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Hammer Ellipticals Reviews

Hammer Sport AG is one of the leading companies in the fitness sector. Not only in terms of its own history, but also in terms of the products offered. No matter if weight training, boxing, endurance training or even fitness clothing? With its product range the company succeeds in covering a number of needs of a customer.


But one feature immediately distinguishes this manufacturer from the competition at first glance, namely its long tradition. The company was founded in 1900, but at that time it was still operating as a sawmill. Only in the course of the next decades it became more and more clear that the company’s orientation would shift to the sports sector. Due to our subject matter, however, we only dedicate ourselves to the cross and elliptical trainers of this company.


Under its own brand Finnlo, the company develops cross- and elliptical trainers that combine performance, high-quality material and design with the latest technology. The advantage? Every piece of equipment must meet certain quality standards in order to meet Hammer’s high demands. That means, no matter if a customer buys a piece of equipment around $500 or almost $2000, the product will always be of high quality work. The orientation is clearly visible: a stable construction should make the Hammer elliptical trainers usable over a longer period of time.

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Who is Hammer Sport? One of the leaders in fitness

The history of this company combines tradition with modernity. Add to this the attribute of quality combined with a high level of customer satisfaction and you have the mix for success.

Hammer is a registered trademark since 1908. Thus, the oldest fitness brand in Germany. The success, especially in Germany and Europe, is unparalleled. The company is not only represented in gyms, but is also very popular with private users.



The head office of the company is located in Neu-Ulm and offers customers a large product range. Strength stations, endurance equipment, boxing equipment, via Hammer, several devices find their way into the own four walls. In addition, the company is constantly developing further. Consequently, the premium brand Finnlo was founded in 2005. Finnlo mainly offers fitness equipment.

🥇 A Look Into Hammer Ellipticals 🥇

Now, lets take a look at some of the elliptical trainers that Hammer has in offer:



  • 🏅 Hammer CT3 Elliptical
  • 🏅 Finnlo Loxon XTR
  • 🏅 Hammer Crosslife BT
  • 🏅 Hammer Crosstech XTR
  • 🏅 Hammer Ellyptech CT6
  • 🏅 Hammer Ellyptech CT5
  • 🏅 Finnlo by Hammer Ellypsis E3000
  • 🏅 Finnlo E-Glide SR
  • 🏅 Finnlo Maximum Spirit E-Glide Elliptical
  • 🏅 Finnlo by Hammer Crossflow Elliptical

Note: Hammer has more elliptical trainers on the market that the ones mentioned in this list.

Hammer CT3 Elliptical Trainer

Hammer CT3 Elliptical

Being able to do sports at home has many advantages. You have time for your family, you can balance out your everyday life with sports, keep fit etc.. It is not always easy to find time for regular, healthy physical activity. Difficult or changing working hours do not always allow us to take a fixed activity such as sports lessons. And sometimes we just don’t have the courage to go out.


The cold and rain are often quite daunting, and even the bravest hesitate to go jogging in the rain. This is why the CT3 from Hammer offers an excellent alternative, accessible to all those who have set themselves the goal of regular physical activity, because only regular exercise, as we now know, brings real results and benefits in terms of health.


Features: ✔️ flywheel mass of 16 kg, ✔️ 8 levels of difficulty, ✔️ magnetic braking system, ✔️ pulse sensors on the handlebars, ✔️ comfortable (wide pedals), ✔️ max user weight of 265 lbs(120 Kg), ✔️ Footplate spacing of 21 cm, ✔️ stride length of 28 cm, ✔️ 8 resistance levels

11 Inches Stride Length

35 pounds Flywheel

265 Pounds Max User Weight

Finnlo Loxon XTR

No matter if you are an ambitious recreational athlete, occasional user or for the whole family? The Loxon XTR managed to serve several needs at the same time.

The elegant and sporty design makes it a fashionable accessory in your own four walls. But you can also use it for effective training sessions. In addition, the way to the gym, which is annoying for many, is no longer necessary.


Because the Finnlo Loxon XTR elliptical trainer allows a complete total body workout. It can be used to increase performance as well as to maintain health. The precise power control of the HA class plays its full strength. Due to the dynamic form of motion you improve your endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system.


