Bowflex BXE326 Elliptical

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Unless you are following some intricate training program, when you are working out, you probably want to have fun and enjoy it while doing your body and mind some good at the same time. You don’t want to feel as if you need to learn a new language just to understand how to work the thing. That’s one of the key considerations you should make when choosing a suitable exercise machine for home or office use.

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Bowflex BXE326 Analysis

It is also one of the things that make Bowflex machines, like the BXE326 Elliptical we are going to review here, stand out from the crowd. Bowflex already have a great reputation when it always comes to designing equipment with the end user firmly in mind and this is another sterling example of that focus. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider investing in this model.


Bowflex has been a leading name in the fitness industry, particularly designing and manufacturing exercise machines for use at home. The Bowflex BXE326 elliptical machine is quite a simple design, compared to some. However, the simple design still benefits from a host of great features.

Features including the likes of the 25 levels of resistance, the Switch Select Cushioning System, the Burn Rate Console and free connectivity and entertainment options made possible by pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.
Let’s learn a little more by looking at these features in greater detail.

25 Levels of Resistance and 11 Pre-Programmed Workouts

If you are looking to get the very best out of using just one machine from the comfort of your own home, you need to make sure it offers enough adjustable options. With the BSE326 elliptical, you get a reasonable selection. To help intensify your workouts as much as you need or want, you can increase or decrease the resistance settings.

This means you may have to pedal extra harder on those days when you want to push yourself to the limit. In conjunction with the resistance settings, there are also 11 pre-programmed workouts to follow. These are great on those days when you get home, or you wake up and you don’t want to think about settings or anything like that. You just want to follow a set program and feel good at the end of it knowing you’ve worked yourself hard.

Comfortable Switch Select Cushioning System

The next feature we want to highlight is one that you will be familiar with if you have ever used a Bowflex or at least read up on one before – the Switch Select Cushioning System. As one size isn’t always suitable for all users, the tilt and cushion system is designed maximize the level of comfort and performance you get out of this machine. It offers three different tilt settings to improve muscle activations to help you achieve even more fantastic results while offering greater low impact cushioning for your joints and muscles as you use it.

Burn Rate and Target Zone Console

Another couple of features that Bowflex machines are famous for are the Burn Rate and Target Zone sections of the display monitor. These are designed to help you really focus your efforts while using their machinery. Of all the metrics you can follow while working out, one of the most useful, especially the way it is displayed and tracked by Bowflex equipment, is calories burned.
This gives you clear indications as to how hard you are working and helps you to monitor your reachable goals and extend them when necessary.

Bluetooth Connectivity Compatibility

One feature that you will find on many modern Bowflex and modern machines by other manufacturers is Bluetooth connectivity. This is an essential feature if you have a favorite fitness app or want to benefit from the free Bowflex app available that is connected to this machine.
Bluetooth can help you to connect to these apps using the machine so that your metrics are monitored, tracked and recorded. It also opens the opportunity for you to benefit from lots of free entertainment and extra workout options.

Manual If want to learn more about this elliptical, please refer to the Official Bowflex BXE326 User’s Manual
7.6Expert Score
Get the BXE 326 Today. Improve your body with an elliptical trainer
Expecting to wake up someday with the body you desire is not a real dream you should be aiming for. Get the perfect body, or being fit is not for the not dedicated type of people. You will need to sweat, that's where you will need a fitness equipment. Introducing the BXE 326 from Bowflex. This one packs many great features. Your body will thank you later.
Price / Quality
Customer Support
  • Switch Select Cushioning System for great comfort and muscle engagement
  • 25 levels of resistance for increased intensity when you need it
  • Burn Rate display to help you track tangible progress
  • Not particularly budget-friendly

Frequently asked questions about the Bowflex BXE326

The cushioning system allows users to adjust the angle of the pedals to have additional muscle activation.


Another awesome machine from the creative minds and fitness industry powerhouses at Bowflex, the BXE326 won’t suit everyone. However, if you are looking for a machine that you can track your calories burned, want a smooth performance every time and would like to easily adjust resistance, incline and preprogrammed workout options, this is for you.

Specification: Bowflex BXE326 Elliptical

Price Range

$1500 – $2000, $2000 – $3000


Stride Length


Flywheel Weight

35 lbs

Max User Weight

400 lbs

Computer / Display

LCD Display


77 x 31 x 70 inches (195.6 x 78.7 x 177.8 cm)


10 Years Frame, 3 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor

Special Features

Switch Select™ Cushioning System, Adjust pedal angle for comfort or for additional muscle activation, Bluetooth® 4.0 Compatible

Drive Type

Front Drive


263 lbs

Shipping Weight

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