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Sportstech Ellipticals Reviews

The Sportstech brand is a German brand specialized in the field of fitness. The brand is quite recent as it was created in 2015, it belongs to the German group Innovamaxx GmbH which exists since 2012 and is present in other sectors such as electric transportation or wellness. Sportstech is therefore a brand supported by a group that has had exceptional growth for several years, which bodes well for the future. It markets many products to help us stay in shape and to work out! The brand has stores in Germany where potential customers can try the latest products or simply ask for advice. Amongst other things, it offers elliptical trainers, rowing machines, home bikes, trampolines, steppers and vibrating platforms. Sportstech develops products with a very good quality/price ratio so that everyone can practice their sport at home as if they were indoors.

Sportstech Elliptical Reviews

Founded in 2015 – Already established in the Bestsellers. 

Sportstech belongs to the trend brands in the fitness sector:


As you probably already know the Sportstech elliptical trainers have quietly and secretly established themselves in the bestseller charts of cardio equipment. That’s why they are among the most popular products among home exercise machines.


But what is it that makes these machines so attractive?


In short, the complete package. No matter if design or equipment? Devices of this company score points in every area. In addition to the training aspect, entertainment has not been neglected. Consequently, Sportstech fitness equipment also offers a variety of entertainment functions for music or videos. This means that all in all the customer gets the best quality standards. So that users not only get a durable product that meets their requirements for home use. But also to be able to hold on to your motivation or your goals (becoming healthier and fitter) for a longer period of time.

🥇 A Look Into Sportstech Ellipticals 🥇

Now, lets take a look at some of the elliptical trainers that Sportstech has in offer:


  • 🏅 Sportstech LCX800
  • 🏅 Sportstech CX 625
  • 🏅 Sportstech CX2
  • 🏅 Sportstech CX640
  • 🏅 Sportstech CX608
  • 🏅 Sportstech DFX 50

Note: Sportstech has more elliptical trainers on the market that the ones mentioned in this list.

sportstech lcx 800 elliptical

Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Trainer​

This is Sportstech’s top of the line elliptical trainer with a “luxury” version of the elliptical trainer, with quality materials, a high inertia wheel, a silent, efficient and design system that has many technologies to make your workouts enjoyable.


Features: ✔️ Flywheel Weight of 52 lbs (24 kg), ✔️ adjustable stride according to the training , ✔️ max user weight: 265 lbs (120 kg), ✔️ weight of the elliptical trainer : 162 lbs (73.5 kg), ✔️ 12 pre-defined programs, ✔️ MP3 function, silent, ✔️ 32 resistance levels, ✔️ 6 virtual scene modes, ✔️ ✔️ Watts mode, ✔️ multifunction console with display of speed, distance, calories burned, time, heart rate, rhythm or program, ✔️ transport wheels, ✔️ bluetooth and FitShow app available

Adjustable Stride

52 pounds Flywheel

265 Pounds Max User Weight

Sportstech CX 625 Elliptical Trainer

It’s a good value elliptical trainer that offers some little extras such as Bluetooth or the bottle holder and tablet stand for example. It is silent, efficient and comfortable, not to be missed. 


Features:  ✔️silent, ✔️ 16 levels of resistance, ✔️ console with wireless connection for smart devices, ✔️ display of speed, distance, calories burned, time, pulse, level and selected program, ✔️ bottle holder,  ✔️ transport wheels. ✔️ Max user weight: 243 lbs (110 Kg), ✔️ integrated tablet holder, ✔️ street view mode possible, ✔️ multifunction console, ✔️ electromagnetic braking, 22 programs + 5 HRC programs (HEART RATE CONTROL, for pulse measurement), ✔️ pulse measuring strap, flywheel 52 lbs (24 kg).

14 Inch Stride Length

52 pounds Flywheel

243 Pounds Max User Weight

sportstech-cx625 cross trainer
sportstech cx 2 elliptical trainer

Sportstech CX2 Elliptical Trainer

A good quality elliptical trainer, very efficient and which has the merit of being self-generating (so it works alone, without electricity from a socket!). It is therefore economical and ecological, a good point!


Features: ✔️ autogeneration system (no power required), ✔️ console compatible with fitness applications, ✔️ Bluetooth, ✔️ integrated shelf holder, ✔️ practical transport wheels, ✔️ bottle holder, ✔️ 60 lbs (27 kg) flywheel, ✔️ silent, ✔️ 24 levels of resistance, ✔️ max. user weight 265 lbs (120 kg)

14 Inch Stride Length

60 pounds Flywheel

243 Pounds Max User Weight

Sportstech CX640 Elliptical Trainer

The CX-640 elliptical trainer is part of Sportstech’s premium product line. Very sophisticated, it seems a little more difficult to mount than the other bikes. However, it has the advantages of being more resistant, sturdy and very compact. It supports a user load of 265 lbs (120 kg). In addition to the bluetooth technology and the digital monitoring console, it integrates Google map and Google street View software, allowing you to simulate your ride on any track in the world.


Features: ✔️ 52 pounds (24 kg) flywheel weight, ✔️ 26 preset training programs, ✔️ Magnetic brake on 16 levels controlled by computer, ✔️ 5 HRC programs, ✔️ Anti-slip pedals, ✔️ Intelligent console with Google Maps functionality.


52 pounds Flywheel

265 Pounds Max User Weight

Sportstech CX640 elliptical trainer
sportstech cx608 elliptical

Sportstech CX608 Elliptical Trainer

Very ergonomic, the Sportstech CX608 elliptical trainer is a very modern model. It is equipped with Bluetooth and Pulse Belt technologies. It allows, through the integrated digital console, to know in real time the evolution of its performance. It offers 8 levels of manual resistance and has a magnetic braking system. The training is made easier by this bike thanks to the cross trainer system of the component, integrating a 12 kg flywheel associated with a silent belt. This model also has a very interesting quality/price ratio.