Tip: Your upper body is also trained by binding your arms. This makes a complete total body workout possible. Not only do you achieve a higher calorie consumption, but you also lose fat and strengthen the muscles.


Features:  ✔️ Training, 20 programs, ✔️ Resistance levels 16, ✔️ 20 kg Flywheel,✔️ 150 kg max user weight, ✔️ 66 kg Weight, ✔️ Training computer time, ✔️ distance, ✔️ watt, ✔️ speed, ✔️ cadence, ✔️ calories & ✔️ pulse, ✔️  40 cm stride length

16 Inch Stride Length

44 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

Finnlo Loxon XTR
Hammer Crosslife BT

Hammer Crosslife BT

With this elliptical trainer, Hammer produced a piece of equipment which focuses on training variety and effectiveness. Its compatibility with fitness apps makes it particularly attractive.


But the Hammer Crosslife BT elliptical trainer has a lot to offer, not only in terms of technology but also in terms of quality: In addition to a grooved belt drive, the manufacturer also uses a high-quality or electronic magnetic brake system. Furthermore, as with all Hammer machines, quality ball bearings are used. These ensure a perfect interaction and a harmonious rotation.


Features: ✔️ Training, 22 Programs, ✔️ 16 Resistance levels,✔️ 18 kg flywheel,✔️ 32 cm stride length,✔️ max user weight of 130 kg,✔️ 42 kg weight 

12.5 Inch Stride Length

40 pounds Flywheel

287 Pounds Max User Weight

Hammer Crosstech XTR

Fitness beginners in the elliptical trainer segment do not always have it easy. A piece of equipment in the lower price segment does not have enough technical features to inspire users equally. One thing is clear: if you want a low-priced product, you have to cut back.


But this could change abruptly with the Hammer Crosstech XTR elliptical trainer. This machine not only offers buyers the accustomed Hammer quality but also a lot of technology. 

With this elliptical trainer you will definitely get in shape with regular training. The machine allows a complete total body workout (simply by including the arms) in your own four walls. You not only improve your endurance, but also burn excess fat and strengthen your muscles.


Features: ✔️ 12 Training programs,✔️ 16 Resistance levels,✔️ 16 kg flywheel,✔️ max user weight of 130 kg,✔️ 38 kg weight,✔️ Training computer measures: time, distance, cadence, speed, calories, pulse & fitness test 

11 inches Stride length

35 pounds Flywheel

287 Pounds Max User Weight

Hammer Crosstech XTR elliptical
hammer ellyptech ct6

Hammer Ellyptech CT6

Within Hammer’s Ellyptech model range, the CT6 has the most extensive range of equipment. In contrast to the CT3 and CT5, the computer takes over the load control, which is accordingly more extensive and has more than just basic functions. In addition, the manufacturer has given the elliptical trainer 16 load levels – twice as many as its siblings.


The elliptical can collect extra factors through its selection of training programs, including heart rate controlled programs. The fact that you can see all seven measured values on the display at the same time could also prove to be a practical advantage. On the other hand, the heart rate measurement looks a bit meager, because the trainer only uses the somewhat less accurate hand pulse measurement by sensors built into the handles. Telemetric chest straps, which generally offer somewhat more accuracy, cannot be used. This circumstance does not seem to have a significant influence on the satisfaction of the users, because the device is nevertheless usually given the full score by the buyers. Only the operation of the computer is not perceived as intuitive by everyone, but the user manual proves to be quite helpful here.


Features: ✔️ Dimensions of 119 x 73 x 161 cm,✔️ Weight of approx. 40 kg,✔️ max user weight of 120 kg,✔️ 8 fitness programs (mountain and valley profiles),✔️ Manual training program,✔️ 4 pulse controlled training programs,✔️ Comfortable pulse monitoring via hand pulse sensors,✔️ 30 cm stride length,✔️ 16 kg flywheel weight

12 inches Stride Length

26 pounds Flywheel

265 Pounds Max User Weight

Hammer Ellyptech CT5

The Ellyptech CT5 is a typical beginner elliptical trainer. It is not so expensive and in addition, it has the most important functions that are needed to build up endurance or burn fat.


