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Cybex Ellipticals

Cybex Ellipticals consists of fitness equipment by Cybex International. The Cybex Ergometer Company founded Cybex International. It is located in Illinois and Minnesota in the United States. Cybex products are available in 87 countries worldwide.

Cybex products usually consist of equipment such as stationary bicycles, steppers, treadmills, arc trainers, etc. These products are mainly used for cardiovascular purposes.

Cybex ellipticals are designed for cardio exercises. It helps in losing weight and creating low impact motion. Arc trainers help develop walking movements. It allows users to walk fast and take longer steps. It is beneficial for hiking and trekking purposes.

All their products are designed and constructed to meet strict commercial standards and are backed by the option of either residential, commercial or light commercial warranties.

The company culture developed by Cybex sets the brand apart in two major ways, their commitment to the environment and their commitment to delivering quality. These policies are fully evident in the measures the company take to have the environment at the forefront of everything, from improving the biodiversity of the land around their factories to their
extensive reuse of water.

In terms of quality control, they attentively check every single piece of equipment before it leaves the factory for delivery.

The machinery we want to focus on here from Cybex is their Arc Trainers, which are very similar to elliptical trainers.

Using them involves an arc-shaped (hence the name), low-impact motion which more effective calorie burning and even sculpting of the user’s leg muscles than most of the top elliptical trainers. All models feature variable strides which enables them to be used as climbers, striders or cross-country gliders.

The last collection of exercise machines from Cybex to discuss are the Total Body Arc Trainers. These feature movable armbars that work in conjunction with the bottom half to provide a full body workout.

Although like elliptical trainers, these offer a more intensive training session as they can be set to more powerful resistance levels that are almost twice as effective as the resistance provided by many elliptical trainers. There are a total of 4 machines in the collection – the Total Access Trainer (that we previously discussed) as well as the 770AT, 625AT and the 525AT models.

The most streamlined model in the series is the 525AT but sacrifices resistance power for a more convenient shape and design. The preset workouts and monitors are more advanced as you move up in the series. The 3 main models can all be upgraded with high definition 15.6-inch monitors that allow you to enjoy entertainment and video workouts as you use the machines.

Cybex Arc Trainer

Cyber arc trainers are beneficial for people who are predominantly into fitness and health. There are several Cybex trainers. Some of the best Cybex arc trainers are Arc Trainer 750AT, 750A Arc Trainer, and Arc Trainer 600A.

Cybex Arc Trainer 750AT

The 750AT focuses on cardio exercises on their daily plan. It is a hybrid of both cross-trainer and elliptical. It is a low impact motion machine and is excellent for calorie burning. The tool only needs the strength of muscles and does not require the need of other body parts.

It is a high-value gadget in the current market. The price tag of this product is costly. However, the quality of the product meets the astronomical demands it’s of pricing.

Cybex 750A Arc Trainer

The 750A is mostly suitable for athletes. It is a convenient machine that can be used while being confined to the user’s environment anywhere and anytime. It is for commercial purposes and can be used in gymnasiums and homes.

This gadget has eight workout routines installed. It specializes in muscle development and health maintenance. The machine consists of three orders, i.e. Glide, Stride, and Climb. The frequency of the workout can be increased or lowered according to the user’s liking.

Cyber Arc Trainer 600A

The 600A is one of the best ellipticals out there in the market. It secured the Best Elliptical Trainer for two consecutive years in 2004 and 2005. It is one of the fastest arc trainers in the game.
The machine helps strengthen joints in our body through front and back exercises. It has a lot of advanced features, and accelerated activity is one of them. Users can control the speed rate according to their preference and training.

Brand Highlights and Lowlights of 750AT


Value: It is a highly valued commercial and training product in the market. It is excessively demanded by the audience.
Versatility: It is a versatile machine. It addresses the needs of all its users, whether it be beginners or professional athletes.
Power: It runs on its own and does not require the use of a power source. It is useable anywhere.
Speed: It is an excellent machine for burning calories at a fast rate. The workout situated with this machine is all about natural exercises.
Quality: The standard and durability of this product are above subpar.


Size: It is hard to move around because of its large and bulky nature.
Audio Unavailable: It does not have the audio set featured in it.
Price: The price tag might be a drawback for the customers.
Structure: Assembling and setting up the product is complicated.

Brand Highlights and Lowlights of 750A


Natural Movements: The machine stresses its motion on the user’s knees and hips. Excess pressure isn’t put on the knees.
Healthy Motion: The low impact motion of this gadget lessens the pressure on the body. Users are easily able to attain their fitness goals with complete ease.
Product’s Uniqueness: Morbidly obese and people with joint problems are able to use the machine through the unique feature available in the machine.
Light Workout: It helps burn excess calories quickly without exhaustion.


Lack of Cooldown: The machine lacks the cooldown feature. It is a problem for users, especially beginners.
High Price: The price range may be expensive for users.

Brand Highlights and Lowlights of 600A


Joint-friendly: It does not put pressure on the user’s knees. It is suitable for the joints.
Adjustable Stride: The 600A has an adjustable stride height. It is changeable, unlike other elliptical gadgets with fixed stride height.
Natural Movements: Its exercises allow you to move in natural directions and avoid stress and aches on your body.
Simplicity: The display shows the distance, strides, watts, heart rate, calories burned, and other necessary activities. It is easy and convenient to use.
Speed: The machine is well-built and very fast to use. It is called the BMW elliptical machine because of its speed.
Power: It does not require a power source to function. The product operates on its own.


Tray: The Tray of the product should be spacious to fit mp3 players, magazines, and other basic necessities.
Cooldown Unavailability: A high-end product like 600A should possess a cool down feature. It is not available, which is a disappointment for the users.
Safety: The product should be more child-friendly to avoid accidents. It has fast-moving parts that can injure children.


Cybex Ellipticals are fitness gadgets designed for muscle development and health maintenance. It emphasizes cardiovascular exercises to benefit the user. It is an intense workout but low impact at the same time.

It is a valuable product used in a sports club and fitness centers. Cyber Ellipticals are known for its ability to burn fats at a fast rate through healthy exercises. It does not induce stress or pressure on the user with its speed.

The device does not discriminate its users. Both beginners and professional users or athletes can access this device without any complication. It is useable in all aspects.
Cyber Ellipticals helps them climb mountains easily. It is a great tool available at our disposal to combat climbing activities. It also helps users in their walking, which is excellent for hiking.

The application of Cyber Ellipticals is such that it is built with a non-parallel incline. This particular design help users to work out both their upper and lower body.

Cyber Arc Trainer 750AT costs around $8000. Cyber Arc Trainer 750A expenses around $7795, and Cyber Arc Trainer 600A expenses around $6000. Cybex Ellipticals are high-end products and not affordable by everyone. However, It meets the expectations of the buyers with its exceptional quality. Refurbished and remanufactured versions are also available at affordable prices.

Cybex Ellipticals has excellent machines for the users in the market. There are different product models available in the market. Cybex Arc Trainer 750AT, 750A, and 600A are some of the few to name.

Cybex are ingenious and effective alternative to more traditional exercise machines and trainers. Their equipment provides the fully patented arc-shaped movement that is even lower impact and more effective for calorie burning and leg shaping compared to elliptical motion.

There are three types of workouts in one package, regardless of the machine you choose, including climbing, striding and gliding. This means you can focus your attention on a specific part of your lower body, while also working out your upper body too. The company is popular and favored by those interested in owning the best of the best.

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