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Sportstech LCx800 Elliptical Review

Lets burn some calories with the LCX800 Elliptical Trainer! Spending to much time at home in static positions? Want to lose weight, feel happier, and be more active? An elliptical trainer is probably one of the best options you got. Check out the LCX800 Crosstrainer from Sportstech, you won't regret it.

Price / Quality
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At a Glance: Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical
Brand Sportstech
Price Range From $1000 to $1500
Model Number sp_lcx800_uk
Max User Weight 265 lbs (120 kg)
Flywheel Weight 53 pounds (24 kg)
Stride length Adjustable
Resistance Levels 32
Dimensions 62 x 26 x 66 inches (159 cm x 66 cm x 167 cm)
Training Programs 12
Computer / Display LCD
Warranty 5-year warranty
Computer Display 7 “Android console
Q-Factor 7.5 inches (19.5 cm)
Foldable No

Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Review

👩🏽‍🏫 Sportstech LCX800 Cross Trainer Review

Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Review: The Sportstech LCX800 is an elliptical trainer designed by the German fitness equipment manufacturer Sportstech, a member of a large sibling group of elliptical trainers. It is voted by many users as the best elliptical trainer of the year. A top-of-the-line elliptical, designed with a previously unrivalled design, it has all the features and functions that are useful for fitness enthusiasts, and even for the more demanding top-level sportsmen and women. It features an integrated monitor with a display that shows the performance achieved in real time, including the duration of the exercise in progress, the number of miles / kilometers covered, the subject’s heart rate, the training speed. A setting mode for more intense workouts at a certain heart rate called HRC mode. ergonomic pedals that ensure comfortable pedaling. An integrated intelligent technology system. Integrated mobile handles that help strengthen the muscles of your chest and limbs.

Specializing in the creation and sale of fitness equipment, Sportstech is a German brand recognized for the quality and durability of its products. Created in 1995, this brand belongs to the Innovamaxx group, which specializes in the manufacture and marketing of sports equipment, electric transportation and wellness equipment. Sportstech is best known for the high quality of its elliptical trainers, and the LCX800 model is no exception.

This crosstrainer combines all the technical qualities expected by fitness enthusiasts. The brand strikes hard with this top-of-the-range product, easy to use and of very good quality. Its futuristic and neat design is an eye-catcher. In addition, its numerous training programs will make your body work in a pleasant and complete way, and will not fail to impress even the most demanding sportsmen and women.

What are the main features of this luxury elliptical trainer? What are its main advantages and disadvantages? This is what we will discover together in this article!

  • Very good manufacturing quality
  • Solid and stable structure
  • Eye-pleasing finishes (mine anyway!)
  • No parasitic noise during the race
  • Bright console screen, perfect for use in the evening with low lighting conditions
  • The assembly is rather easy to do
  • No friction between parts
  • Suitable for all family members

  • On some devices, the console does not work
  • The angle of vision on the screen is quite small
  • Takes up some space. Plan to make some by moving furniture?

👀 Sportstech LCX800 Cross Trainer Highlights

Brand: Sportstech
Model: LCX800
Type: elliptical trainer
Flywheel: 53 lbs (24 kg)
Braking system: magnetic
Weight of the elliptical: 162 lbs (73.5 kg)
Maximum load capacity: 265 lbs (120 Kg)
Transmission system: belt driven
Resistance levels: 32 levels
Brake System: magnetic
Dimensions: 62 x 26 x 66 inches (159 cm x 66 cm x 167 cm)
Dimensions in milimeters: 1590 x 660 x 1670 mm

Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Features

Overview of the Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical trainer

The LCX800 from Sportstech is a solid and very well designed crosstrainer. With its elegant and ergonomic design, it allows you to perform a natural and pleasant pedaling movement. In addition, this model has a high-tech console that gives you the possibility to train on real time routes, watch videos/movies, and listen to your favorite music.

Like most elliptical trainers, The Sportstech LCX800 elliptical trainer uses more than 80% of your muscles. The pushing motion on the pedals will affect your thighs, buttocks and calves. In addition, when you use the mobile handles, the crosstrainer will also engage on your arms, shoulders and pectorals. Finally, the straight positioning of your back will allow you a sheathing action and will reinforce your abdominal and lumbar muscles.

In addition, cycling will also help you increase your endurance in a remarkable way. It also stimulates your body so as to accelerate the burning of fat, and completely protects your joints since the movement is shock-free. This is a well known fact about elliptical machines.

