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Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review

Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review

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Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review

Presenting the Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review: Nordictrack has proven time and time again, that they mean business when it comes to producing high quality fitness machines at affordable prices. Take a moment to go through our in depth review about E 10 cross trainer. You won't be disappointed

Price / Quality
Customer Support
At a Glance: Nordictrack E 10.0 Elliptical
Brand Nordictrack
Price Range $500 to $1000
Model Number NTEVEL99014.0
Max User Weight 276 lbs (125 kg)
Foldable Yes
Incline Yes
Flywheel weight 22 lbs (10 Kg)
Dimensions 79 x 82 67 inches (203 x 81 x 169 cm)
Special Features Speakers Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0
Warranty 5 Year Frame Warranty, 2 Year Parts and Labor
Workout Programs 20
Stride Length 20 inches (50cm)

Nordictrack E10 Elliptical Trainer Review

👩🏽‍🏫 Nordictrack E 10.0 elliptical Review

Nordictrack E 10.0 elliptical trainer review: The E 10.0 is suitable for advanced fitness veterans or beginners. This is thanks to its large number of resistance levels and its multiple pre-recorded programs. This elliptical trainer of the pro range can be suitable for individuals but also for professionals who are looking for quality equipment to integrate it into a gym for example. This bike is considered a high-end product, which offers multiple features. This allows everyone to train in the best conditions, whether for a few fitness exercises or to improve their cardio performance.


  • Foldable
  • Reassuring appearance
  • Offers a very fluid movement
  • flexible
  • Equipped with an electronic LCD monitor that can be used as a virtual coach
  • Very comfortable

  • Requires the help of a professional for proper assembly
  • Heavy

👀 Nordictrack E 10.0 Cross Trainer Highlights

Brand: Nordictrack
Model: E 10.0
Type: Elliptical
Braking system: magnetic
Weight of the E 10: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Maximum load capacity: 276 lbs (125 Kg)
Resistance Levels: 22 levels
Dimensions: 79 x 82 67 inches (203 x 81 x 169 cm)
Dimensions in milimeters: 2030 x 810 x 1690 mm

🎯 Nordictrack E10 Elliptical: A Technical analysis

The Nordictrack e10 Elliptical Cross Trainer is one of the machines with the best quality/price ratio on the market since it has more features and options than other models in the same price range, making it one of our favorite mid-range models.

You will be able to train almost all of your muscles with this device thanks to its different options to keep you in shape in an efficient and comfortable way. You will be able to burn a large number of calories while strengthening your cardio-vascular system, especially by using the numerous programs available to you, all without any impact on your joints.

This model of Nordictrack has a 20 inches (50 cm) stride width which will allow you to perform very natural movements. In addition to this characteristic, the weight of its flywheel of 22 lbs (10 Kg) guarantees a good functioning of your machine and allows you to benefit from a very flexible pedaling movement, perfectly adapted to all types of users. We can also highlight the quality of the pedals of this model, whose dimensions are ideal to carry out your exercises comfortably: they are equipped with a “Core Cushion” suspension system that will allow you to adjust them in 3 different ways.

Another interesting feature of this model is its inclination of up to 20° thanks to the “Quick Incline” system. This new system will allow you to concentrate your efforts on different areas of your musculature and focus the exercises on the muscles you want to tone, thus offering you many alternatives and a variety of workouts of different levels of intensity.

The structure of this model is designed using high quality materials, which allows it to be used by users weighing up to 276 pounds (125 Kg). Therefore, the Nordictrack brand guarantees the structure of this model for life. We know that the space you have at home is a determining factor for many of you: the E10 of Nordictrack is foldable thanks to its exclusive Space Saver system, which will allow you to fold it in an extremely simple and quick way and therefore significantly reduce the space occupied by the machine. Moreover, it has transport wheels to move it from one room to another with ease.

🏆 The Nordictrack brand

The Nordictrack brand has been known to be the world leader in the home fitness market for over 25 years. Their first device was a cross-country ski stimulator. Since then, the brand has grown and the range of comfortable and quality products has diversified: from elliptical trainers, to treadmills, to a textile range. The other important aspect of Nordictrack is its commitment to respect the environment. Since the second quarter of 2011, the brand has embarked on a program to reduce CO2 emissions.

Nordictrack E10 Elliptical Machine Features

🚦 Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical: Technical Features

As mentioned before, the Nordictrack E 10.0 elliptical trainer has 24 pre-recorded programs that allow you to train at your best. It also has 22 resistance levels for those who want to increase their performance step by step.

In addition, the integrated speakers allow you to train while listening to your favorite music. The Nordictrack E 10.0 elliptical trainer also supports IFit.

