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Your Elliptical Maintenance Guide

Want to learn how to service your elliptical trainer? You're in the right place.
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Learning how to service an ellitpical trainer:

🛠️ How do you maintain your elliptical trainer?

Elliptical Trainers are becoming more and more common in today’s households because of the many advantages they offer. They can be used for rehabilitation, slimming and fitness. In this context, one machine is enough for an entire family. Indeed, the mother of the family can use it to obtain a wasp waist. Also, this type of equipment is ideal for a father and young people who care about their health. In order to enjoy it for as long as possible, however, it must be maintained. This involves several tasks that need to be performed more or less frequently. However, the device must be initially well assembled to avoid premature deterioration. If you want to learn more about servicing your elliptical trainer, then continue reading our elliptical trainer maintenance tips full guide.

You will never feel lost again asking "how do I maintain my elliptical"?

How often should I service my elliptical trainer?

Once a year is usually enough. If squeaking or rubbing noises occur while pedaling, lubricate the screws, seals, and bearings immediately, but do not wait for the annual maintenance. Or if you notice that your elliptical is not stable, adjust it using the knobs on the bottom of your elliptical.

Various errors to avoid during installation​


It is important to know that these products are generally delivered in kit form like most indoor fitness equipment. For this purpose, many people hire the services of a few specialists to assemble their elliptical trainers. However, it is also possible to do it yourself. To do so, simply follow the recommendations of the user aid provided in the box. In any case, we won’t go into detail about the installation steps. Rather, we’re going to tell you what not to do so as not to harm your elliptical trainer. First of all, it is very important to install the elliptical on a hard surface for maximum stability. If the unit is subjected to too much vibration, components may come loose and cause malfunctions.


Apart from that, it is essential to put a covering on your floor to protect it from the traces that the bike will leave. A simple piece of carpeting should suffice, unless the floors in your apartments are already covered with it. However, avoid putting it on your precious carpets. The weight of the machine and vibrations during use can completely tear it apart. Finally, you will need to place your elliptical trainer away from water. This type of machine works with electricity, and we all know that water and electricity do not mix. It is therefore crucial to place it away from a sink or other such equipment.

Elliptical Trainer Adjustment Tips

Optimizing the longevity of your device also means ensuring that all settings are made correctly and this will also help you when you need to do your elliptical troubleshooting. Indeed, noise is both annoying for the athlete who is training and for the proper functioning of your bike. The correct settings will prevent this important weak point in any fitness equipment. Make sure that you have disconnected your machine from the power supply before carrying out any adjustment work.


Before using your machine for the first time, you should take the time to adjust it properly. Additional adjustments will be necessary during training sessions, especially in the event of high pressure during training or temperature changes that may cause mechanical parts to expand. If the floor is unstable, you must also make some adjustments.


After each use, it is also recommended checking that each screw is in place. Use a special wrench or screwdriver to check that all pedals and screws are tight. Also make sure that there is no significant lateral play in the pedals and handles, as this would mean that they are loose.

To prevent squeaking or other noises that could impair the operation of your machine, you must prevent vibrations. To do so, remember to install your elliptical trainer in a stable environment and monitor its level regularly.

🎬 For More Elliptical Maintenance Tips 🎬
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Taking care of your elliptical trainer

To preserve your device, it is also advisable to follow some recommendations:

✔️ Cover your device when you are not using it

This rule is important to prevent dust particles from entering the unit. These particles can clog the moving parts of the elliptical trainer and impair its proper functioning. In order to avoid this problem, you should cover your model with a special type of cover dedicated for this purpose. There are many different types of covers on the market. Therefore, we advise you to do some research on the online regarding this.

✔️ Clean your elliptical after each use

Clearly, frequent cleaning is important to take care of your fitness equipment. No matter which elliptical trainer you choose, this is done using a sponge soaked in a specific solution (a mixture of water, baking soda and white vinegar). This is to disinfect and also to get rid of dust. Using a brush or a feather duster can also make the task easier.

✔️ Cleaning your machine properly

During your workouts, in view of the physical effort and the calories consumed, it is quite normal for a few drops of sweat to fall on the elliptical trainer. However, plastics will be attacked by the ammonia present in the sweat. Apart from this factor, the accumulation of dust can lead to heat build-up or noise which can interfere with the operation of your machine. Simple and regular cleaning will effectively prolong the life of your equipment. Once a day or after each use, clean every visible part of the machine with a damp cloth. Insist on the crank sets and handles to avoid rust or damage to your machine.

Servicing your elliptical trainer once a year

🧒🏻 The maintenance of an elliptical trainer, like the maintenance of any other type of fitness machine, be it a home trainer, rowing machine or treadmill, should be done once a year. Annual maintenance will increase the life of your elliptical trainer and prevent the occurrence of rubbing or squeaking noises from the wheels, center rail, pedals, or internal bearings.