The elliptical trainer contains several pre-installed programs that will push you to go beyond your limits with a variety of programs and challenges. The weight of this model also gives it great stability and undeniable safety. Moreover, its futuristic design will certainly suit sports and technology enthusiasts.

Check the Sportstech video below for a general overview of the LCX800 Cross Trainer:
Note: the video is in german, but you can turn on the subtitles to a language of your choosing.

What are the advantages of the Sportstech LCX800?

The first advantage offered by the use of this machine is its quietness which makes the practice of sports exercises very pleasant. This ease is reinforced by the possibility of connecting its audio accessories to put yourself in optimal conditions for exercise. Likewise, the parameters can be adjusted according to the physical capacities of each person, and its design is what can be described as futuristic. It’s stable and simply the best elliptical trainer of the moment. Only deal breaker for some people: the cost for the LCX800 is over $1000 which could be a negative aspect for some!

A magnetic braking system

Its 32-stage magnetic braking system guarantees the continuity and fluidity of movement of this excellent elliptical trainer, as well as the low noise level of the device.

With its 12 training programs already recorded and its multifunction console, Sportstech invites quality sports equipment into the living room of Mr. and Mrs. Everyman! No more need to go to the gym to work your body as a whole! The variety of programs allows use by the whole family, as well as avoiding the monotony of each sportsman’s workouts.

In addition to the 12 programs, there is also the HRC mode (Heart Rate Control), three countdown modes, and the Watt mode (calculation of expenses in watts). In combination with the HRC mode, the cardio belt boosts heart rate based workouts for maximum calories burned.

The multifunction console gives you access to essential information at a glance: speed, distance, calories burned, workout time and heart rate. The well thought-out navigation through the different menus is easy to understand. All you have to do is practice!

Sportstech LCX800 - 12 training programs and 32 resistance levels

Resistance of the Sportstech LCX800

With a 53 pounds (24 kg) flywheel and a grooved belt drive system, the Sportstech LCX800 elliptical trainer will satisfy the needs of all athletes, regardless of their physical condition. In addition, it requires very little maintenance, and also offers optimal motion synchronization without uneven pedaling. Thus, users of this crosstrainer will notice that the movement is natural and fluid, for maximum comfort of use.

In addition, the low vibrations and magnetic braking guarantee a very quiet drive. This makes the Sportstech LCX800 elliptical trainer perfect for home use. In addition, the resistance system is computer-controlled on 32 levels. This makes the resistance easy to operate via the console. It is a magnet system that allows for uniform braking, leaving no traces of brake wear. This makes the LCX800 one of the most durable elliptical trainers on the market.

Sportstech LCX800 Adjustable Stride

Adjustable Stride length

The running system has a double elliptical design and thus very accurately simulates the natural motion sequence during running. The cranks consist of three parts each, which are equipped with double ball bearings. The stride length can be individually adjusted to 42 cm, 46 cm or 50 cm with an adjusting screw. Thus the elliptical trainer can be adapted to different body sizes. The generous step lengths also support an ergonomically favorable and effective workout.

The adjustable stride length not only offers individual comfort but also different training possibilities: you can train with the shorter stride length like on a stepper and run with the longer one.

High flywheel weight

In terms of technology, the LCX800 is well equipped: At 53lbs (24 kg), the flywheel weight of the LCX800 is very generous. Whether training with small or large braking resistances – a smooth, round step is always guaranteed with this weight. This is easy on the joints and contributes to a more natural running feeling.

Sportstech LCX800 Transport Wheels

Flexible installation thanks to transport wheels

Despite its high weight of just under 74 kg (162 pounds), the LCX800 can be moved easily. Ball bearing mounted transport rollers at the front of the elliptical trainer ensure that it can be rolled to the desired position without any problems when the rear end is raised.

Elegant, modern design

The LCX800 is perfect for those who like it elegant and athletic. The housing of the luxury elliptical trainer is entirely in light silver-gray. Thus it fits perfectly into modern living rooms. Black details provide a contrast and make the large device look lighter. The straight lines and the straightforward design give it a noble and modern look. However, you should definitely consider the installation dimensions when buying. At 159 x 66 x 167 cm (L x W x H), the elegant elliptical trainer is not necessarily compact and thus will need larger rooms with sufficient ceiling height (more on this later).