This is an optional module that allows you to create your own fitness programs or receive additional program recordings for even more fun.

This module allows you to accumulate four accounts and is therefore suitable for the whole family.

🌌 Nordictrack E10 Elliptical Resistance

The Nordictrack E10 has an electromagnetic resistance SMR™ that will allow you to perform your workouts smoothly and comfortably, but also very quietly.

This model has 22 distinct levels that can be adjusted electronically to tone your body and increase your muscle mass in a very effective way.

💾 Nordictrack E10 Elliptical Console / Computer

This model is equipped with a high-resolution, backlit 5″ LCD console, where you will be able to visualize different information while performing your exercises, such as :

  • The distance covered
  • The level of resistance
  • Duration of the session
  • Calories consumed
  • Heart rate

Nordictrack e10 console display
The console with illuminated graphic display indicates:

  • Speed: indicates the speed during the exercise
  • Time: indicates the accumulated duration of the exercises
  • Distance: indicates the approximate distance traveled, in Km
  • Calories: indicates the calories burned approximately during the exercise
  • Calories per hour: indicates the approximate number of calories burned per hour
  • Resistance: indicates the resistance level from 1 to 22. During the training, the intensity bar indicates the approximate level of effort
  • Slope: indicates the slope level of the ramp for a few seconds at each change of slope level
  • Pulse: indicates heart rate during exercise in beats per minute
  • Incline: shows the incline level of the frame for a few seconds each time the incline level changes.
  • Pulse: shows your heart rate when you use the handgrip heart rate monitor or the optional chest heart rate monitor
  • RPM: shows your pedaling speed in revolutions per minute (rpm).
  • Stride: indicates the total number of strides you have pedaled.
  • Time: When the manual mode is selected, this display mode will show the elapsed time. When a workout is selected, this display mode will show the time remaining in the workout. The matrix offers several display tabs. Press the Display button until the desired tab is shown. You can also press the increase and decrease buttons next to the Enter button.
  • Speed: This tab will show a profile of the speed settings of the workout. A new segment will appear at the end of each minute.
  • My Trail: This tab will show a track that represents 1/4 mile (400 m). As you exercise, the flashing rectangle will show your progress. The My Trail tab will also show the number of laps you complete.

If you wish to do workouts that control the rhythm of your pulsations, which we recommend because they will improve your physical condition, you can use the pulse sensors EKG™ included in the handles of your machine. If you wish to measure your pulse rate more accurately, you can also use a compatible chest sensor strip that you will need to purchase separately.

This console is compatible with the iFit Live system: although it is not included with the purchase, this program is highly recommended since it will allow you to perform intelligent workouts based on concrete goals such as weight loss, improving your endurance or increasing your well-being, all guided by recognized and respected professionals in the fitness world such as Jillian Michaels.

Also using the iFit program, you will be able to perform virtual trainings using Google Maps® with automatic speed and inclination adjustments simulating different geographical situations.

Nordictrack E10 Why should you buy

💰 💳 Why should you buy the Nordictrack E 10.0?

The Nordictrack E 10.0 elliptical trainer is not an impulse purchase: it is a real long-term investment. It is considered by some specialists as the “Rolls-Royce” of elliptical trainers. Those who will be tempted by this model will benefit from a quality product. The advantage of this equipment is that it can suit everyone. The experienced sportsmen and women can use it to improve their level by creating new programs, while the more sedentary can (re)start the sport smoothly by selecting programs for beginners.

Buy this elliptical trainer and it will become a real sports friend, since you can do it anywhere and anytime, without worrying about the opening hours of the gyms. You will be able to install it in a dedicated room, in a quiet place, or in front of the TV to work out while watching your favorite program.

Let’s take a look at the features that make the E 10 a solid choice when looking for elliptical machines:

✔️ Rear inertia wheel.

✔️ Stride that fits your size perfectly: from 45 cm to 50 cm (regardless of your size).

✔️ Tilting ramp from 0 to 20%: allows you to vary the exercises. The higher the inclination, the more you will work your thighs and buttocks.
Pedal intensively on the E 10.0

✔️ Motorized magnetic braking: resistance to the effort is provided by a magnet on the flywheel.

✔️ 22 intensity levels: they can be adjusted directly from your console.

✔️ The elliptical machine E 10.0 is suitable for intensive use in home fitness.

✔️ Effective inertia: 10 kg for a comfortable and fluid movement.

✔️ 5″ backlit screen.

✔️ 24 programs made by sports coaches. Training duration and resistance are predetermined. The user is guided through his cardio training.