Being fit and in shape not only makes you feel good about yourself, but you also do something good for your body. If you want to train, you can take the way to the local gym, or you can grab a home trainer. Hammer has a rather inexpensive model in its program, an elliptical trainer that goes by the name Ellyptech CT5.


The CT5 appears very compact at first sight. This is mainly due to the dimensions of 119 x 73 x 161 cm. This makes it ideal if you only have a small apartment and still want to train at home. In addition, it appears overall stable and robust. 


For tall people, from 1.95 m the Hammer Ellyptech CT5 is less suitable. It can happen that the knees come into contact with the handlebars during the movement.


However, it is ideal for small persons. Here, the grip bars and the pedals have been adjusted just right. It is really perfect for single households with a small apartment.


Features: ✔️ max user weight of 120 kg, ✔️ Stride length of 30 cm, ✔️ 12 kg flywheel, ✔️ weight of 42 kg, ✔️ Dimensions: 120 x 62 x 162 cm

12 inches Stride Length

26 pounds Flywheel

265 Pounds Max User Weight

Hammer CT5 Elliptical Trainer
Finnlo by Hammer Ellypsis E3000​

Finnlo by Hammer Ellypsis E3000

The Finnlo E3000 elliptical trainer impresses by its workmanship and sophisticated drive technology, which is described by the use of double belts, precision ball bearings and permanent magnet brake system.


It is ideal for beginners but especially for people who want to achieve a highly efficient training. Due to its smooth motion and the possibility to set limits, it is also intended for people with physical limitations, e.g. after a sports injury. Although it only offers 7 fitness programs, it is very professional and the number of programs simplifies the operation of the device. The fan for fresh air during the workout is an absolute rarity and motivates you to do an intensive workout even at 30°C temperature.

The App-compatibility of the Finnlo elliptical trainer and the integrated holder for tablets and smartphones speaks for an innovative and modern device with which you won’t miss anything.


Features: ✔️ 5 load profiles, ✔️ 2 pulse controlled training programs,✔️ Dimensions: 165 x 55 x 158cm,✔️ 16 kg flywheel,✔️ 15 Resistance levels, illuminated LCD display,✔️ 2 user profiles,✔️ max body weight 150 kg, ✔️ Weight incl. packaging approx. 78 kg,✔️ 50 cm stride length

20 inches Stride Length

35 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

Finnlo E-Glide SR

The Finnlo E-Glide elliptical trainer provides a pleasant training run, which is very similar to normal jogging. With a total of 20kg flywheel mass, a round and clean motion sequence is pre-programmed.


Many options can be adjusted by means of the user-friendly training computer. For example, the speed-dependent braking system can be controlled electronically via the computer. An integrated handbrake stops the flywheel mass and thus stops the machine.


The LCD display can also show different values, such as pulse or speed. In total, the machine has 8 pre-set training programs for an optimal variety of training. 


The Finnlo E-Glide SR elliptical trainer has established itself on the market in a very short time and turned out to be a real bestseller among home exercise machines. Responsible for this is undoubtedly the high-quality construction in combination with an effective training. The fact is: a cross or elliptical trainer is one of the machines that burn the most calories (between 600-700 per hour). Up to 90% of the entire body muscles are involved in a workout. In addition, it is easy on the joints, tendons and ligaments. You can find more information on this topic here: workout!


Features: ✔️ 7 Training programs,✔️ 20 Resistance levels,✔️ 18 kg flywheel,✔️ max user weight of 150 kg, Machine weight of 95 kg,✔️ 50 cm stride length,✔️ 1 user profile,✔️ hand pulse monitoring,✔️ Drive system: Double belt drive

20 inches Stride Length

40 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

Finnlo E-Glide SR
Finnlo Maximum Spirit E-Glide elliptical trainer

Finnlo Maximum Spirit E-Glide Elliptical

The Spirit Finnlo Maximum elliptical trainer allows any athlete to move as quickly as possible. It is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a cardio workout. The fitness bike can do it all because it combines the classic elliptical trainer with a professional workout. Equipped with the new dual transmission system, it offers a wheel rotation speed twice as high as the equipment of a classic cardio bike. Burn up to more than 25% of calories by reaching very high speeds at low resistance.


