BH Fitness Elliptical Reviews

BH Fitness Ellipticals Reviews

Founded in the north of Spain the Beistegui Hermanos Global Group, BH Fitness started life in 1909 as a manufacturer of steel products. As such they have more than 100 years’ worth of experience within the fitness industry and is the biggest supplier of bike trainers in continental Europe.

The company has a global reach and is in more than 65 countries across the world.

The company’s fitness division was first established in the 60s and since then has built 3 manufacturing centers in Mexico, Portugal and Spain with other subsidiaries positioned in 9 different countries, the United States being one of them.

Like many of the other companies operating in the modern fitness industry, BH Fitness produces commercial and residential trainers, with both rear and front drive designs.

They also have developed the upper front-drive arc machines. In 2011, they introduced the i.Concept elliptical trainers’ collection, which provided users with enhanced tech features via Bluetooth.

This makes it possible for users to use their preferred device, whether it’s their smartphone or tablet as part of an extension for the console.

Allowing them to access additional workout programs, games and moves to keep them entertained while they workout. They can also use it to track, record and share their progress.

Let’s take a closer look at their rear-drive and front-drive machines separately.

Rear Drive Elliptical Trainers

BH Fitness have the SK Series, a commercial-grade collection of elliptical trainers that are powered by rear-drive technology. The models in this series are the SK8200 and SK8200TV. Notably, these are self-powered models that offer the highest weight capacities of any on the market at 400-pounds. With the SK8200TV model you get a fully touchscreen 10-inch display that has fingertip controls, whereas the SK8200 has 20 adjustable resistance settings and an extensive range of 40 workout programs.

It’s true that these are much bulkier than the models we are going to discuss further down this page, they are built with wheels that make transporting them easy enough.

Front Drive Elliptical Trainers

The LK collection of machines from BH Fitness include the companies lightweight commercial-level elliptical trainers who are powered by front-drive tech. This series includes the KK500i, LK500X, LK700X and LK500E models. Like the rear drive models, all the machines in this range are powered by the user, aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use. This makes them perfect for any setting. You will also find that they are available at affordable prices, with the most expensive topping at not much more than $4,500. These models are designed with safety and comfort at the forefront, and feature dual handlebars, oversize, Q-factor pedals (they are narrower than the average offered on other models).

Highlights and Lowlights of BH Fitness Ellipticals

  • Most models feature digital resistance between 20 and 26
  • Models are available with front-drive and rear-drive designs, with newer models benefitting from the innovative front-drive arc construction
  • Self-generated
  • Most are not very bulky, and include wheels for easy transport
  • Lifetime warranty for the frames
  • i.Concept Console that allows devices of the user’s choice that are compatible to be used in conjunction with the machine’s console for access to games, movies, workouts and so much moreErgonomically designed frames and components are durable and safe

  • The cheaper models have lower weight capacities, often less than 350-pounds
  • Lacks many of the entertainment features you get with models by other companies (save for the i.Concept models)
  • Basics like built-in speakers and cooling fans are often missing
  • Features that are often adjustable on other models, are non-adjustable on BH Fitness machines


Overall, BH Fitness has built an enviable reputation for creating well-designed, high quality and high-performance exercise machines and therefore, their elliptical trainers are standouts in a crowded marketplace. It’s true that some of the premium machines are more expensive, with price tags of $6,500 and more. However, don’t let this put you off, as the price is representative of the quality and value you get investing in one of their machines.

Although many models lack the advanced features and consoles that are standard in other company’s offerings, the brand-new i.Concept Series provides Bluetooth connectivity that gives it a real edge and helps users to connect with their devices to access their favorite programs and apps.

Most of all, we would highly recommend BH Fitness elliptical trainers for their ergonomic designs and durability.

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