Sportstech LCX800 grooved belt drive system

Smooth and quiet drive via grooved belt

The grooved belt built into the LCX800 ensures optimal power transmission to the flywheel mass and contributes to a smooth running. The drive operates relatively quietly at a volume of 62 db: between the volume of a refrigerator and a normal conversation.

Sportstech LCX800 Price

The Sportstech LCX800 is usually sold on a price range from $1000 to $1500.

Sportstech LCX800 Warranty

The Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical comes with a 5 year warranty.

Sportstech LCX800 Stride Length

The Sportstech LCX800 has an adjustable stride of 16″, 18″, 20″ (42 cm, 46 cm or 50 cm) with an adjusting screw.

Sportstech LCX800 Max user Weight

The Sportstech LCX800 has a max user weight capacity of 265 lbs (120 kg)

Sportstech LCX800 User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Sportstech LCX800 User’s Manual


Extensibility through the iFitApp

If you would like to manage your training values on a mobile device, you can do so via the iFitApp. The smartphone or tablet is connected to the control console via Bluetooth and can then be controlled directly from the mobile device. For some users, the tablet’s touch screen may be more convenient than using the control buttons on the console. Otherwise, however, it brings no added value. A practical tablet holder underneath the console display ensures that you always have a good view of your mobile device.

MP3 and USB connections

Via the AUX and MP3 connection you can play your favorite music at any time over the integrated loudspeakers of the console. iPod & Co. are safely stowed away in a storage tray below the display. Up to 32 GB of multimedia data can be imported via the USB connection, so that films can also be watched on the high-resolution display. So there is no chance of boredom during workouts.

How high should your ceiling height be at least?

The elliptical height of this elliptical trainer is 20 cm and the maximum distance between the treads and the standing level is about 50 cm, which results in a tread height of 40 cm for the running board. If you then add a safety distance between your head and the ceiling of about 5 cm and 2 cm for the soles of your shoes, you should add at least 47 – 50 cm to your height to calculate the minimum ceiling height.

Points of criticism

Fixing rod for the right pedal: High demands are made on a device that costs just under a thousand euros. At least technically everything should be right here. Unfortunately, some customers report that during training the rear nut on the right pedal, which is used to adjust the step size, came loose. This is a safety deficiency that should be corrected. Here a left-hand thread, a self-locking nut or a reasonable lock should be installed. Technically experienced users have fixed the defect themselves, but the manufacturer should urgently make improvements.

No touchscreen and no internet connection: Another point of criticism concerns the console. According to the current state of the art, many users rightly expect a possibility to connect the operating computer to the Internet. This way, additional tracks, updates or extensions could be used. Also the operation via the keys is cumbersome and no longer up to date. A touch screen would be appropriate here.
Inaccurate calorie consumption: The integrated measurement of the heart rate is inaccurate, the displayed calorie consumption is unrealistic. However, if you use a chest strap, you should get more accurate readings.

Another criticism is that there is no standby mode and no off switch. If you want to switch off the device, you have to pull the plug.

Editorial assessment

The Sportstech LCX800 elliptical trainer offers some special features and novelties. This elliptical trainer has an adjustable stride length, Android console or integrated speakers and MP3 function to offer. Although many devices/consoles have a compatible fitness app, the console itself is very simply designed and has no video or audio function itself.

It is noticeable, however, that these features are hardly mentioned in the customer reviews and thus the added value is somewhat questionable.

On the other hand, the ergonomics are unfortunately not outstanding for this price range, especially when it comes to pedal spacing. This is 7.5 inches (19.5 cm). A pedal spacing of less than 6 inches (15 cm) or even 4 inches (10 cm) is desirable for this price class in order to provide the most natural running feeling possible.

It is great that the stride length can be adjusted individually according to body size. But this function only makes sense if very tall and very short people in a household want to use the elliptical trainer. Otherwise, a stride length of 46-50cm is fine for most body sizes without having to adjust anything individually. But still this adds values to the LCX800.

The double-bearing elliptical running system is a feature that is more or less present in all elliptical trainers, although in different versions.

Sportstech LCX800 Computer Display

Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Trainer Monitor

The monitor of the Sportstech LCX800 fitness device has a multifunction Android console. It is equipped with a high-resolution screen. It shows you all your training data at all times, including:

  • Real-time speed in km/h
  • Elapsed time
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Real-time heart rate
  • Resistance level used

It also contains a Targeted Heart Rate Training (HRC) mode that allows you to choose the heart rate zone you want to workout in. The HRC mode is used by seasoned athletes to enhance cardiovascular performance. As soon as you enter your age, the system will automatically suggest a target heart rate value. This value can also be adjusted manually. In addition, the target heart rate will flash continuously to indicate that you should slow down or decrease resistance if your pulse rate exceeds the HRC limit. You can also program your workout time to match your goals.