With a modern and sharp design, the SPIRIT elliptical trainer offers unparalleled comfort. The intensity of the workout can be quickly and continuously adjusted at the touch of a button. The training computer of the simple and easy to use indoor bike displays relevant data at all times such as time, RPM, distance and heart rate.


Features: ✔️ 18 kg flywheel, ✔️ 52 cm stride length,✔️ 1 user profile, weight of 110 kg,✔️ 2 holders for drinking bottles,✔️ Drive system: Double belt drive,✔️ 1 fixed and 2 movable handlebars for greater variability

20 inches Stride Length

40 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

Finnlo by Hammer Crossflow Elliptical

The Finnlo Crossflow is a truly premium device that puts user comfort and health first. Smooth movement combined with ergonomically designed footplates and levers, double rail, an advanced electromagnetic braking system and a 14 kg flywheel mass enable joint-friendly training at the highest level.


Train on wattage and with as many as 18 different programs for a lot of challenge. The stride length of 43 cm ensures a fine, joint-friendly movement. Normally, a similar movement is only possible with large crosstrainers with the flywheel at the front. Due to its design, however, the Crossflow only has an area of 147 x 64 cm, making it much easier to place in smaller houses or apartments.


Features: ✔️ 14 kg  flywheel, ✔️ Braking system: permanent magnet,✔️ 12 Fitness programs,✔️ 18 Training programs,✔️ 4 user profiles, ✔️ Heart rate measurement via: chest strap (optionally available),✔️ 4 Heart rate controlled programs, ✔️ Maximum user weight of 150 kg,✔️ 43 cm stride length

17 inches Stride Length

30 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

Finnlo by Hammer Crossflow Elliptical
Hammer History black and white photo

A long history that gives Hammer an unmistakable identity

The history of the family business began in 1900 in southern Germany. Originally the company started as a sawmill. In 1945 Hammer established itself in the ski sector. However, from 1989 the real revolution began: the development of fitness equipment, especially for home use. This strategic orientation was one of the decisive factors for the steady growth and today’s success.


Some of the company’s innovations have caused quite a stir since its foundation. In 1989, for example, the first fillable plastic dumbbells were presented. In the following years a patented on-board computer for rowing machines and fitness equipment with integrated radio. In the middle of the 90s, the product range was expanded with boxing and martial arts accessories. Over the years Hammer opened stores throughout Germany (even one in Zurich).

Hammer elliptical reviews

Ellipticals for everyone, not matter their experience

No matter what fitness level you are at, if you are looking for a product that is of sufficient quality, this company is the right place for you. Hammer elliptical trainers have to meet certain quality standards in order to be sold at all. This circumstance guarantees every target group that the best designed equipment is available for them. Differences in the individual categories can of course be seen in the price or the scope of services. An elliptical trainer for beginners has only basic functions, whereas a professional machine covers all possible needs. But the high Hammer quality can be found in all levels.

Finnlo by hammer ellipticals

Finnlo, Hammer's internal brand for sports equipment

Under this brand Hammer produces high-quality cardio equipment, but also power stations or small devices. When developing new fitness products, Finnlo focuses on quality and innovation.


Especially the Hammer elliptical trainers offer a sporty design and enormous quality as well as technical finesse. Finnlo was founded in 2005 and has been setting decisive standards ever since. No matter if numerous innovations on the products? patents or various utility models? The brand is considered an absolute enrichment of the fitness market.


The development of Finnlo fitness equipment takes place entirely at the company’s headquarters in Neu-Ulm. Here the individual products are planned, designed and also intensively tested. After this process a branch office coordinates the production and quality assurance of the products. The high quality of the available materials is the benchmark. No matter if it is the magnetic brake system, the sophisticated or further developed mechanics or the ball bearing technology? The bottom line is that these parts lead Finnlo to success. This is complemented by computer technology that guarantees particularly precise load control. All in all, ideal for getting in shape or keeping fit.

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