✔️ Compatible iFit coach application (with optional module). Offers a personalized fitness program, video workouts, real-time monitoring of your sports performance and automatic adjustments of inclination and declination. Allows you to share your workouts and join the iFit community.
Cardio based on your heart rate

✔️ Fixed handlebars equipped with cardiac sensors.

✔️ Real-time display of your pulse.

✔️Optional iFit chest belt available for accurate data.

✔️ Large pedals of 42 x 19 cm.

✔️MP3 connection: built-in speakers to listen to your favorite music.

✔️ Tablet stand (tablet not included).

✔️ Bottle holder: stay hydrated while pedaling.

✔️ Easy storage: folds down and stores vertically.

✔️ Transport wheels.

✔️ Level compensators.

✔️ Snap assembly: saves time and facilitates assembly.

NordicTrack E10: The test you were looking for

High-end models always display a modern design. This assumption is once again confirmed with the NordicTrack E10 with its neat, futuristic design, clean curves and perfect finish. With this stylish look, you will be able to place it in any room of your house without having to put it away at the end of the workout. The machine is still a size that is not suitable for small spaces. However, it is foldable. This allows you to save space when not in use.

We believe this model is ideal for those who are not sure how to train. Its intelligent console gives you the opportunity to enter your personal data and your goal. With this and the heart sensors on the handles, this machine allows you to follow a personalized workout that is perfectly adapted to your metabolism. The monitor will always guide you through each training session, advising you to increase or decrease the pace in order to perform a good cardio workout.

It is also possible to adjust the incline on this device to simulate a hill. This option is available directly from the console with the difficulty setting so you don’t have to get off the machine to make these adjustments.

The E10 elliptical is also very quiet, ideal for those who like to listen to music or watch TV during their workouts. It has a connection for an MP3 player and speakers to play your music during your workout. These speakers feature Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound technology for a great acoustic experience.

The E10 also features a bottle holder and a built-in fan, and this fan may seem like a gadget, but you won’t be able to do without it during your workouts. These little extras will keep you going longer during your workouts.

The E10 can be synchronized with your iFit Live wristband to make your workout even more in tune with your lifestyle.

The machine is big and it is quite heavy, and even if it is foldable it still takes up space… Basically if you don’t have the space to install it in your living room this model is to be avoided, but be aware that all high-end models like this one have this problem. I also had a bit of trouble mounting it alone, but with two people I think the work is really simplified and much faster.

Nordictrack E10 Price

The Nordictrack E10 is usually sold on a price range of $500 to $1000.

Nordictrack E10 Warranty

The Nordictrack E10 Elliptical comes with a 5 year, 2 year parts and labor warranty.

Nordictrack E10 Flywheel Weight

The Nordictrack E10 has a flywheel weight of 22 lbs (10 Kg)

Nordictrack E10 Max user Weight

The Nordictrack E10 has a max user weight capacity of 276 lbs (125 kg)

Nordictrack E10 User Manual

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please read the Official Nordictrack E10 User’s Manual

Nordictrack E10 Elliptical Review Conclusion

All in all, the NordicTrack E10 is an excellent elliptical trainer just like its little brother the NordicTrack E9.5. It can be adapted to all morphologies and allows beginners as well as regular athletes to train efficiently.

We recommend it to beginners who want to progress quickly to achieve their goals. It is also a good way to lose weight before the summer.

Summary of the Nordictrack E10 Elliptical Review

Technical Specifications of the Nordictrack E10 Mini Cross Trainer
Model: Nordictrack E10 (NTEVEL99014.0)
User Weight Capacity: 276 lbs (125 kg)
Dimensions: 79 x 82 67 inches (203 x 81 x 169 cm)
MP3 Connectivity: yes
iFit Compatible: yes
Console Display: Small LCD
Transport Wheels: yes
Integrated iFit: No
Chest Heart Belt: Optional
Battery operated: No
Transformer included: Yes
Dimensions when folded: 77 cm x 81 cm x 199 cm

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Specification: Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review


Price Range

$500 – $1000

Stride Length


Flywheel Weight

10 Kg, 22 lbs

Max User Weight

125 Kg, 276 lbs

Drive Type

Rear Drive


5 years frame, 2 years parts and labor

Computer / Display

5″ Backlit Display


79 x 82 67 inches (203 x 81 x 169 cm)

Special Features

“Core Cushion” suspension system, “Quick Incline” system, Space Saver system


165 lbs (75 kg)

Shipping Weight

Photos: Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review

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Expert Score 7.6
Price / Quality
Customer Support
Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review
Nordictrack E 10 Elliptical Review
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