Octane Fitness XR6 Classic Elliptical (Renewed)

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Amazon.com Price: $4,798.00 (as of 09/04/2023 09:42 PST- Details)

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Amazon.com Price: $4,798.00 (as of 09/04/2023 09:42 PST- Details)

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Review

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Review: If you have been trying to lose weight and generally improve your fitness, you may have considered getting a gym membership. However, as the gym puts you front and center in front of other people, you may feel a little nervous about the prospect.

Designed for everyone from beginners to experts, the Octane XR6 seated elliptical is a high quality cross trainer. Its contoured, high-backed seat makes it easy to exercise while you pedal calories away 25% more efficiently compared to recumbent bikes or other seated ellipticals. Multigrip handlebars allow for a variety of upper body movements due to the 16″ footpath.

This model is one of three XRide recumbent ellipticals in the Zero Impact motion category, along with the XRide XR4 and XRide XR6000.

These elliptical machines are great because they’re good for everyone-for someone looking for low-intensity cardio, for someone recovering from an injury, or for someone who enjoys high intensity cardio. As the impact ratio on these machines is low, there is minimal risk.

There are three consoles on the XR6. You can choose between five built-in programs that range from 5 to 20 resistance levels in the basic model. Beginners and people undergoing rehabilitation can benefit from these options.

The intermediate level has additional workout boosters and programs. In addition to combining regular workouts with Workout Boosters, it is possible to train more advancedly.

While it’s true that you have two feet and essentially that’s all you need to exercise with, jogging and running come with their own disadvantages. Particularly, those activities can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your lower leg muscle. Which is why you may be toying with the idea of investing in at home gym equipment. More specifically the Octane Fitness xR6 seated home elliptical trainer. Let’s see why.

Octane Q47 Specifications
Compact / Folding: No
Incline: N/A
Stride Length: 16″
Flywheel: N/A
Programs: 43 workout programs
Fan: Yes
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 71″ L x 35″ W x 60″ H


  • A high-quality, highly polished display screen
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth® 4.0 connectivity
  • Octane Fitness app offers 43 workout programs
  • SmartLight feedback with multi-color options
  • Displays essential workout information simultaneously
  • Sensors for measuring the heart rate using digital contact
  • A Polar® heart rate strap is included with the wireless heart rate monitor
  • PowerStroke pedal motion
  • There are 20 seat height positions and five tilt settings
  • An easy-to-access design with a step-through

Octane Fitness may have only been in business since 2001, but in that relatively short time they have won numerous awards and maintained their position as one of the leaders in the industry. They are not only known for their innovative standing ellipticals, but also their stunning recumbent ellipticals, like the Ride series and this model we have here – the XR6.

Obviously the one feature that really defines the XR6 seated home elliptical as different from other offerings by other companies is the 16-inch PowerStroke tech it utilizes. This helps provide you with better muscle engagement, stronger power drive and effective leg extension. The mechanics and engineering are coupled with Octane’s advanced console tech, which make it not only a powerful an effective trainer, but one that is easy to use.
Let’s delve deeper into some of its main features.

PowerStroke Technology

As noted above, one of the features of this recumbent bike and all those from the xRide range that makes it one of the best Is the utilization of the PowerStroke tech. Thanks to its design, xRide provides a better scope of exercise for your glutes and can make it easier to burn more calories during the average workout.

Easy to Use and Jam-Packed Advanced Console

Another piece of tech that makes the xR6 a great at home workout tool is the incredibly easy to use and highly advanced control panel and console that it comes equipped with. Whether you want to just slip on and exercise or want to set things precisely to your unique needs and preferences, there’s nothing difficult about it. If you want to connect your mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, you can also do this easily via the Smart Link.

This means you can surf the web, read news stories or something else or watch your favorite videos and listen to your favorite music, all while working your socks off. In addition to these great features, it also offers the metric tracking you’d expect.

Who is the best match for this product?

Suitable for all levels, whether you are a beginner or fitness enthusiast, the Machine never jerks your body. All users can enjoy a low-impact workout on this machine. Exercise on the Octane XR6 seated elliptical for weight loss and intense training.

  • Increased strength, weight loss and muscle tone is achieved through maximum muscle engagement
  • A recumbent bike burns fewer calories than an upright bicycle.
  • With a fluid motion that does not cause any jerks, the workout should be adequate for the whole body
  • Maintaining and monitoring heart health with customized workouts

Fitness XR6 Classic Elliptical

A More Comfortable Design

The xR6 has been specifically designed by Octane Fitness to offer the optimal comfort possible while providing the most grueling and challenging workout. How have they achieved this? By setting the cushioned chair at a 45-degree angle as this helps open the torso and hip flexors for greater comfort while working them and reduces the stress placed on your lower back.

What’s more, the xR6 offers 5 different seat tilt and height positions, so that you can set it up to provide you personally with your body shape and size, the most comfort possible. Even if comfort is not something you are worried about, you can use these adjustments to home in on specific leverage points for more targeted endurance conditioning of certain muscles.

Functional Comfort

The xR6 provides maximum comfort for an unmatched workout experience. Specifically, a 45-degree angle on the padded seat provides increasing comfort and reducing stress on the lower back by opening up hip flexors and torso.

There are 20 height settings and five tilt settings on the xR6 to accommodate users of any size. By varying height and tilt, users can also work on specific muscular endurance exercises.

