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The Kettler Brand: Elliptical Trainers

The German company Kettler is a manufacturer of sporting goods and sports equipment and is internationally known and popular. The different models are not only used for regular private training: Kettler equipment is also used for numerous competitions, even at higher levels. The manufacturer also offers a wide range of garden furniture for every style of living as well as toys and school equipment for every need. Besides weight training equipment, the label also produces equipment for table tennis, workout, balance and many other sports. The brand was founded in 1949 and is based in Ense-Parsit in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.



The cross trainers of Kettler are used both in the gym and in their own home. The reason for this is the joint-gentle whole body training, which becomes a breeze due to these devices. The Kettler brand has been synonymous with “Quality Made in Germany” since the middle of the 20th century and offers a wide range of elliptical cross trainers for different needs.

High-quality sports equipment for every need

The topic of weight training is on everyone’s lips. This sport offers a wide range of training options like no other. The heart, lungs, muscles and tendons are trained and educated in weight training and the physical condition is improved decisively. The Kettler label with its elliptical trainers is one of the leading suppliers in the field of equipment for weight training. Models such as Rivo P, AXOS Elliptical P or AXOS Cross P are among the best models currently available on the market. A Kettler comparison with other manufacturers gives the brand top scores each time and always leaves the equipment in the front of the rating scale. The modern Kettler elliptical trainers are equipped with everything a modern machine should have to offer today.

kettler elliptical trainer

The Kettler elliptical trainer

In order to get the best features, enjoy comfort and keep motivated, it is important to choose your elliptical trainer carefully. 


The best elliptical trainer is the one that is right for YOU. But it’s not easy to make a choice, as there are many brands competing with each other. One of the most popular and recognized is the Kettler brand. If you’ve ever wanted a Kettler elliptical trainer, you’re making a good choice because you’ll get a quality elliptical. 


Nevertheless, Kettler models can be considered very expensive. It’s a good brand but it’s not the one I would recommend the most if you are looking for affordable ellipticals.


To stay healthy, it is important to exercise regularly. A little jogging once or twice a week, or at least walking, is essential to maintain a consistently high physical and mental state. Regular sports activity also helps to avoid health problems as you get older. Jogging, walking, cycling or elliptical trainers are all good for sports; choose according to your preferences knowing that some of them will lead you to the same results in less time.

Kettler Brand Overview

Since its inception, the Kettler brand has had a major impact on the sports and leisure market. It is recognized for its always revolutionary and superior quality products. It was Kettler that launched the aluminum bicycle market, a true innovation in the field in 1977. A few years later, Kettler introduced the Golf indoor exercise bike, which quickly became the most popular fitness product in Europe.


Karin Kettler, the daughter of the brand’s founder, took over her father’s company, and the brand went through an explosive boom. From a small family business, Kettler grew into a veritable empire with more than 1,000 employees working to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of Europeans. With products that are increasingly stylish, feature-rich and easy to use, Kettler is constantly at the forefront of the sports and leisure products market.


As proof of this, the company was awarded the title of “Most Innovative Brand” at the famous European Technology Contest in 2009 and 2010. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, Kettler stands for quality and innovation, especially in the field of sports equipment, namely elliptical trainers.

kettler elliptical cross trainer

What types of ellipticals does Kettler offer?

If you are aware that you want to buy a Kettler elliptical cross trainer for home, you can compare the different models here. The 6 best-selling elliptical cross trainers types of Kettler are shown below for you and described in more detail:

  • ✔️Skylon
  • ✔️Elyx
  • ✔️Ctr
  • ✔️Axos
  • ✔️Rivo
  • ✔️Unix

Kettler sells a wide variety of elliptical cross trainers. Each series or type has different designs, which are marked by numbers or letters. The higher the number, the higher the quality of the product. The letters often represent a special function.

kettler skylon 10

Kettler Skylon Ellipticals

The Skylon elliptical cross trainers of the brand Kettler are elliptical cross trainers. These trainers usually have a high flywheel weight, which is located at the front end of the machines. 


The ergonomically shaped elliptical cross trainers enable joint-gentle training for everyone, large or small.


The Skylon range of Kettler elliptical cross trainers also has a folding mechanism, which makes it possible to store the device in a targeted and compact manner outside the training time.


The training computer has settings for resistance levels, different training programs and analyzes your training data such as heart rate in real time.

