Serovital HGH Reviews – Is it Worth the Price?

Little commercial came up about Serovital HGH, so I decided to look into the product and somebody that's from the supplement industry. I want to take a look at what's in it because there is a price tag associated and I'm sure some of you that are wondering is this product worth that.

One of the things in the commercial for Serovital HGH which is they're completely correct is they tell you that it helps to release growth hormone. Remember, this is a growth hormone supplement. It helps to release growth hormone, so when you're asleep and ever exercising you release growth hormone, but as you age you may have a difficult time doing it.

Growth hormone is associated with reduce the body fat, improve mood and energy, increase sex drive, stronger bones, increased lean muscle mass and reduced appearance of the wrinkles.

What are the main Serovital ingredients?

The main ingredients are l-lysine and l-arginine are just amino acids and then you have some other aminos and there are a few other ingredients. But here's the thing, $99 for those ingredients to me I would never pay that amount of money.

For that combination of products like you can go into a health food store get a bottle of lysine with a lot of pills in there for under $20. Like a big bottle of l-arginine here in canada you can get a big bottle for under $20 and have like a big-time supply of it. All these other ingredients may work but when you put like lysine and arginine together those are really good to help release growth hormone.

The price and alternatives?

So, I'm going to say this product at that price $99 - you really want to be careful. If you're looking for a product to help release growth hormone, just go to your health food store. I'm going to say don't spend more than forty to sixty dollars on a month supply of a growth hormone releasing product. Because that's kind of what you should be paying, especially, if it's only amino acids.

Ninety nine dollars it's kind of high-priced and then you may get stuck with an auto ship. So, I'm not saying the product doesn't work. I'm saying that to help release growth level, this probably works really well, but the product is pricey!

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