Vibrating VS Oscillating Platforms (Differences, Pros and Cons)

Vibrating VS Oscillating Platforms What is the best

Vibrating VS Oscillating Platforms | What is the right one for you?

Between vibrating platform and oscillating platform, we sometimes get lost in product descriptions. Some platforms vibrate, others vibrate and oscillate. Why talk about a vibrating platform even if it oscillates? This guide will help you get a good start in all these technical terms.

Vibration Plates – History at a glance

The first vibrating platforms appeared in the USSR in the 1960s. They were then intended for the muscular training of cosmonauts returning to Earth after a time in space: indeed, the variation of physical laws (especially gravitational) in space had an impact on the muscle mass.

It was not until 1998 that Guus Van Der Meer (Dutch sports coach) integrated vibrations into the work programs of his athletes in order to stimulate their muscles. He designed the first machines, which he then patented: this was the birth of the Power Plate brand, the first in the field, in 1999. If you want to learn more about vibration platforms take a look at our vibration plate reviews article.


What types of vibrating plates are there?

In principle, there are two types of vibrating plates in retail, which we describe in more detail here:

  1. Vibration plate without column: These plates consist only of a stand area similar to an aerobic step. Inside the stand surface there are one or more motors that make a plate vibrate. This type of vibration trainer – without a column – is compact and easy to store. The only drawback of these systems is that you cannot perform exercises on this disk that require sticking. As a rule, these are often cheaper models, so they are particularly suitable for beginners.
  2. Vibration plate with column: In addition to the regular stand space, the models with a column also offer you a way to hold on. The column gives you more exercise opportunities. The vibration devices with a column often have a more powerful motor, which allows the plates to be used for various purposes. The disadvantage is the space: These vibrating plates require more storage space than the devices without a column, which you should definitely consider when purchasing.

What types of vibration are available?

In addition to the different types of vibrating plates, the different models differ in the type of vibration. The vibration trainers are basically equipped with three types of vibration, which we have summarized for you:

  • Vertical vibration: Also known as linear or lineal vibration. As the name suggests, the vibration current of this type of plate runs from the bottom up. The type of vibration movement is intended to target the muscles that are located along the vertical axis, including the longitudinal axis of the body. The disadvantage compared to other types of vibration can be mentioned as the one-sidedness of the movement sequences during vibration training.
  • 3D vibration – triaxial vibration: A vertical and horizontal course of the vibrations distinguishes these vibration plates. The advantage of this plate lies in the possibility to address several muscle groups at the same time. The vibration plates with 3D vibration are much more effective, but they also demand more from the trainees. For this reason, they are especially suitable for advanced users.
  • Oscillating vibration: This type of vibration is also known as Oscillating, Side Alternating, Rotational, Tilting or Teeter-Totter vibration. The rocking movements according to this pattern feel above all very natural. The vibrating board adapts to your movements during training, which is why these plates are suitable for beginners. If you have never been on a vibrating plate before, a vibrating device with oscillating vibration is a good alternative for you.

On a study conducted by Nasa on the effects by different types of vibration machines on muscle activity with a frequency of 30 Hz and 4 mm of amplitude it was concluded that the muscles responses was higher on the oscillating platforms than linear vibration platforms.

The Advantages of Vibrating and Oscillating Platforms

  • Forget any endurance goal, platforms are not made for that.
  • It will help you to improve blood circulation in the legs, especially in the following areas
  • To reduce cramps
  • To improve lymphatic drainage
  • Decrease cellulite and orange peel skin
  • To strengthen bone density
  • Contribute to good muscle strengthening when used correctly with appropriate exercises
  • And to obtain a more pleasant silhouette
  • By using them, you may notice that you have a better posture.
  • They can be used both as a warm-up for physical exercise and at the end of it to improve recovery.
  • They can also be used by setting them to the minimum mode to relax and unwind.
  • They globally allow a muscular toning
  • One of my main interests is the fact that a 20-30 minute session is more than enough time to get results, a time saver
  • A small session of 10 to 15 minutes will already be very beneficial.
  • If you want optimal results, use the platform three times a week for 20 minutes.

