Does the Elliptical Work Your Stomach?

elliptical machine stomach benefits

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Does the Elliptical Work Your abs?

The concern to maintain a good physical appearance is surely one of the most shared nowadays. For example, many people attach particular importance to the size of the belly.  Among all the techniques used to keep the belly at the right size, the elliptical trainer is one of the most popular fitness machines. While its effectiveness seems obvious to some, there is still controversy on both sides. It is important to know what an elliptical trainer is and how it works before analyzing its benefits and the relevance of its action.
Getting to know elliptical machines...

What is an elliptical trainer?

The elliptical machine is the best known and most popular fitness machine in the gym. It is a multi-functional device that allows you to combine the following effects in one action:


✔️ the pedaling of a bicycle
✔️ climbing stairs;
✔️ working the upper body
✔️ the effects of jogging


Ellipticals are equipped with a device that allows you to work both the upper and lower parts of your body. This device has the merit of having several advantages, one of them is on the user’s stomach. Let see it below…

The benefits of the elliptical trainer on the stomach

Elliptical Machines Benefits on your tummy:

The main objective of the elliptical trainer is to make the user lose weight or keep him/her in shape by acting at the same time on all the muscles and joints of the body. In doing so, the elliptical machine allows you to burn fat throughout the body in general, and particularly in the abdomen.


The elliptical trainer is designed to help you lose stomach fat if that is your goal. It has been proven that regular and proper use of the elliptical trainer can tone 80% of the muscles in the body. That being said, ellipticals will not only help you burn fat, but will also help you tone your abdominal muscles to keep in shape and have an ideal belly. The structure and movements of the device force the user to stand upright so that the physical effort provided is very effective.

How does abdominal fat appear?

Excess pounds or kilos appear when the diet is overloaded with carbohydrates. Of course, other factors such as thyroid problems can lead to weight gain, but here we will focus on the appearance of fat linked to an unsuitable diet.


Carbohydrates are used by the body as fuel, to fuel the brain and muscles. However, when these are ingested in too large quantities, carbohydrates that the body does not need are taken up by hormones, which convert them into fatty acids.


These fatty acids are then directed to fat cells, which are usually found between the skin and muscle. These cells then transform them into fat and gain in volume. Water retention, due to poor blood circulation, can also cause fat cells to gain volume. Also, bulges appear.


The solution to get rid of excess weight? Eat a diet less rich in carbohydrates, but also do sports. Indeed, a sporting activity allows the body to draw on its fuel reserves, i.e. the fat cells. This is called the phenomenon of lipolysis.

Is it better to use an elliptical trainer to lose weight?

The elliptical trainer seems one of the to be the best options to lose weight. This machine will make you lose tummy without putting too much effort into it. Its mechanism is suitable for abdominal muscle strengthening exercises, promoting the elimination of fat. However, you will have to be rigorous with yourself to achieve this. 


A regular and assiduous training will have to be followed. Ideally, you should devote 20 to 30 minutes of your precious time to an elliptical trainer session every day or, failing that, at least 5 times a week. To get the most out of your workout, make sure to tuck your stomach in with regular inhalation and exhalation movements while you are on the bike.

The importance of having a flat stomach to reveal the abdominals

You already have abdominal muscles, but you may not be able to see them if they are covered with a layer of fat. To slim your abdomen, focus more on exercises that promote the loss of body fat. Since the elliptical trainer helps burn calories, you can definitely use it to lose body fat.

calories burned on elliptical

Calories Burned on Elliptical Machines

The number of calories you will burn on the elliptical trainer will depend on the amount of time you spend on it, the intensity of your work and your weight.

On average, a 154 pounds (70 kg) person burns 335 calories by using the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. A 176 pounds (80 kg) person will burn approximately 400 calories over the same period of time.

Depending on the sport, some areas of the body will be used more than others,
but what muscles do you work when you ride an elliptical trainer? Will you tone and refine your figure while elliptical training?
Below is a list of the muscles and muscle groups that are strengthened and sculpted by the elliptical trainer!.
These are the muscles that connect the arm to the rest of the body. They include the muscles of the rotator cuff (subscapular, infraspinatus, small round, supraspinatus) or the trapezius, deltoid, large toothed and angular muscles. These muscles allow the mobility of the arms and shoulders (rotation, elevation).

These muscles located on the anterior face of the arm are surrounded by two joints (scapulo-humeral, elbow). The biceps include two muscles (long biceps and short biceps) that promote flexion and rotation of the arms.

Located on the inner side of the arm, they cover three muscles (the vastus externalis, the vasus internus and the long head of the triceps) which complete the flexor role of the biceps brachialis. The triceps allow the extension of the forearm.

Muscles Worked on ellipticals

Upper Extremities (Shoulders, Arms and Forearms)

Upper Extremities (Shoulders, Arms and Forearms)

They are made up of several muscle layers (straight abdomen, external oblique, internal oblique, transverse) which have the function of bending and rotating the trunk.

The back is made up of more muscles such as the trapezius muscles, the great dorsal, the rhomboids, the infraspinatus or the great round. The roles of these muscles are diverse and varied. From the dorsal to the lumbar vertebrae, they ensure the mobility of the arms and shoulder, postural support and protection of the spine.

Muscles Worked on ellipticals

Trunk and pelvis (Chest, belly and back)

Trunk and pelvis (Chest, belly and back) muscles

They are located at the front of the thigh. The quadriceps are each composed of 4 muscles (The vastus femoris or right femur, the vastus lateralis, the vastus medialis, the vastus intermedius). These muscles facilitate the flexion of the thigh on the hip as well as the extension of the leg on the thigh.

Located on the back of the thigh, these muscles are four in number (biceps femoral, semitendinosus and semimembranous). They ensure the flexion of the leg and the extension of the thigh.

