Sole Fitness Elliptical Machine Reviews

Sole Fitness Ellipticals

Sole Fitness are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light commercial and residential cardio machines who distribute to many parts of the world.

They have an excellent reputation for their use of only the best quality parts, components while still ensuring that they are available at relatively low prices.

Sole Fitness have a reputation with consumers for being diligent when it comes to customer service and favoring the production of high-performance machines over those loaded with lots of features. Take for instance, the lowest price model, which still benefits from a 3-year guarantee on parts and has a reasonable resistance level setting.

However, the more expensive models are still very limited and feature at most 10 pre-installed workout programs.

That’s not to say they have not improved over the years with their use of tech, as modern ellipticals boost Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a workout display monitor and share details of your workouts with various apps including MyFitnessPal.

Across the range, ellipticals made by Sole also feature better holders for tablets and built-in speakers.

The Sole Hybrid Stepper and Elliptical Trainers

One of the key machines that Sole Fitness has on offer that may interest budget-minded people is the SC200.

This is a hybrid, elliptical trainer that is designed to be more compact than others and is available for an affordable price. It has been built specifically with intensive cardio workouts in mind.

The other main output of at home exercise machines produced by Sole Fitness is the hugely successful and popular E Series.

There are 6 main machines that range from the at home models, like the E25 to the residential and commercial option of the E98.

All E Series models provide a full body workout and have moving arm handles as well as pedals. The handles are designed to offer various grip positions, which enables you to focus your workout on specific muscle groups in your upper body.

To help diversify the workout you put your lower body through all Sole Fitness E Series machines are built with adjustable power incline, with 30 settings at half-percent increments.

All Sole Fitness machines utilize a front drive design and magnetic resistance, which helps them to operate quieter than many of their competitors’ machines.

In addition, they all have smart ergonomically designed pedals, and feature the notable two-degree inward slope, all of which helps to keep your body well-aligned and reduce the amount of tension and stress placed on your feet while you are working out.

From the E25 and its compact and lightweight design that weighs just 19-pounds to the E95 which is a lot more substantial with a weight of 34-pounds, there is a wide range of difference. There are also a variety of different stride lengths too.

While some are designed with a standard 20-inches, others have adjustable stride lengths ranging between 20 and 22-inches. Though the E95s stands out as an exception with an adjustable stride length of between 18 and 24-inches.

The display screen types and sizes also vary from model to model.

Highlights and Lowlights of Sole Fitness Ellipticals

  • Adjustable stride lengths – many models benefit from adjustable strides of as much as 22-inches
  • Focused toning – across their range, Sole Fitness machines offer a range of power incline settings that help target specific muscle groups
  • Ergonomically designed – all trainers from Sole Fitness feature two-degree inward slope on their pedals that make it easier on your muscles, joints and bones
  • Commercial-grade steel is used in the building of their frames across their range

  • Not ideal for the naturally petite out there, as their ellipticals only feature stride sizes of 20 to 22 inches
  • Limited number of programs


Sole Fitness and their various elliptical releases always score very positive and great reviews. The most recent machines they’ve released in the last few years offer the best combination of stride length and maximum resistance that mean they are suitable for most users. The most advanced tech has been incorporated into these modern machines from the company. However, it’s the company’s ability to constantly produce high performance machines that meet the needs of their consumers for competitively affordable prices, that most will find attractive.

All Sole Fitness Ellipticals

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