To measure your heart rate at all times, the Sportstech LCX800 crosstrainer is equipped with a pulse sensor at the fixed handles. However, the LCX800 model is compatible with modern cardio belts. It is therefore more convenient to use a chest belt, since it will allow you to train with more freedom and gives more accurate heart rate values. Unfortunately it is not included in the delivery of this elliptical trainer.

Training programs

The LCX800 from Sportstech also offers you 12 pre-installed training programs: Aerobics, Weight Loss, Fitness Training, Cycling, Road, Mountain, Speed Challenge, Cross-country, Interval, Relaxation, Climbs and Calorie Melting. You have several sections for each program, each of which has a different speed and resistance level.

Sportstech LCX800 Virtual Scene mode

The console also offers you 6 virtual scene modes. Simply enter one of these slides and merge it with your workout. It also offers 3 countdown modes and a Watts mode. In addition, it is compatible with Bluetooth devices. So you can connect it with your tablet or smartphone. A USB port with a maximum capacity of 32 GB, a speaker and a jack will also allow you to connect your audio devices.

The crosstrainer LCX800 is also compatible with the free “FitShow” app. It monitors elliptical resistance, records distance, speed, calorie consumption and much more to generate a fitness program according to the user’s needs. This application also allows you to use the Google Street View feature. Thus, it is possible to choose from countless routes all over the world. Simply select a route on the map to get Google Street View images along that route. So you can run in your favorite city, whether it’s Paris or Amsterdam or New York, or even in the woods.

Sportstech LCX800 Virtual scene

However, for this application to work properly on your mobile device, it must have the following operating system versions or earlier: Android 4.3 for Samsung devices, and iOS 8.0 for iPhone, iPads, etc…


The LCX800 elliptical trainer’s elliptical racing system uses a 3-piece bottom bracket with double ball bearings. It also includes wheels and three adjustable stride lengths. The adjustment dimensions are 420 mm, 460 mm and 500 mm, and depend on the type of workout you choose, as well as your size. The adjustable stride length optimizes the elliptical stroke movement and ensures a pleasant workout regardless of the user’s height.

At the same time, the Sportstech LCX800 elliptical trainer is equipped with large pedals that provide the best possible support. Their non-slip coating guarantees protection against slipping. In addition, the open shape on the sides and rear will prevent you from tripping. Thus, the pedals allow optimal and safe movement during training.

Finally, the Sportstech LCX800 also includes a shelf holder. This allows you to connect your smart device to the on-board computer more easily, without worrying about the risk of accidental falls.

Mounting and storage

The LCX800 model is equipped with transport wheels. To use them, simply lift it up from the hook on the rear stabilizer of the elliptical. Thus, this elliptical trainer is ideal for home use, as its wheels make it easy to move it to the storage space, even if the weight of the elliptical trainer is 73.5 kg.

Note that the heavier an elliptical trainer is, the more stable it is. This is why the Sportstech LCX800 offers a pleasant and safe workout. However, the maximum user weight is 265 lbs (120 kg). For safety reasons, it is best not to use this device if your weight is above this value.

Furthermore, the LCX800 is rather easy to assemble. The user manual is available in five languages: German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. It is well detailed and quite easy to understand and use. So you will have no difficulty in assembling your device. The manual also explains the operation of the console in detail, and gives you some exercises to do before and after your workout. The assembly process will work better and faster if there are two person involved. Here the printed instructions are probably not quite clear, but fortunately there is also a clear assembly instruction in video format directly from the manufacturer. Some screws are already pre-assembled without being mentioned directly in the manual. There are a lot of single parts and therefore the assembly can be a bit long.

The Sportstech brand

Specializing in the creation and sale of fitness equipment, Sportstech is a German brand recognized for its quality products. Created in 2015, this brand belongs to the Innovamaxx group, which markets sports equipment as well as electric transportation and wellness equipment. Sportstech elliptical trainers are top-of-the-range bicycles and are recognized for being of very good quality. Sportstech sells, in addition to its elliptical trainers, steppers, apartment bikes but also trampolines and vibrating platforms and rowing machines. The brand wants its private customers to practice their sport at home as they could do at the sports halls, with quality equipment.

