Smooth Elliptical Reviews

Smooth Elliptical Reviews

One of the biggest online suppliers of fitness equipment suitable for use at home, Smooth Fitness was first established back in 1984. It is not just one of the biggest and most successful fitness equipment businesses in the United States, but also one of the top performing e-commerce brands.

This is evidence, if you were looking for it, that there are a lot of people who are choosing Smooth Fitness exercise equipment, like their elliptical trainers, over the company’s various rivals.

Smooth Fitness do things a little differently compared to their competitors, as all their elliptical machines and home gym equipment comes directly from the manufacturer.

This helps to keep the overall costs much lower. It is also convenient that they have factories located in the West Coast and East Coast to ensure they can offer efficiently quick delivery.

Let’s look a little closer at why Smooth Fitness and their machines are so popular by highlighting the main lines of elliptical trainers they offer.

Front Drive Light Commercial Elliptical Trainers

The recent release, the RE 13.75 elliptical trainer is part of their light commercial line which is the lightest of all their commercial models. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for something more simplistic that’s not going to break the bank quite as much as others out there.

Although short on major features, it does have a hybrid generator resistance system and a rear access design that make it much easier to movie from one place to another without too much strain or hassle.

The key aspects of this model that attracts so many customers, though, is the basic, but effective convenience and durability options it offers to gym owners.

Front Drive Residential Elliptical Trainers

If you are not overly familiar with the concept, the front drive residential and front drive commercial elliptical trainers offered by Smooth Fitness, like those offered by others, feature flywheels placed at the front of the machine. The user sits directly behind them.

These machines are considered more durable and compact than their rear drive counterparts. When it released a slew of new machines in 2015, it released three new front drive residential ellipticals. The basic, entry model RE 11.35, the mid-range RE 11.55 and the premium level RE 13.95. All featured comprehensive console options and easy on the eye full-color displays.

Features like these makes working out with these machines a lot more fun and easier. Thanks also to the inclusion of various customizable and adjustable features and heavier flywheels than other brands, these ellipticals are some of the most popular the company have ever manufactured.

  • Affordably priced – Considering they include some high-performance features and advanced console designs, Smooth Fitness elliptical trainers are still cost-effective and offer great value for money.
  • Highly Durable
  • Numerous customizable features
  • Attractive and innovative consoles with full-color touchscreen displays, built-in speakers and cooling fans
  • Adjustable intensity controls
  • Decline and incline adjustable options – Although these are not featured in all their models
  • Tough and durable frames made from high quality commercial-grade steel

  • The warranties that back their machines are very standard and not comprehensive or long enough
  • A noticeable lack in variety when it comes to workout programs. Many of the models offer just 9 workout programs. The only exception is the 11.35, one of their basic level elliptical trainers, that offers a comprehensive 30 workout apps


To summarize, Smooth Fitness have been at the forefront of the industry with their high-quality elliptical trainers. With their experience and knowledge of the market and what their customers want and need from at home exercise machines, they are the ideal brand if you want an effective and safe way to work out.  The durability of their trainers, along with the adjustable levels for their workouts are all attractive.

As are the additions of entertainment options through the cutting-edge full-color touchscreen consoles. While some companies produce machines that are one-sided affairs, as in they are great for entertainment features, but not so good when it comes to performance, Smooth Fitness provide both in the same package. With Smooth Fitness products, you get elliptical trainers that are like their makers, reliable.

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