ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical

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Finding the time to attend the gym can be difficult when you have a busy schedule. Whether it’s work, your children and other dependents or just a very demanding social life, you may need to think beyond the gym. What though, if you don’t fancy running in all weather conditions, are not a very competent swimmer and don’t have any interest in cycling?

Proform Smart Strider 695 CSE Analysis

The alternative is to workout at home. We know the thought of setting up at home gym equipment worries many because of the loss in floorspace. But, if you make the smart choice of a ProForm machine, we’re sure you’ll be surprised at the gym workout experience it gives without sacrificing too much of your home. Why do we say that? Let’s look at the Smart Strider 695 CSE in greater detail.


The name ProForm carries a reputation for high-end, user-friendly and technologically advanced exercise equipment that can elevate anyone’s workout routine. Whether you’re a complete beginner or veteran, this Smart Strider 695 can provide you with powerful session after session. All thanks to its many great features.
These features are what you need to consider when choosing between one ProForm to the next. As everyone has different needs, what’s right for some might not be right for you. To help decide, check out some of the key features of the Smart Strider 695.

Round Watts LED Monitor

While you could obviously hop on any old elliptical trainer and work those muscles for set periods of time. There really would be no telling if it was effective or not if you didn’t have any way of measuring your workouts. Like many in their product line, the Smart Strider 695 benefits from the Round Watts LED display unit.
What makes this special? This helps you to measure the amount of power your workout is generating with the help of vibrant and colorful LED lights. Using their own power algorithm that measures watts per kilogram, it can tell you which work out zone you are in.
There are three workout zones categorized by ProForm. The Endurance zone is for steady and slow-paced sessions, while Tempo is for getting your heart rate to the right level for your size, while Peak is the zone where you’re able to achieve your maximum cardio level.

iFit Coach Ready

ProForm have become known for their advances in at home exercise technology and it is with iFit Coach that this is especially evident. iFit Coach, if you’re new to ProForm machines, is a to have the benefit of highly experienced personal trainers from around the world in the comfort of your own home. Using a tablet, you can follow them while working out on and off the 695, and experience what are known as GlobeTrek workouts, exhilarating exercise sessions set in beautiful landscapes from around the world.

Easy to Assemble and Easy to Fold Away to Save Space

If there are two main issues many people have with exercise equipment designed for at home use, it’s the often-complicated setup involved and the fact they take up a lot of space. ProForm have taken on the challenge of both head-on.
With the Smart Strider 695, like so many others, there is only a few simple steps you need to complete to set it up. Whenever you are finished with it, it easily folds up vertically, saving you space and not getting in the way.

Adjustable Incline, Resistance Levels and Pre-programmed Workouts

It wouldn’t be enough really, if you were trying to progress, to just go at the same pace, with the same resistance. Therefore, ProForm have equipped the Smart Strider with 20 levels of resistance, 0 to 10-degrees adjustable incline and 24 preinstalled workouts to help keep things fresh and so you are always pushing yourself.

Comfort is a Priority

Although no-one expects working out to be easy on their body, being able to do it with certain comforts can help make it a more enjoyable experience. With this Smart Strider, you get the benefit of a CoolAire Workout fan, a bottle holder and comfortable oversized pedals.

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Proform Smart Strider 695 User’s Manual
7.2Expert Score
Whisper Quiet and Space Saver
Enjoy incredible workouts as you stride around the world. Find your perfect workout with the 24 different workout apps giving your body the challenge it deserves. Appartment friendly and with a smooth operation, you can expect to use it while everyone is sleeping on the surrounding rooms.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • Easy to assemble and foldaway
  • iFit Coach Ready
  • Adjustable incline and resistance settings
  • Has a smooth and quiet operation
  • Heart rate monitor is not accurate
  • Some users talk about the display being too simplistic and doens't provide much information
  • Even though Proform refers it has being easy foldable, some buyers consider it to be quite heavy to fold every day and store away

Frequently asked questions about the ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE

Many buyers report that it is very quiet, dead quiet and smooth

Yes they move, it has stationary arms and handles that move along with the pedals


Although it’s very much down to your personal taste and preference, we think the ProForm offers the right balance of high-quality at home gym experience with cutting edge technology, a space-saving construction and comfort. The 695 CSE is another perfect example of a quality trainer with a price of under $1000, even though it is on the lower end of the CSE models, it still is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable elliptical that can push your workouts forward. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind spending more, the other CSE Models Proform has might be just up your alley. Check them out before buying.

Specification: ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical

Price Range $500 - $1000
Stride Length 18
Flywheel Weight 18 lbs
Max User Weight 300 lbs
Drive Type Rear Drive
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 2-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor
Computer / Display Round Watts LED Display
Special Features Auxiliary Music Connection
Dimensions 65 x 32 x 80 Inches (fully assembled)
Weight 190 lbs
Shipping Weight

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ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical
ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical Price: $737.30 (as of 07/07/2020 00:58 PST- Details)

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