Here are the steps to follow when performing annual maintenance on your elliptical trainer:


✔️ Check the seals and bearings and lubricate if necessary (use a regular lubricant or a lubricant specially designed for fitness machines)

  • ✔️ Clean, check, and lubricate the running rail if necessary
  • ✔️ Check the belt
    ✔️ Check the brake unit
    ✔️ Check that the screws are still tight (and retighten them if necessary)
    ✔️ Carry out a functional check and check the brakes

The Right Tools for The Job:

Using a Feather Duster
feather duster for elliptical
No matter what the accessory, equipment, furniture or appliance, it will not be able to escape the dust. Dust on sports equipment eventually makes it obsolete over time. So you need a feather duster to dust your equipment from top to bottom.
Using a simple cotton rag
cotton rag to clean elliptical
Cotton retains dust and other dirt. To properly clean your elliptical trainer on a daily basis, you can wipe it with a cotton cloth. Clean all visible parts of your elliptical trainer so that it does not get dirty quickly.

The use of infallible equipment

cloth water and detergent
Like any device, foolproof cleaning requires certain accessories such as a cloth, water and detergent. In this case, however, you can use a cloth, a bucket of water, white vinegar and baking soda. Different programs are available here for the elliptical trainer. With this mixture, you can not only get rid of dust, but also of the dirt that your elliptical trainer has stored. You can also use a feather duster or a brush to reach inaccessible areas. Don't forget to lubricate after your elliptical trainer has dried.

🔌 Check the unit's power cable once a month

Elliptical trainers are powered by electricity. This type of device must generally be connected to your electrical network without the use of an extension cord or power strip. This reduces the risk of accidents and preserves the performance of your elliptical. However, the wiring should be checked monthly. It is possible that it may become disconnected. Similarly, it is very common for the power cord to become bare in low-end models. To avoid this last problem, it would be best to purchase a good quality unit like those in our comparison.

how to lubricate an elliptical trainer

Lubricate a few parts if necessary

Usually, The elliptical trainer does not require any lubrication. This is because the main components, such as the bearing, that use grease to operate are enclosed and are not in danger of being lost. However, some external parts, such as the drive shafts, may squeak and will require the use of a suitable lubricant. This is the general “my elliptical started squeaking” major complaint you will find online. In this case, the cover must be removed in the opposite direction to the original assembly and then a few drops of lubricant must be poured onto the pinions and shafts. Remove the cover and apply the drops of lubricating grease if the noise comes from the flywheel. In this way, your machine will only be greased from time to time during the year.

💦 Use Only Recommended Lubricating Oils 💦

If you have decided to assemble your elliptical trainer yourself, you have probably already “greased” it. This task is included in the list of things to do during installation. However, each model requires a specific type of lubricant. You can find this out by reading the user manual. It is essential to use this lubricant in order to use the model you have efficiently. 

lubricating oil for elliptical

IMPRESA 100% Silicone Treadmill Lubricant/Treadmill Lube


WD-40 Company 300012 Specialist Silicone Spray Smart Straw

ellitpical lubricants

Spot On Treadmill Belt Lubricant – 100% Silicone – Made in The USA

Check the tightness of the workpieces for optimal settings

The same applies to all machines: the more time passes, the more likely they are to go wrong. The elliptical trainer is no exception to this rule, so it is recommended that you check the settings of your machine at least once a year. A change in temperature may cause the components of your elliptical to expand. The user manuals generally recommend that you tighten the screws and check the plastic parts for tightness every 3 to 6 months. If you do this correctly, you will extend the service life of your elliptical trainer.

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Adjustment problems​

This type of problem is quite common in one or two year old models. The unit can no longer be adjusted as accurately as before. In most cases, it is a tightening problem. After a long period of use, small components become loose and cause some malfunctions. The problem can be solved by tightening all moving parts. To do this, open the unit after unplugging it from the power supply. Subsequently, screw on and tighten individual components with the appropriate tools.


💻 The onboard computer

The on-board computer of fitness equipment uses batteries for power. It is therefore a good idea to replace them from time to time. This computer provides information about your physical activity. Some ellipticals come with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection that connects to your smartphone application. It informs you about your heart rate through the heart rate monitor, as well as the fluidity of your blood circulation.

Using your elliptical trainer regularly is the best guarantee to make it last

Therefore, despite the need for periodic checks and regular cleaning, the elliptical trainer is a low-maintenance piece of sports equipment. Finally, one of the best things you can do to keep it in good condition is to use it regularly. Indeed, a machine that is not used has a high chance of having its bearings go out of adjustment and its components deteriorate. In these circumstances, you might as well combine business with pleasure, and spend your energy without relying on the saddle of your bike.
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