Space Efficient

With its sturdy, space-efficient construction, the xR6 offers a greater range of motion and a slimmer form factor than other premium ellipticals and recumbent bikes and is easy to place anywhere in the home.

As a result of the platform, accessing and exiting any recumbent elliptical is safe and simple.

Resistance Levels

There are 20 variations of resistance in the XR6 to provide a variety of workouts. A beginner or fitness enthusiast can benefit from it quite well.

Fitness Meter

It is easy to navigate and use, whether you are using the quick start program or advanced workout program. The updated technology of the machine makes your workout more effective. For your iPad, the XR6xi supports three types of placement: watch, read, and surf.

While you exercise, the screen displays your workout data concurrently. Smart light technology is also included within it, which serves as an indicator for your workout intensity. Your heart rate is monitored by smart light, allowing you to determine your next booster program according to it. When you exercise with XR6, it’s as if you had a personal trainer by your side.

Fitness XR6 Classic Elliptical Trainer


In addition to having enough space to accommodate feet, the pedals have a soft grip, allowing a smooth movement of the foot in line with the ankle, without strain or jerk.

Moving both forwards and backwards allows the pedals to move effectively and engage muscles fully. To exercise only the upper body, foot pegs can be installed so that the feet can remain stationary.


This allows you to work out at any intensity without worrying about your hands slipping or getting hurt.


While you burn calories in the XR6, you will also benefit from the back support provided by the seat. Seats at 45 degrees are set at 45 degrees for maximum comfort, so that the hips and torso can flex comfortably, and back muscles can be relaxed without stress.

In order to deliver the best experience, the XR6 has a seat that can be adjusted to 20 height positions and 5 tilt positions.

Unbeatable Design

Octane Fitness products provide unique workout features, and the xR6 is no exception. From upper body exercise to lower body comfort, the xR6 delivers an unparalleled workout experience.

There are large pedals with soft grip textures that are comfortable to place your feet in a variety of ways. Both pedaling forward or backward works many muscle groups, while stationary pedals are quite versatile and can easily be used just for the upper body.

In addition, MultiGrip handlebars improve upper body engagement and contribute to a customized fit for each user, allowing the upper body to move as naturally and comfortably as possible.

Fitness XR6 Classic Elliptical Machine


All of the above is great, but it wouldn’t be as good if this machine was bigger and less compact. If it was bigger, you may not have the space to accommodate it, but as it has been designed to be smaller and narrower than many top level ellipticals and recumbent machines, it really stands out.

With its sturdy, space-efficient construction, the xR6 offers a greater range of motion and a slimmer form factor than other premium ellipticals and recumbent bikes and is easy to place anywhere in the home.

PowerStroke Technology

The Octane 16″ PowerStroke technology distinguishes the xRide from other recumbent ellipticals. PowerStroke offers optimal leg extension and drive, maximizing muscle engagement.

Researchers have demonstrated that xRide users burn 23% more calories at the same level of exertion as recumbent cyclists because they exert 343% more gluteal activity, produce 22% more mechanical strength, and produce 22% more strength as compared to recumbent cyclists.

Advanced console technology

No matter what workout you choose – or how you are connected to SmartLink – the console is easy to use. Your workout will be fuelled by the technology you choose. There are three positioning options for the xR6xii console to accommodate an iPad – Watch, Read or Browse. Only Octane offers SmartLight technology in its large screen display. In an interval workout booster, SmartLight signals how intensely you are exercising, whether your heart rate is in your target zone, and when to prepare for the next interval. This is smarter training.

Octane Fitness XR6 Elliptical Workout Programs

Workout boosters, X-mode, chest press and leg press exercises, HIIT and strength training are among the programs offered by Octane Fitness. These programs make working out more enjoyable. You can engage maximum muscles while using the workout boosters, including upper and lower body.

By varying your workout, these programs will help avoid boredom and deliver results. Throughout your workout, you will remain motivated with these programs.

It’s possible to customize all XR6 models to make sure you enjoy your workout to the fullest extent. By monitoring your heart rate, you can maintain optimum heart health when exercising with the XR6e and XR6ce. Innovative 30:30 is another interesting program that maximizes results within a few months

Fitness App from Octane Fitness – Access fitness training results and motivational tips with the free Octane Fitness app. You can control the machine through your mobile device that connects to the app without a wire, so it is a hassle-free process.

You can choose from a wide variety of programs so you rarely repeat a program and keep yourself motivated. You can set goals, track your workouts, watch videos, do circuit exercises, and more. The app is updated regularly to keep you up to date with the latest fitness trends and workouts.


Cross trainers, such as the Octane XR6, offer high-quality cardio exercise and head-to-toe strength training while keeping you comfortable. It provides the same ergonomics as the top-of-the-line XR6000 for less money. For the privileged shopper, the XR6 offers a five-year warranty on parts and a stylish design.

It would be hard to find a completely flawless and perfect exercise machine. We’ve noted this in the past. However, if you are looking for the next best thing and for something that offers the versatile lower body workout of an elliptical trainer with the increased comfort of a recumbent bike, this is an option you will want to consider carefully before passing up.

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Octane Fitness XR6 Classic Elliptical (Renewed)
Octane Fitness XR6 Classic Elliptical (Renewed)

Amazon.com Price: $4,798.00 (as of 09/04/2023 09:42 PST- Details)

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