HGH Growth Factor 9 Reviews – Where to Buy HGH Relaser?

Today I've got a review for you on a product from Novex Biotech called Growth Factor 9. This is actually one of their signature products if not their signature product. Basically, it promotes the release of natural HGH releasing - human growth hormone.

It's an amino acid blend along with an herb called Japanese Catnip and all the ingredients have been linked to the release of HGH and individual studies. But the really interesting thing about this product is that it itself has gone through a clinical study.

Growth Factor 9 Ingredients

All the ingredients together just something that you don't see very often. With other products you might see one or two of the increase in key ingredients for studied, but not the whole blend. So you get to really see the synergistic effect that each ingredient has on one another and in that study that was done on men and women the mean increase in serum growth hormone levels was six hundred and eighty two percent!

This is really cool because it wasn't maybe done on one the ingredients in here it was done on the whole product itself. Then HGH itself has been linked from everything from better skin, anti-wrinkles to muscle growth recovery and injuries. Something that some people consider almost the Fountain of Youth and this is going to release more of what your body already produces.

Does the supplements have any side effects?

It's a by no means a synthetic form of HGH. Another thing I really like about this is it can be used long-term. There are no adverse effects over long-term use. It's not like your body is going to develop tolerance to this or anything like that. You just can follow the directions straight through and take it months on in and enjoy those effects that increase human growth hormone. So, for more information in user reviews, check out the Growth Factor 9 product page. You can also research other natural human growth hormone releases based on ratings prices and more.

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