Why should you buy the Sportstech LCX800 elliptical trainer?

The elliptical trainer is solid and well-designed and is the elliptical trainer you should have at home. It’s quite elegant but most importantly, it’s very comfortable to use. It’s easy to use and you’ll feel like you’re walking naturally. With this model, doing sports is fun, especially when you can watch videos or listen to music.

The effort seems, then, much less painful. The many programs will push you to go beyond your limits with new challenges. The weight of this model gives you a real feeling of safety: the LCX800 elliptical trainer will not move an inch when you use it. Practical, efficient and safe, that’s what you expect from your sports equipment.

What users say about the Sportstech LCX800 elliptical?

It’s no surprise that the LCX800 elliptical trainer is on the podium of the best luxury elliptical trainers of the year. This success is due to the ergonomics, the ease of use and the quality of the materials of this model. On, the opinions are all positive about the quality of use of this elliptical trainer. The users of this LCX800 elliptical trainer are satisfied with their purchase and recommend it. Because of its weight: more than 180 pounds (82 kg) with the packaging, it is necessary to be two to receive the elliptical trainer before assembly.

Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Review Conclusion

The futuristic design of the LCX800 elliptical trainer from Sportstech convinces at first glance. The 24 kg flywheel mass, the efficient and silent 32-stage magnetic resistance system and the multifunction console ensure a complete workout for your body.

The LCX800 from Sportstech is a also really quiet crosstrainer and very pleasant to use. In addition to its intuitive and multifunctional console, the adjustable stride length of the Sportstech LCX800 makes it a really comfortable elliptical. Being solid and stable, it will certainly stand the test of time.

However, it is a luxury elliptical trainer. Its price exceeding $1000 may make it inaccessible to some budgets. If this budget is much higher than yours, check out the Sportstech CX625 Crosstrainer, which is also a good elliptical trainer at a more affordable price.

Summary of the Sportsech LCX800 Elliptical Review

Technical Specifications of the Sportech LCX800 Cross Trainer
Model: Sportstech LCX800 (sp_lcx800_uk)
User Weight Capacity: 265lbs (120 kg)
Flywheel Weight: 53 lbs (24 kg) – 8 kg 3 Pcs crank handle (complete oscillating weight : 24 kg)
Stride Length: Adjustable
All programs Bluetooth: 36 (6 virtual programs, 12 installed programs, 12 contest modes, 1x HRC, 3x Countdown, 1x Watt Modus (constant power mode), 1x User program)
LCD size: 7 inches
USB connection: Yes (no charge just for reading information such as video and music)
Bluetooth: 2.4G 7mA
Frequency Band: 5khz – – 5.3khz
Maximum transmit power radiated in the frequency Band: 3mW
maximum compatibility with USB memory: 32GB
System language: English / Chinese
Brake system: magnetic brake system
Resistance:32 levels
Bottle holder: yes
Foldable: No
transport Wheels: yes
Training Apps: Fit Show
Power Supply: 220 – 240V / 50 – 60 Hz / 50 VA max***

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Specification: Sportstech Premium Cross Trainer for Home Use | Quality German Brand | Video Events & Multiplayer-App & Android-Console…

Price Range $1000 - $1500
Stride Length Adjustable stride of 16", 18", 20" (42 cm, 46 cm or 50 cm)
Flywheel Weight 24 kg, 53 lbs
Max User Weight 120 Kg, 265 lbs
Drive Type Rear Drive
Warranty 5-year warranty
Computer / Display 7 "Android console
Special Features 32-stage computer-controlled magnetic brake system, 6 virtual scenery modes, HRC mode, 3 countdown modes, Watt mode, 3 adjustable step lengths
Dimensions 62 x 26 x 66 inches (159 cm x 66 cm x 167 cm)
Weight 162 lbs, 73.5 kg
Shipping Weight ,
Item model number

Photos: Sportstech Premium Cross Trainer for Home Use | Quality German Brand | Video Events & Multiplayer-App & Android-Console…

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Sportstech Premium Cross Trainer for Home Use | Quality German Brand | Video Events & Multiplayer-App & Android-Console…
Sportstech Premium Cross Trainer for Home Use | Quality German Brand | Video Events & Multiplayer-App & Android-Console… Price: $1,199.00 (as of 27/02/2021 03:57 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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