Features: ✔️ 26 lbs (12 kg) flywheel, ✔️ lightweight, ✔️ 12 preset training programs, ✔️ 8 manually adjustable resistance levels, ✔️ Cup holder and transport wheels, ✔️ Large non-slip pedals


26 pounds Flywheel

265 Pounds Max User Weight

Sportstech DFX 50 Mini Exercise Trainer

The products of Sportstech have always stood for highest quality and durability. Because we are convinced that you as our customer deserve only the best!


Benefit now from the proven Sportstech quality and convince yourself of the smart design as well as the innovative functions of the especially space-saving DFX50 Minibike exercise bike. Fitness while sitting – it has never been so easy and effective! No matter if you are watching TV at home or working in the office – just put the exercise bike down, pedal and enjoy a completely carefree training experience!


Features: ✔️ 2-in-1 Fitness Device, ✔️User-friendly App, ✔️ Maximum Flexibility, ✔️ 3-point pipe for particularly natural movements, ✔️ Integrated LCD display, ✔️ Training for arms and legs.

Sportstech DFX50 mini Exercise trainer


Most frequent questions about Sportstech Elliptical Trainers

The primary advantage of Sportstech equipment is that there is something for everyone. They are accessible, comfortable and resistant. They are at the cutting edge of technology. Sportstech has integrated new technologies into the majority of its bikes, such as Bluetooth wireless connection, compatibility with smartphones, MP3 player and Google Map, which allows you to simulate your race on a track of your choice. The performances achieved on each exercise can be saved and you can program the desired series of exercises in advance. Most Sportstech bikes are compact, silent and some have an auto-generator system. One of the few drawbacks of some models are the limited number of resistance levels and their fairly high price for amateur athletes.

One of Sporstech’s objectives is to offer products on the market that are accessible to everyone.

In this sense, unless a person is specifically contraindicated by his doctor or is in a fragile state of health due to illness, the elliptical trainers designed by Sportstech are for all people who want to stay in shape, tone their muscles, lose weight gently, achieve a good gain, follow a diet, or a muscle program as a prelude to a sporting competition.

Thanks to the elliptical trainer offered by Sportstech, you will do exercises that will impact all muscles from the shoulders to the calves at the same time.

Sportsmen and women, both amateur and professional, are unanimous about the Sportstech brand elliptical trainers: these products are of excellent quality. First of all, the brand offers a wide range of elliptical trainers, all of them efficient, easy to use and available in both high and mid-range, and always at correct prices.

Some devices incorporate very practical LCD consoles, giving the possibility to visualize the essential information to follow its progress. Also, the shape of the equipment minimizing the space it occupies is a point that Sportstech has emphasized. Similar and generally bulky products found on the market are easy to store at Sportstech. It must also be said that the material used to make the bikes was chosen wisely because it is very solid.

This sufficiently increases the guarantee of use of the bikes and allows most of them to accept athletes weighing up to 120 kilos. In addition, the very dynamic and available customer relations department is one of their major assets. There are always reliable answers to questions about elliptical trainers, and special emphasis is placed on advice.

The elliptical trainer is a fitness machine that exercises the most muscles. Use up to 80% of your body’s muscles during exercise! On the one hand, it can help you develop your muscles and improve your body, on the other hand, it can increase your basal metabolic rate, so even while sleeping, you can burn more fat all day long! In addition, during aerobic training, you will consume a lot of calories: 500 to 700 kcal per hour, which is equivalent to one meal! More than cycling, jogging or Zumba!

Sportstech focuses on the needs of its customers

(The goal of this manufacturer? Happy customers)


The goals of this company are clearly defined: To raise the training in the own four walls to the highest possible standard. The philosophy of Sportstech? To get people to do sports. To become healthier, more vital and fitter.


The trump card compared to the competition is the excellent price/performance ratio and the customer management that goes with it. Not only are high-quality components with a long service life used, but words are translated into action. Sportstech voluntarily gives its customers a longer warranty. Five years, instead of the usual two years (which are required by law). This means that the company believes in your products, and in the end, only the customer benefits.

Professional sports equipment for home use! This motto of Sportstech perfectly summarizes the current situation of recreational athletes in one sentence. In short:


More and more people want to move their training into their own four walls. Accordingly, they save themselves the tiresome trip to the fitness center, especially during the cold seasons. This is exactly where Sportstech elliptical trainers come in.


The product range offers interested parties a wide variety of products: Besides cardio machines, there are also machines for muscle building or even for boxing. Due to our subject matter, however, we exclusively deal with the Sportstech elliptical trainers. After all, a cross trainer or elliptical trainer is not only very effective but also extremely easy on the joints.

Apart from that, you can lay the foundation for a healthy or fit body with a home fitness machine. Sportstech fitness equipment offers optimal training possibilities for beginners as well as advanced users. Even professionals will find a suitable training product for this target group. All of these points are accompanied by a well-balanced price/performance ratio: Starting with a slim design, a high-grade construction and long-lasting quality, Sportstech elliptical trainers cover a wide range of important factors which are decisive for the purchase. This company is certainly an enrichment for fitness friends.

Where is the best place to buy an elliptical trainer? If you’re looking to buy the best elliptical trainer, you first have to decide where to buy it – on the Internet or in a fitness retailer shop.

If you choose to buy your elliptical trainer over the Internet, our elliptical trainer buying guide article will help you in the process. You can use this method if you are too busy to go to a specialized store.

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