Kettler CTR elliptical cross trainer

The CTR elliptical cross trainer from Kettler is an optimal device for training at home. The high balance mass enables even the most powerful athletes to experience a harmonious movement. At the same time, this makes the device harder to move.


As with the other Kettler devices, the training computer in the CTR series is an important component of the equipment. The easy-to-understand computer offers an extensive selection of training programs and analyzes all important data of your training.

kettler ctr
Kettler CTR Elliptical
kettler axos elliptical
Kettler Axos elliptical

Kettler Axos Ellipticals

The Axos elliptical cross trainer from Kettler is available in different versions.  If you’re an amateur, the Axos elliptical trainer range is for you! These ellipticals are particularly easy to use. In fact, Axos is aimed at users looking for gentle fitness equipment with less adjustment. What’s more, these ellipticals  allow you to work all your muscle groups in a gentle and simple way.


Just like the other devices, there is an extensive training computer that shows everything the athlete’s heart desires: revolutions per minute, calories, heart rate, speed, distance and more.



The flywheel weight of the Axos devices is 10 to 18 kg and should be selected according to your own body weight and training plans.

Kettler Rivo Ellipticals

The Rivo Cross trainers models from Kettler proves a quality “Made in Germany” despite lower prices and enables all important functions of an elliptical cross trainer. Data about your daily form can be read directly via the training computer and settings for your training can be made individually. The Rivo models that are available on the market today are: Rivo M, Rivo 2, Rivo P, 

Rivo 4.

kettler Rivo Ellipticals
kettler Rivo Elliptical
kettler unix 4
kettler Unix 4 Elliptical

Kettler Unix Ellipticals

The Unix range presents several models of fitness equipment (Unix 4, Unix 10 Ext, Unix 2). It offers machines particularly adapted to any user who wishes to push his limits even further. The machines are perfect for improving your endurance on a daily basis in order to reach your goals.


The flywheel of the elliptical cross trainer is located at the rear end of the device. The device has a magnetic resistance system. Due to a relatively low flywheel weight and a small size, the device is more suitable for smaller athletes.

The different models at a glance

Kettler Rivo P
Kettler AXOS Elliptical P
Kettler AXOS P crosstrainer
Kettler Unix M
Kettler Unix E
Kettler Skylon 4
Kettler Skylon 5

Note: Kettler has more elliptical models than the ones showed above

Kettler Rivo P

The Rivo P is a modern device that first of all convinces with its elegant design. The model is ideal for beginners and advanced users. With the computer on the device, the user has an easy-to-use component at his disposal, which has various settings such as training values, clock, date and other parameters. Even the heart rate can be controlled easily and efficiently.


It is equipped with sensors as well as a chest strap which can be ordered optionally. The resistance can be adjusted in eight steps. Further, advantages of the Rivo P are the relatively small pedal spacing, a perfect interaction of handlebar ergonomics and flywheel mass as well as the pleasant running feeling during the workout. The foot rests can be adjusted individually.

15 Inch Stride Length

30.5 pounds Flywheel

285 Pounds Max User Weight

kettler rivo p black elliptical
Kettler AXOS Elliptical P

Kettler AXOS Elliptical P

The AXOS Cross P model is also suitable for beginners and advanced users. The flywheel weight of this model is 30 pounds (14 kilograms) and the user weight is 287 lbs (130 kilograms). The maximum number of users is four, which makes the Kettler elliptical trainer ideal for family training. To define the individual user data, simply enter the respective name and the values can be saved accordingly. It is also possible to adjust the treads and thus set the correct position. 



The machine also has 16 resistance levels and 12 programs, which always provide variety during training. The AXOS Cross P has hand pulse sensors which make it possible to measure the heart rate comfortably. You can also determine the frequency by means of the enclosed ear clip and the chest strap. An acoustic and optical signal sounds when the set values are exceeded. The device works extremely quietly.



Stable and sturdy, equipped with adjustable steps, the Axos Cross P model adapts perfectly to all body shapes. Ideal for the whole family! Its inertia wheel is identical to the previous model, but the ball bearings it is equipped with give it unparalleled discretion.


20 Inch Stride Length

40 pounds Flywheel

285 Pounds Max User Weight

Kettler Unix M

The heavier UNIX M model weighs almost 154 pounds (70 kg). Nevertheless, it remains compact so that it can be easily integrated into any interior thanks to its castors. It is equipped with an 18 kg flywheel which allows a more comfortable and fluid pedaling.