Main Differences Between Vibration and Oscillating Plates

Effect Vibrating Oscillating
Frequency Usually between 15Hz and 50Hz Low frequency, usually 5Hz – 15Hz
Amplitude Low amplitude, usually 1 – 3 mm Low amplitude, usually 1 – 3 mm
Noise Noisy on high frequency Very low noise
Possible Positions Possibility for many poses and different positions Require the use of 2 feet / hands at all times. Not great for sitting and lying poses
Recommended for therapeutic functions: circulation improvement, tissue repair and regeneration, and pain relief muscle relax, muscle activation, and balance improvement

The Oscillating Platform

This type of machine has a platform that oscillates in relation to a central axis thanks to the action of a motor. The platform swings from left to right with an amplitude of 1 to 1.5 cm. To intensify the muscular work, the speed of oscillation can be adjusted through the console. As with the vibrating platform, the muscles contract to maintain balance. The work is much more intense than in a traditional physical activity.

The animation below show the movement patterns of an oscillating vibration platform.

pivotal oscillation animation

The oscillating platform allows you to reshape your body, refine your silhouette and lose weight if you diet with it. It is great for Slimming and shed the celullite away.

Check below a the oscillating platforms available to buy:

βœ”οΈ Advantages / Pros of oscillating platforms:

The oscillation is undoubtedly more comfortable to use than vibration.

Therefore, it allows to reach a public looking for a maximum of comfort. Moreover, it is technically easier to manufacture an oscillating plate than a good vibrating platform, which explains why one can find “made in china” oscillating platforms at very affordable prices.


Clearly focused on the lower limbs (calf, legs, thighs, buttocks) the objectives of the Oscillating Platforms are essentially aesthetic (cellulite, fat, toning) and well-being (massage, blood circulation, drainage).

Who can benefit from oscillating platforms?

The Oscillating Platforms are ideal for mena and women under 45 years old who are concerned about their figure.

The indicative age, is simply explained by the fact that contrary to vibration, oscillation is not recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis, especially at the hip level.

❌ Disadvantages / Cons of oscillating platforms:

The fact that oscillation does not allow the upper body, arms and pectorals to be worked on, limits the possibilities.

This type of product is not suitable for sportsmen and women who want to develop their muscular capacities and efficiency. They will turn towards vibration.

Finally, contrary to vibration, oscillation creates a movement in the user’s pelvis, which may be inadvisable for people suffering from osteoporosis or who are susceptible to it.

The Vibrating platform

This type of machine has a platform that vibrates between 30 to 50 vibrations per second. The vibrations cause involuntary muscle contractions that make the muscles work much more intensely than traditional sports training.

The animation below show the movement patterns of a normal vibration platform (linear vibration).

Linear vibration animation

In order to work all parts of the body, you must change your position on the vibrating platform. To obtain a good result, you should train 2 to 3 times a week with sessions lasting less than 30 minutes for about 15 movements.

The vibrating platform makes it possible to sculpt the silhouette “effortlessly” and to lose weight, provided you take dietary measures in parallel.

Check below the vibrating platforms available to buy:

βœ”οΈ Advantages / Pros of the Vibrating Platform:

Vibrating platforms have quickly established themselves as an excellent tool for fitness and sports preparation.

The biological and physical benefits are proven and recognized by numerous scientific studies. Whether you are not very athletic or a professional sportsman, the vibrating platform will allow you to reach your goals.

All tests and results are formal provided that:

You use a vibrating platform of good quality (no low-end plate, at a price defying all competition but producing no more effect than your washing machine).

You adopt the right positions (This is essential for an efficient work), it is judicious before launching you alone, to offer yourself an initiation session with a coach to adopt the perfect gestures.

With this device, you will necessarily obtain considerable results in a few weeks!


  • Sport (strength, resistance, endurance, etc.),
  • Aesthetics (cellulite, fat, toning),
  • Wellness (massage, blood circulation, drainage)
  • Rehabilitation (osteoporosis prevention, proprioception). Whether for the upper or lower body, each part of the body corresponds to a precise position!

