 inches (43 cm).

Proform Endurance 320 E Max user Weight

The Proform Endurance 320 E has a max user weight capacity of 254 pounds (115 kg)

Proform Endurance 320 E User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Proform Endurance 320 E User’s Manual

Interesting features

With the Endurance 320 E model from Proform, training sessions are done under the best conditions. It is equipped with an LCD screen that automatically and instantly displays the heart rate, elapsed training time, speed, calories burned, resistance and distance covered. This is a delight for those who like to train intensively. This elliptical trainer is one of the few models with Silent Magnetic Resistance technology. If you like to work out in a quiet environment, this system is for you. This is a sports equipment that gives you the luxury of cycling at home sooner or later in the day, depending on your availability. All this without disturbing your neighbors, roommates or loved ones.

Like other Proform elliptical trainers, we agree that the large non-slip pedals really make the work of sportsmen and women easier, whether they are amateurs or professionals. They are free to choose the position of their feet. Better still, they can work all the muscles of their body, from the buttocks to the triceps and back. Integrating 2 speakers and a USB charger into the structure was a genius idea. Thanks to the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 technology, you get quality sound. What more could you ask for to enjoy a fun workout.

The IFit Bluetooth system


The Proform Endurance 320 E elliptical trainer is a fitness machine that breathes modernity. Our attention was immediately focused on the innovative IFit Bluetooth system. The service is not free, but it’s really worth it. This revolutionary technology gives the user the possibility to download several training programs in addition to the 16 already integrated programs. Once again, Proform has thought of everything. The Endurance 320 E model is compatible with an IFit Bluetooth belt, which is sold as an extra. This equipment is very handy for measuring heart rate and making a detailed and personalized assessment. It is this same application that allows you to train at the places of your choice. With a weight of 15 lbs (7 kg), the flywheel is relatively light. This guarantees optimal pedaling comfort and a smooth movement.

Train in the greatest comfort

proform endurance 320 E notable features
You can train in the greatest comfort with the Proform Endurance 320 E. The elliptical has wide pedals for better stability. The machine offers a fixed arm position to favor lower body movements. Thanks to the water bottle holder, you won’t have to interrupt your workouts to cool down. And you can listen to your favorite songs with the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 audio system built into this elliptical trainer.

Why should you buy the Proform Endurance 320 E elliptical trainer?

Located in the middle range of elliptical trainers, the Endurance 320E model from Proform makes it possible to acquire a quality product, combining innovation and comfort at an affordable price. You will find on this single product, all the small details that make a sports session pleasant in addition to being efficient.

Who hasn’t already been annoyed by not being able to put his bottle close to him because there is no adequate support on his device? No problem, this model has been designed with a bottle holder.

Who hasn’t looked for every possible position to hold his shelf on the device to break the monotony of exercise? The Endurance 320 E has this holder!

Who hasn’t dreamt of being able to listen to their favorite music while training? This elliptical trainer is equipped with MP3 connectivity and speakers, all you have to do is plug it in. And don’t worry about noise that could interfere with the music, everything is designed to limit braking noise.

7.5Expert Score
Proform Endurance 320 E Elliptical Review
Easy to use, the Endurance 320 E elliptical trainer from Proform is revolutionizing the world of home fitness. Its solidity, practicality, comfort and considerable performance make it the training partner par excellence. Apart from the fact that it is a little bit noisy, this elliptical remains a high-performance machine. What's more, even modest homes can afford it.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • High stability
  • Increased resistance
  • Compatible with iFit Bluetooth
  • Very handy
  • Ergonomics
  • His numerous training programs
  • Its high level of user comfort
  • Slightly noisy

Frequently asked questions about the Proform 320 E Elliptical

No, if you are looking for foldable ellipticals, take a moment to check our article about the Best Proform Folding Elliptical.

Proform 320 E Review Conclusion

The Users opinions are unanimous, the Endurance 320 E elliptical trainer is easy and fun to use. Its varied and innovative equipment brings a touch of originality in a sector where there are many choices and customers are increasingly demanding.

It has been designed to train without constraint thanks to small things like the bottle holder, the non-slip pedals but also and above all pleasant between the tablet support or the MP3 connection and the speakers.

Thanks to its assets, it will seduce all the sportsmen wishing to improve their fitness performance. Its robustness, practicality and ease of use will convince even the most sceptical.

Summary of the whole Review

Technical Specifications of the ProForm Endurance 320 E elliptical trainer
✓ Max. user weight 115 kg
✓ Effective inertia of 7 Kg
✓ 16 levels of resistance
✓ Magnetic braking for quiet operation
✓ The fixed position for the arms will allow you to concentrate solely on the work of your legs.
✓ Shelf support (shelf not included)

✓ The large LCD screen gives you all the information you need during your run: speed, time, distance, calories and pulse.
✓ MP3 connection and speakers
✓ Shelf support (shelf not included)

✓ Discover the world of virtual races thanks to the compatibility of Bluetooth iFit technology (Application to be downloaded only on tablet – Paying premium subscription to be acquired on
✓ 16 integrated programs for targeted, high-performance training

Pulse measurement
✓ EKG system indicates pulses by contact on sensors
✓ Optional Bluetooth heart rate belt.

Ergonomics and ease of use of the ProForm Endurance 320 E elliptical trainer
✓ Wide pedals
✓ Bottle holder
✓ Transport wheels to make it easier to move your elliptical when you want to move it

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Specification: Pro-Form Endurance 320 E Elliptical Trainer


Price Range

Under $500

Stride Length


Flywheel Weight

15 lbs

Max User Weight

254 lbs

Drive Type

Front Drive


2 years parts and labor


67 x 25 x 66 inches (169 x 63 x 168 cm)

Computer / Display

Large LCD display

Special Features

Compatible music port for iPod®/mp3 player, dual 2” speakers; Multi-position upper body grips


114.6lbs (52 kg)

Shipping Weight

Item model number

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Pro-Form Endurance 320 E Elliptical Trainer
Pro-Form Endurance 320 E Elliptical Trainer Price: $399.00 (as of 02/08/2021 08:57 PST- Details)

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