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Proform 900 ZLE Elliptical Review

The Proform 900 ZLE elliptical trainer is a complete machine, capable of offering you exercises of high intensity and efficiency, with a wide variety of programs to satisfy all your needs. The handles of the elliptical trainer allow you to focus solely on your leg movement, as well as to strengthen both your upper and lower body.

Space saving and quick setup: The assembly of this elliptical trainer is done through the Snap system that allows you to assemble and disassemble it in a quick and easy way. The assembly is simple and within everyone’s reach, so you will have no problem assembling your machine as soon as you get home.

This elliptical trainer will give you a smooth workout thanks to its 22pounds (10kg) flywheel. With a stride amplitude of 18 inches (46cm) and its large pedals, moreover it offers a wide choice of varied trainings.


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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Elyx 1: Features at a glance

  • Color: gray
  • Weight: 158 pounds (72 kilograms)
  • Dimensions : 170 x 87 x 185 cm
  • Max user Weight: 115 kg
  • Weight of the flywheel: 9 kg
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Batteries included: No
  • Digital training computer: Yes
  • Number of programes offered: 20
  • Max User Weight: 298lbs (135 kg)
  • Console Feedback: Time, distance, pulse, calories, speed, strength

Proform 900 ZLE Price

The price for the Proform 900 ZLE ranges from $500 and $1000, with some online stores pricing it at a little below the $500 mark.

Proform 900 ZLE Warranty

The Proform 900 ZLE Elliptical comes with a 5 years frame, 2 years parts and labor warranty.

Proform 900 ZLE Stride Length

The Proform 900 ZLE has a stride length of 18 inchesΒ (46cm).

Proform 900 ZLE User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Proform 900 ZLE User’s Manual

Lets take a moment to go through all the notable features of the Proform 900 ZLE Elliptical

Space Saving

proform 900 ZLE elliptical folded
The 900 ZLE elliptical trainer from Proform is a space-saving, high-end elliptical trainer specially designed for city dwellers. It is very well suited for apartments and even studios in the city, as well as for houses and dedicated sports areas.

Thanks to its correct size (170 x 87 x 185 cm), it is neither too big nor too small. It takes up very little space: when folded thanks to its SpaceSaver system, it occupies only 80cm wide and 87cm long. Moreover, it can be transported very easily thanks to its transport wheels. The Proform elliptical trainer has a USB port for connecting speakers and playing music from your Mp3 or iPod.

State of the Art Tech

It is also very well suited to all levels of sport of its user. Are you getting back into sport or are you more of a Sunday sportsman? This elliptical adapts the difficulty of the exercise to your needs and abilities. Thanks to its integrated LCD screen, you can follow your efforts and performance live! The screen shows the distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate, intensity of effort, your RPM, etc. It has an iPod and MP3 port to connect your custom music, and has 2 quality speakers. Sport becomes a real pleasure! You are rather good sportsman and need an efficient device? The Proform 900 ZLE is also made for you! With several levels, you can choose your intensity of effort manually!

The Resistance System

The magnetic resistance system will allow you to carry out your drives in a smooth and silent way: this system increases the longevity of your machine and considerably reduces its maintenance. The resistance level can be adjusted electronically using the buttons on your console: you will have a total of 18 different levels to adapt the level of difficulty of your workouts to your level and the type of exercise you do.

Personalized and adapted sports programs

The computer offers you 20 different training programs to help you progress. 10 programs are programmed for calorie expenditure. 10 programs are exclusively dedicated to physical performance. Finally, 2 settings are available for speeds. The pedals are padded to give your body maximum comfort during exercise. They are large enough to adapt to any type of user. This model of bike also offers its user a contact sensor system to study and indicate your heartbeat. Another possibility: wearing a heart belt (the belt is optional). The fixed arms of the bike allow you to concentrate solely on your legs and their performance.

Many options

The competitive advantage of the Proform? Its interactive module! The iFit software offers a real module for personalized coaching in real time. You can choose to take a coach or do a session alone at your own pace, at your own discretion.