Also called triceps sural, the calf muscles are made up of 3 muscle groups including the soleus and the gastrocnemius (or gastrocnemius). These muscles promote the extension of the foot on the leg.

Muscles Worked on ellipticals

Lower limbs (buttocks, thighs and calves)

Lower limbs (buttocks, thighs and calves) muscles

Full Body Workout Machine: The Elliptical

If there’s a fitness machine that works the whole body, it’s the elliptical trainer. From head to toe, it provides a complete and effective workout for the body while avoiding joint problems and shocks. While the handling of the handles helps the upper body, especially the shoulders and arms, to work. The pedalling thrusts in the upright position target the buttocks, thighs and calves at the same time. Finally, maintaining the balance of the trunk in the movements of the device stimulates the strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles.

So what does the elliptical trainer offer you?

elliptical transport wheels

This exercise machine allows you to improve the capabilities of your heart and vascular system. The faster your heart works, the stronger it becomes and the more energy your body needs to work at its best. Stimulation of this vital muscle therefore helps to burn calories efficiently. It is estimated that one hour of elliptical training helps to eliminate between 500 and 800 calories, which is considerable. In addition, fat burning continues for a few hours after training.

Of course, the elliptical trainer stimulates the muscles of the lower and upper body, if you choose to accompany the movement of your legs with your arms. The more muscles gain in volume, the more fuel they need to function. Fuel, as you know, is fat.

You want to invest in an elliptical trainer to lose belly. It’s a good thing, because this one offers you to work 80% of the muscles of the body, including the abdominal muscles! Therefore, even if the work of the elliptical is not targeted, you put all the chances on your side to refine your belly. You will also take advantage of the elliptical to stimulate the muscles of the thighs, calves and arms, to reshape your entire silhouette.

The elliptical trainer is therefore particularly recommended for losing weight on your stomach, but also for losing weight in a more global way. However, to get the most out of this sports equipment, you need to choose the right elliptical trainer and follow a few essential tips to get the most out of it.

Why should you use the elliptical trainer for the abs?

Walking, jogging or cycling are effective ways of putting pressure on the legs, but less on the upper body. The advantage of the elliptical trainer is that it works the legs, arms and torso at the same time.


It can be used both to build muscle strength through short but intense sessions, and to increase muscle endurance with less sustained but longer exercises.


Foldable and discreet, the elliptical trainer also allows you to practice your sport at home in a regular and efficient way, according to your level and objectives.


It is also an ideal machine to develop or maintain your cardio, and also useful for rehabilitation (on medical advice).

How much impact does the elliptical have on the abs?

The elliptical trainer effectively exercises the abdominal muscles, especially the two oblique muscles and the straight muscle, which are crucial for bending the trunk and pelvis. 

With each leg movement, the legs are contracted to keep the trunk balanced and in line with the elliptical trainer.

These repeated actions have the beneficial effect of reaching and burning the abdominal fat that is normally very difficult to find in conventional muscle exercises.

Gradually the unsightly fat covering the abdominal belt disappears in favor of the ventral musculature, allowing you to sculpt a new figure.

What is the program for developing the abdominal muscles?

For beginners who want to develop their abdominal muscles and lose weight, the elliptical trainer should be practiced regularly and relatively intensively, but not too hard, otherwise you will not be able to keep up with the rhythm. One hour of fairly intensive elliptical training three times a week will remove enough calories to lose one kilogram per month or 2.2 pounds.



This type of exercise is accessible to everyone, with the right motivation. In order to develop muscle strength, especially abdominal strength, it is advisable to work with high intensity split training, which requires a good level of physical fitness.



Practiced in a gym or in an apartment, the elliptical trainer is, in the opinion of sports specialists, one of the best muscle-building machines for developing the body and abdominal muscles. If you use it three times a week, you’ll soon notice a before and after!

How to lose stomach with the elliptical trainer?

Before starting your session, a warm-up is highly recommended preparing the body for the effort. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your elliptical trainer workout.

You may be tempted to start at maximum intensity. However, this would be counterproductive. In fact, choose a medium intensity workout, for the simple reason that this way you will essentially burn stored fat and not the carbohydrates that have been previously consumed during the day. Are you not very sporty? In this case, your heart rate during training should not exceed 120 beats per minute. On the other hand, if you are overweight, your heart rate should not exceed 93 beats per minute.

The secret to losing weight lies in an effort of measured intensity spread out over time. Therefore, a session of less than 30 minutes is ineffective for weight loss. To promote fat elimination, start with half an hour of exercise. Do not hesitate, when you feel more comfortable, to extend the duration of your workouts.

Indeed, it may seem surprising, but lipolysis is more effective when training is interrupted by a break. So, don’t hesitate to stop for 10 minutes halfway through your workout. In this way, you put all the chances on your side, to burn a maximum of abdominal fat.

To reach your goal more easily, it is crucial to stay motivated. What better way to do this than by keeping track of your progress and performance? For example, you can keep track of the length of your elliptical trainer session in a calendar, as well as the calories burned, for example. This information will be displayed on the on-board computer of your elliptical.

It might seem obvious, but to avoid ruining all your efforts, limit carbohydrate-rich foods and favor proteins, fibers and lipids (in reasonable quantities). Why not consult a nutritionist? He or she can help you find a diet without deprivation that is right for you.

It is essential for daily life to drain the body and eliminate toxins, as well as cellulite. Good hydration is also crucial in order to compensate for perspiration. Indeed, you will eliminate a large amount of water during an elliptical trainer session. It is therefore strongly recommended to drink before, during and after the effort. This will allow you to avoid aches, tendinitis, but also helps you to eliminate fat more efficiently.

So, Does the Elliptical Work Your Stomach?

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