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Is it hard to find the time to attend the gym due to your busy schedule or do you worry about the damage you may cause your joints by jogging or running? Have you considered investing in home gym equipment? One piece of equipment that’s incredibly popular these days is the ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro elliptical cross-trainer. Is it as good as it’s reported to be? Let’s take a closer look at it.


ProForm is one of the most successful manufacturers of home gym equipment in the world, and with good reason. They design and build machinery that is high performance, user-friendly and available at various price points to meet the budgets of various users. Anyone from beginners to exercise enthusiasts can benefit from ProForm products, like the Cardio HIIT Elliptical Cross Trainer.

What sets this apart from others? As the name suggests, it’s inspired by the exercise phenomenon that is HIIT, otherwise known as High-Intensity Interval Training. This is a special and highly effective technique that consists of working out in short bursts of 100% attack separated by short periods of recovery. The goal is to keep your heart rate high to increase the number of calories you burn and build muscle. To help you achieve this, ProForm has equipped the Cardio HIIT Pro with a selection of great features.

The 10-inch Vertical Climbing Path and 5-Inch Horizontal Elliptical Path

With all home gym equipment, the most important aspect to consider is what it’s capable of doing. The Cardio HIIT Pro differs from so many stepping machines in that it does push your feet to travel horizontally or vertically, but thanks to the 5-inch elliptical path and the 10-inch climbing path, they do both. This enables you to burn more calories and build more strength while using this compared to using a treadmill or simple stepping machine.

The resulting movement helps to activate a greater number of muscles in your lower bodies including your triceps, biceps, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. All in the same, seamless and smooth motion.When you consider there are also 26 levels of adjustable resistance, it’s easy to see how this machine could become an effective part of your daily and weekly exercise plan.

Image excerpt from Proform HIIT Pro Trainer User's Manual

Image excerpt from Proform HIIT Pro Trainer User’s Manual

10-inch Full Color HD Touchscreen Monitor

Another exciting feature of this elliptical trainer is touchscreen control monitor. As well as providing you with full details of your workouts by displaying metrics such as your pulse and heart rate(via the EKG Grip Pulse Sensor and chest strap) along with calories burned, distance traveled, time, speed and intensity level, it also gives you the option to select pre-programmed workout plans. There are 34 to choose from.

That’s not all though, as the touchscreen monitor also gives you access to full-color imagery so you can view your favorite websites, keep on top of the latest news or watch your favorite YouTube videos all in the one machine. If you would prefer to work out to the sound of your playlists, there’s a built-in tablet holder with the robust DeVice Grip and audio auxiliary port. Everything is piped out of the 2 high-quality 2-inch speakers.

Near Silent Operation

Do you live with other people or have neighbors either below or above you? Are you concerned about disturbing them with a clunky and very loud exercise machine? With the Cardio HIIT Pro, ProForm has made sure you don’t have to as the movement utilizes SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance. The 30-pound highly effective inertia-enhanced flywheel can move at the speed required without generating the same level of noise as others on the market. This means you can work out at whatever time of the day or night, without disturbing the rest of your household or neighbors.

6.8Expert Score
Feature Rich for Everyone
Enjoy a HIIT training on your elliptical. Get maximum results in no time. Intensity and focus on your training. Activate more muscles and enjoy a smooth moving trainer.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • Relatively small footprint compared to equipment in the same class
  • Delivers a high-intensity level workout
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Numerous training options
  • Heavy and difficult to assemble
  • Can be hard to move once assembled

Frequently asked questions about the Proform HIIT Trainer Pro

This text is taken directly from the users manual: “Stand in front of the trainer, hold the console bracket, and place one foot against one of the wheels. Have a second person help you pull on the console bracket until the trainer will roll on the wheels. Carefully move the trainer to the desired location, and then lower it to the floor”

Recommendations from the user’s manual: “Regular maintenance is important for optimal performance and to reduce wear. Inspect and properly tighten all parts each time the trainer is used. Replace any worn parts immediately. To clean the trainer, use a damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap. IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to the console, keep liquids away from the console and keep the console out of direct sunlight.”

Manual If you want to learn more technical information about the HIIT Trainer Pro, please refer to the User’s Manual


So, should you invest in the ProForm Cardio HIIT Pro? While it may not suit everyone’s budget, it does provide a high-performance, full-body workout that users of all experience and ability can benefit from. The touchscreen display monitor is crisp and responsive and given how little space it takes up and its near-silent operation, this is a machine that gives real value for money.

Specification: ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro


Price Range

$1000 – $1500

Stride Length


Flywheel Weight

30 lbs

Max User Weight

350 lbs

Drive Type

Center Drive


Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labor

Computer / Display

Smart HD Touchscreen

Special Features

10-inch vertical elliptical stepping path, SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, HIIT Training capabilities


Length: 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm) Width: 2 ft. 5 in. (74 cm)



Shipping Weight

Videos: ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro

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