Who can benefit from vibrating platforms?

Vibrating platforms are aimed at a very wide public, without any particular restrictions in terms of age (from 10 to 70 years old).

❌ Disadvantages / Cons of Vibrating Platforms:

The vibration being less comfortable than the oscillation, prepare yourself for a more “sportive” initiation session.

The linear vibration machines are more likely to cause disconfort because of the high vibration intensity. The vibrations transmitted to the upper body and head may cause dizziness and nausea.

Finally, the manufacture of a “good vibrating platform” requires a technological mastery that is not within the reach of all manufacturers, which explains why the average price of such products is still quite high.

What are the decisive criteria in the choice of a vibrating or oscillating platform?

The following criteria should be taken into account when choosing a vibrating platform:

  • The frequency, which is crucial in determining the type of activity performed on the platform. The versatility of the platform depends on its frequency range.
  • The amplitude, which determines the intensity of the vibrations. Most platforms have a low amplitude and a high amplitude.
  • The nature of the vibrations, which is very important in the choice of a vibrating platform. Platforms that have a vibratory movement that takes place along the 3 spatial axes are considered very efficient.
  • The size of the platform, which is essential in the choice of a platform. You should preferably choose a wide platform in order to be able to position yourself comfortably on it. Opt for a platform that has a platform width of at least 65 cm.
  • Acceleration, which refers to the different variations in the speed of the platform. It is determined by amplitude and frequency. The higher the amplitude or frequency of a platform, the greater its level of acceleration. Acceleration is evaluated in units of gravity. High-end platforms offer a minimum acceleration of 2G.
  • Motor power, which is expressed in watts. Care should be taken to ensure that the motor is powerful enough to support the weight of the user and the movements of the platform.
  • The weight of the user: make sure that the platform purchased is in relation to your weight.
  • The structure of the platform, which may be made of metal, composite material, plastic, etc. There are platforms made of metal and composite material. Note that platforms with a metal structure are very resistant.
  • Checking the accessories (straps, remote control, mats, etc.) ;
  • The specifications of the console: it is necessary to ensure that the console correctly provides session information such as session duration, vibration frequency, calorie loss, etc.

With regard to oscillating platforms, the selection criterias are as follows:

  • The motorization, which is crucial in the operation of the platform. Indeed, it is from the motor that the oscillation movements draw their sources. To this end, a motor in poor condition will jeopardize the performance and life span of the platform.
  • Checking the amplitude of the platform’s movement. The intensity of the device depends on it.
  • Β Taking into account the ergonomics of the device at the time of purchase. For example, vibrating platforms that are equipped with handlebars are not suitable for exercising certain movements. For more freedom when exercising, there are oscillating platforms with side arms.
  • Β Cost, which in some situations impacts the quality of the device.

FAQs About Vibration and Oscillation Plates

What are oscillating platforms?

In oscillating vibratory plate machines, the plates normally rest on a pivot point, very similar to a scale. This means that if you stand on an oscillating plate with your feet apart, one side rises while the other falls. The movements caused by a swinging platform will make your body shake.

What are vibrating platforms?

Because the technology required to provide the vertical vibration used by vertical method vibrating platforms is more complicated, the machines have a higher production cost, which also affects the retail value.Β  These exercise machines work by creating a balanced and controlled up and down motion, as with the Vibro shaper vibrating platform.

What is the difference between a vibrating platform and an oscillating platform?

There are two types of weight training and fitness platforms on the market. It is the vibrating and oscillating machine. Both deploy the same technique by providing vibrations on the body of the practitioner. What differentiates them is the platform. The vibrating platform emits a vibration of uniform movement, while the oscillating platform offers a more amplified vibration, performing a sinusoidal movement. As a result, the oscillating platform is more effective for both beginners and professionals. It provides more vibration to relieve, work and increase muscle volume. The vibration transmitted by linear vibration machines to the upper body and head may cause dizziness and nausea.

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