The Console

Proform 900 ZLE Elliptical Console

The console’s 5″ high definition LCD screen displays the data necessary for the smooth running of your training sessions:

  • Your speed
  • The duration of your sessions
  • The level of resistance
  • Distance travelled
  • The number of calories burned
  • Your heart rate

Designed with more than 20 programs, you will benefit from a wide variety of workouts: 10 programs are based on the number of calories burned to reduce your body fat and tone your body, 10 based on your endurance to improve your fitness. The exercises are programmed to stimulate you throughout the session so that your level of motivation remains constant: you’ll get visible results faster.

The Proform has an infinite number of options, it is also compatible with the iFit module, including 10 modules that can connect to Google Maps to program virtual race tracks around the world.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

Sensors are located in the handlebar grips to measure the intensity of your heart rate. This model also allows you to calculate your pulse rate even more accurately by using a band of pectoral sensors, which will allow you to train your hands on the handlebars.

7.5Expert Score
Proform 900 ZLE Review
Introducing the Proform 900 ZLE: Robust and offering a real diversity of sports activity programs, the user benefits from a elliptical adapted to his abilities and easily leading him to the goal.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • Foldable and space-saving, ideal for small apartments!
  • 20 coaching programs to vary and adapt your sports activity to your desires or needs
  • iFit Module
  • The stride length at 18 inches may not be enough for taller users

Frequently asked questions about the Proform 900 ZLE Elliptical

The folded dimensions for the 900 ZLE from Proform are:

  • In Inches: Length= 75, Width= 34, Height= 31.5
  • In centimeters: Length= 190 , Width= 87, Height= 80

The 900 ZLE has 20 workouts programs including 10 calorie and 10 weight loss.

Proform 900 ZLE: Review Conclusion

Solid and high tech, the Naxus team is unanimous! Proform’s 900 ZE model is worth its price! Thanks to its 10 programs dedicated to calories, overweight people benefit from the best tool to lose unwanted pounds efficiently! Thanks to the elliptical trainer, fat burns efficiently and it’s good for the body. The muscles develop and harden gradually without requiring a considerable and temporary effort from our body. The 10 performance programs offer good sportsmen and women relevant and well-built performance courses. The optional iFit module is the most interactive we have tested! Finally, its main advantages remains its size and easy storage.


Summary of the whole Review

βœ“ Flywheel Weight of 22 pounds (10 Kg)
βœ“ 18 levels of resistance
βœ“ Magnetic resistance for quiet operation
βœ“ Stride Length of 18 inches
βœ“ The fixed position for the arms will allow you to concentrate solely on working out your legs.

βœ“ The LCD screen gives you all the information you need during your run: speed, time, resistance, distance, calories and pulse.
βœ“ Ipod compatible, 2 speakers
βœ“ Discover the world of virtual races thanks to IFit technology (optional module)

βœ“ 20 integrated programs for targeted and high-performance training
βœ“ 10 programs dedicated to calories
βœ“ 10 programs dedicated to performance

Pulse Monitoring
βœ“ EKG system indicates pulses by contact on sensors
βœ“ For more information, you can use an optional heart rate belt.

Save on space and enjoy the comfort
βœ“ Space Saver technology allows you to fold it to save space and store it lying down or upright.
βœ“ Wide pedals
βœ“ Transport wheels

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Specification: ProForm 900 ZLE Elliptical

Price Range $500 - $1000, Under $500
Stride Length 18
Flywheel Weight 22 lbs
Max User Weight 298 lbs
Drive Type Rear Drive
Warranty 5 years frame, 2 years parts and labor
Computer / Display 5" LCD Display
Special Features Pulse grip sensors + Polar compatible wireless heart rate receiver (chest strap optional extra), iPod/mp3 compatible with 2 stereo speakers and line-in input
Dimensions 73 x 34 x 70 inches (185 cm x 87 cm x 170)
Weight 159 lbs
Shipping Weight
Item model number

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