Its 8 levels of resistance will easily adapt to your fitness program. Like the other models, it has adjustable steps, an on-board computer and integrated pulse sensors connected to a cardiac receiver supplied as standard.

On the other hand, the flexibility offered by its dual handlebars really allows you to target the muscle groups you want to work according to your program.

16 Inch Stride Length

40 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

kettler unix m crosstrainer
Kettler Unix E​

Kettler Unix E

This Kettler elliptical cross trainer (Unix E) not only draws attention to itself with an attractive price, but also convinces with compactness and an extensive training program. The training computer reflects in real time data: heart rate, time, distance and calorie consumption and offers 8 different training programs. The maximum load capacity of the device is 150 kg and has a flywheel weight of 22 kg.


The Unix E elliptical cross trainer from Kettler offers training fun at a small price. If you are looking for an elliptical cross trainer with extensive functions that is compatible with different sizes of people, this elliptical cross trainer is just the thing.

16 Inch Stride Length

48.5 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

kettler skylon 4

Kettler Skylon 4

Perfect for intensive use, the Skylon 4 offers very comfortable pedalling thanks to its 20 kg flywheel with 15 resistance levels controlled by the on-board computer.


The color coded on-board computer offers 10 training programs, including one specially designed for cardio training. Other programs can be downloaded using the KETTMAPS application. Its double handlebars offer you comfort and variety of use according to your program.


The Skylon 4 comes standard with integrated heart sensors and an atrium. However, the optional chest belt will give you a more accurate measurement of your heart rate. In addition, it has level compensators to smooth out any irregularities in your floor.

20 Inch Stride Length

44 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

Kettler Skylon 5

The Kettler elliptical cross trainer Skylon 5 allows a joint gentle and harmonious training by the fact that the flywheel weight of 48.5 lbs (22 kg) is located at the front part of the device. With the dimensions 55.1 x 25.6 x 66.9 inches, the device brings a total of 220 pounds (100 kg) to the wagon and belongs to the heavier products of the Kettler elliptical cross trainer series.


A comfortable folding system allows saving space for the elliptical cross trainer when not in operation.

If you have a relatively large weight and are looking for an elliptical cross trainer to make your workout easier, then this product is just right for you. A large selection of training programs makes getting started particularly easy.

20 Inch Stride Length

48.5 pounds Flywheel

330 Pounds Max User Weight

kettler skylon 5 cross trainer

✔️ Positive and negative points about Kettler Elliptical Trainers ❌

Kettler elliptical trainers have many advantages. In addition to being among the best on the market, they are highly malleable and have multiple features that make people who use them lose calories quickly. 


This is where they are beneficial compared to walking. If, for example, a woman under 30 years of age, who weighs 154 pounds (70 kg), walks for one hour, she can lose 380 calories. However, with a medium-intensity Kettler elliptical trainer, she will make less effort and lose significantly more calories (about 450 calories in the same time). In addition, a variety of programs are available to allow you to follow a strict and controlled training regimen that suits your health condition.


However, it is important to recognize that using the Kettler elliptical trainer requires less muscle, such as the muscles around the ankles that are needed to maintain a good standing posture. Although the designers have strictly studied the movements that are replicated when walking, Kettler ellipticals do not provide the same training as walking, which requires a lot of effort and also greatly strengthens the body and muscles.

For which type of user?
Who can Benefit from Kettler Ellipticals?

Amanda Lee
Preparing for a Marathon
Mike Stuart
Father of four
Samanta Kols
Newly wed, First trimester of pregnancy
Tommy Lee
Fitness Addict
Mila Yong
Older Man looking to get fitter
Wants to be a healthy grandmother

In fact, Kettler elliptical trainers are suitable for all users, from seasoned athletes to beginners looking to stay in shape. However, given their purchase price, if you never ride an elliptical trainer, I recommend that you first try out a cheap model to see if you like the sport.


Kettler ellipticals are very suitable for those who have health problems that prevent them from taking to the road for walking. This is the case, for example, for people with fragile joints or who have a heartbeat that needs to be controlled. But as much as possible, you should alternate: a bit of cycling and a bit of walking.

All Kettler Ellipticals


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