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ProForm endurance 420 E Elliptical Review

The ProForm endurance 420 E elliptical trainer fits every adult in the household. With its 20 resistance levels, it allows each user to adjust his or her workout. The front flywheel promotes overall muscle strength and a full, slender stride. On the comfort side, the grip handles are pleasant to the touch. In addition, the pedals are p inches (23 cm) wide, which is ample.

Of course, ProForm, includes a manual pulse sensor, as well as a Bluetooth connection linked to the Ifit application. A one-year subscription is included with the purchase, opening the door to more than 1000 sessions of various trainings.

Proform 420 E tablet holder
We appreciate the tablet holder connected to the console that allows you to play your music or manage your daily life during your session (just like in the gym!).

Nevertheless, one drawback remains: the flywheel only weighs 15 pounds (7 kilos). Below 22 pounds (10 kg) the user can feel discomfort when working out. It may therefore be suitable for beginners or amateur athletes, wishing to equip themselves for weekly or occasional training. Not really recommended if you are a seasoned athlete.

The Features at a glance

Proform 420 E
  • Model Number: PFEVEL49716
  • 20 inches Stride Length
  • Tablet Holder: yes
  • Maximum user weight: 254 lbs (115 kg)
  • Resistance levels: 20 levels
  • Training programs: 20 customized training programs
  • Flywheel Weight: 15 pounds (7 kg)
  • Chest pulse monitoring: not included
  • Folding: no
  • IFIT compatible: yes, via Bluetooth
  • Fan included: No
  • Incline: No
  • Handlebars: SoftTouch upper body grips
  • Footplates: Oversized pedals

Proform 420 E Price

The price for the Proform 420 E is usually on a price range from $500 to $1000, with some online stores pricing it above the $1000 mark.

Proform 420 E Warranty

The Proform 420 E Elliptical comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty and 1 year on the Year Parts and Labor.

Proform 420 E Stride Length

The Proform 420 E has a stride length of 20 inches (51cm).

Max user Weight

The Proform 420 E has a max user weight capacity of 254 pounds (115 kg).

Proform 420 E User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Proform 420 E User’s Manual

Performance and features

Thanks to its 20 levels of resistance, this elliptical trainer is a great way to help us improve our overall endurance and strength. Everyone can adapt the resistance to the level that suits them.

In terms of functionality, it features no less than 20 pre-recorded training programs created by professional coaches. By choosing one of these programs, the 420 E will automatically adjust the resistance level as the program progresses.

The elliptical is also IFIT compatible and comes with a 1-year subscription, allowing you to benefit from more than 1000 other training programs on its tablet.

There are also high-performance pulse sensors whose measurement is displayed directly on the LCD screen of the control panel. The ProForm Endurance 420 E features MP3 connectivity for listening to your music during your workout.

Build Quality and comfort of use

The ProForm Endurance 420 E elliptical trainer has a very good manufacturing quality. As soon as the product is unpacked, the robustness of the cross trainer is obvious and after several hours of use it is confirmed.

I think the design is great as well and the Endurance 420 E elliptical trainer is quite stylish to look at.

In terms of comfort, there isn’t much to complain about. The elliptical is easy to handle and you just have to adjust the difficulty by choosing one of the 20 levels. As such, the control panel is large and very ergonomic and aesthetic.

However, the flywheel weighs only 6kg, and I would have appreciated a few extra pounds to make the pedaling more fluid. Also, the wheelbase is 51cm and it is non-adjustable. It may not be suitable for people shorter than 5’7″.

While this Endurance 420 E model only contains a small LCD screen to display the main information, it has a bracket to install its touchpad so that you can follow training sessions or watch a series. A cup holder is also present.

7.1Expert Score
ProForm Endurance 420 E Elliptical Cross Trainer
Working out doesn't come cheap. You have to either buy a home fitness machine or get a gym subscriptions. Getting an elliptical trainer is a great option for those looking to work out at home, and you don't need to spend thousands to get a solid machine that will help you burn calories and reach your fitness goals. The 420 E from Proform is another great addition to the brand' s elliptical models. Get one while you can.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • Comfort
  • Interactive sessions with IFit
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Flywheel of 13pounds (6 kg)
  • Standard magnetic resistance

Frequently asked questions about the Proform 420 E Elliptical

No, if you want to look for more foldable ellipticals from Proform, take moment to go through our article about the best Proform folding ellipticals

Proform 420 E Review Conclusion

The Endurance 420 E elliptical trainer from ProForm is a very good device. It is solid, nice, comfortable and functional.However, its 20 inches (51 cm) stride length may be a bit too big for people shorter than 1m70, and it’s a pity that its flywheel weighs only 6kg.

The elliptical trainer is a very good fitness equipment. Unlike a conventional home bike that only works the muscles of the lower body, the elliptical trainer tones almost 80% of the muscles.

It is also effective for cardio and for people who want to lose weight. Another advantage of the elliptical trainer is its ease of use. It is less difficult than other fitness machines while being just as effective, if not more so. Not to mention that it is not traumatic for the joints.All in all, the elliptical trainer is therefore ideal both for those who want to start fitness and for the more experienced.

As for the ProForm Endurance 420 E elliptical trainer, this is a rather high-end device that I would tend to recommend more to advanced users since it requires an investment of more than $1000. Indeed for beginners there are more affordable models. And as I mentioned earlier, its 20 inches (51 cm) stride length is more for people measuring at least 5 foot 7 (1m70), or even 5 foot 9 (1m75).

Summary of the whole Review

Technical Specifications of the ProForm Endurance 420 E elliptical trainer
✓ Flywheel of 15 lbs (7 Kg)
✓ 20 levels of resistance
✓ Magnetic resistance for quiet operation
✓ The fixed position for the arms will allow you to concentrate solely on the work of your legs.

✓ The large LCD screen gives you all the information you need during your run: Calories – Distance – Duration – Pedalling frequency (RPM) – Inclination – Time – Speed – Watt
✓ MP3 and speaker connection
✓ Shelf support (shelf not included)

✓ Discover the world of virtual races thanks to the compatibility of iFit Bluetooth technology (Application to be downloaded only on tablet Premium subscription to be purchased on
✓ 20 integrated programs for targeted and high-performance training

Pulse Monitoring
✓ EKG system indicates pulses by contact on sensors
✓ For more information, you can use an optional Bluetooth heart rate belt

Ergonomics and ease of use of the Proform 420 E elliptical trainer
✓ Wide pedals
✓ Bottle holder
✓ Transport wheels to make it easier to move your elliptical whenever you want to

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Specification: Proform 420 E Elliptical Review | How Good is it?

Price Range $1000 - $1500, $500 - $1000
Stride Length 20
Flywheel Weight 13 lbs
Max User Weight 254 lbs
Drive Type Front Drive
Warranty Lifetime frame, and 1-Year parts and labor
Dimensions 71.6 x 26 x 68.1 inches
Computer / Display Led Watts Display
Special Features iPod®-Compatible Audio, iFit Smart BlueTooth compatible​
Weight 174 lbs
Shipping Weight
Item model number

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Proform 420 E Elliptical Review | How Good is it?
Proform 420 E Elliptical Review | How Good is it?
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