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You probably might have seen it on iFit enabled elliptical or treadmill, but you are clueless of its utilities. With iFit technology, you can experience diverse fitness programs, thereby bypassing your boring routines of fitness. If you want to learn more about iFit, then you should continue reading this write-up. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what is iFit. Further, it answers some of the frequently asked questions.

What is iFit? Can it help you reach your fitness goals quicker?

iFit is an amazing fitness technology that brings together all fitness-related activities, carried out at the gym or home. You can use this technology on your mobile device or other iFit enabled equipment such as treadmills and stationary bike. It provides you with visualization, maps, and video workouts while working out on your iFit equipped machine.

The upgraded version of iFit comes with interactive technology; as such, it offers real interactivity for the users.

Another essential feature of iFit is that it can track your daily activities such as distance traveled, sleep, and calories consumed. It can also measure your exercise and diet. Some of the fitness equipment brands that work with iFit technology are FreeMotion, NordicTrack, ProForm, and Reebok.

iFit technology is perfectly compatible with elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bike, produced by these fitness equipment brands.

iFit Coach is the newest version that comes with three main categories of workouts, namely, video workouts, Google Maps workouts, and time or distance workouts.

Video workouts: Users of iFit Coach can access to a library of workout videos, which feature famous personal trainers such as Jillian Michaels and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Fit Mommies and Kickboxing are some examples of iFit video workouts

Google Maps workouts: With iFit Google Maps workouts, you can virtually experience the outside world without leaving your fitness equipment. The reason is that iFit technology allows you to use Google Street View to simulate the actual fitness activities. There are two basics of Google Maps workouts, namely, incline and video. The former can automatically adjust your fitness equipment to imitate topography, while the latter is an interactive Google Street View

Time or Distance workouts: iFit Coach allows users to build workouts with particular speeds, distances, and inclines.

How much does iFit cost per month?

By opting for an iFit Coach membership, you get the ultimate health coaching and interactive, personalized fitness. You also receive hundreds of training programs along with thrilling workouts from around the globe. There are two memberships of the iFit Coach that you can purchase.

One is for individual equipment users, while the other is for multiple equipment users. The price of individual membership is 144 dollars per year, and it is the best option for users who have large fitness equipment such as elliptical trainer or treadmill.

For the family membership, you can either opt for a monthly plan (39 dollars) or a yearly plan (395 dollars). Note that the iFit Coach Family membership allows you to enjoy the fitness benefits for three users.

Benefits of iFit Coach

iFit primarily focuses on four fitness fundamentals that include Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Activity.

Exercise: With iFit technology, you receive an abundance of fitness experience directly at your home. You can work out by accessing Google Maps, which offers you thousands of landscapes and locations from around the world. There are also cross-training videos that feature world-class trainers. Even if you do not possess an iFit enabled kits, you can still use to phone to get access to hundreds of workout videos. Besides, you will get access to high-energy studio classes, interactive training, among many others.

Nutrition: To help you achieve your goal, iFit Coach offers you a personalized nutrition plan. Creating a healthy recipe is not an easy task given that you have to take into consideration your overall health. The good news is that this fitness technology will recommend the perfect recipes that are suitable for your health. Expert dietitians create your daily nutritional recipes, based on your overall health; as such, you do not have to worry about the nutrition plans recommended by iFit Coach. Besides, you also get access to hundreds of recipe videos.

Activity: Included in your iFit Coach Membership is automatic activity tracking and individualized feedback based on your workout results. You will also get access to essential tips on how to improve your daily routine.

Sleep: Improving the quality of sleep is a challenging task for many people. However, you can significantly enhance your sleep and health with iFit Coach. Based on your habits, it provides healthy sleep suggestions to help improve the quality of rest.

Can you use iFit with an iPad?

You can use iFit with your iPad as long as it has a compatible operating system. If you are using an Apple iPad, then you will require iOS version 10.0 and above. But you will need Android version 5.1 and above if you own an Android Tablet. You should note that for both the operating systems, you will also require Bluetooth 4.0 and above. However, it is worth noting that this fitness technology is not compatible with Windows-based tablets.

Who makes iFit?

iFit is a private consumer electronics, founded in 2013. The headquarters of this fitness technology is in Logan, United States. The parent company of iFit is Icon Health and Fitness, which is the largest manufacturer of exercise kits in the world. This fitness technology comes inbuilt in many exercise equipment through a wireless connection such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, and stationary bike.

The fitness equipment brands that feature iFit Coach include NordicTrack, Reebok, ProForm, and FreeMotion. They all share Icon Health and Fitness as their parent company. Nowadays, the products of iFit are available throughout the world in exercise equipment stores, retail stores, and their official website.

Is iFit worth it?

Answering this question is highly subjective as the experience will significantly differ from one person to another. As an integrated workout system, iFit Coach gives you access to unlimited workout information, based on your needs. Some of the essential features of this fitness technology include nutrition tips, activity tracking, interactive workout training, and mapping programs, among many others. With its direct connection to Google Maps, iFit allows you to exercise anywhere around the world. As such, it is significantly worth purchase it.

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