Elliptigo Ellipticals Reviews

ElliptiGO Elliptical Reviews

ElliptiGO is a relatively new brand, having just been launched in 2009 by Bryan and Brent, two friends from San Diego. Before they first released any elliptical trainers, they were heavily involved in a lot of prototyping and test riding to fully realize the designs of their outdoor elliptical training bikes.

Their inspiration for this unique take on elliptical trainers came about as they were trying to find a low-impact option that was a suitable alternative to cycling and running. It was important that it still provided a suitable challenge and could be used outside.
There are a lot of similarities between traditional bikes and ElliptiGO trainers. They have gears, brakes and a similar set-up.

The thing that makes them different, however, is the upright design and adjustable stride. This means users pedals on these machines in a similar way to elliptical trainers.

As they are designed using high-quality aluminum, they are extremely lightweigh5. Their frames are built with indoor storage in mind and include adjustable strides and removable handlebars to make this easier.

Since February 2010, the brand has been extremely successful worldwide. Let’s look at some of the key features of their products to find out why.

Outdoor Elliptical Bike Trainer Series

The Outdoor elliptical bike trainer series from ElliptiGO includes the 11R, 8C and 3C models and has a price range of between $1,700 and $3,499. These trainers feature a unique design that means they are an effective and high-quality cross between an elliptical trainer and a conventional bike. With them, you can run without suffering any of the negative effects of running.

They are extremely easy to use with the use of a brake system and handlebars like those found on bikes and are obviously designed to be used outdoors. All models also benefit from an adjustable stride option of between 16 and 25-inches as well as adjustable handlebars and steering column.

The trainer is controlled by using levers on opposite sides of the handlebars and linear-pull brakes. Different settings like the resistance levels and speeds vary from model to model.

  • Customization – Most models feature adjustable heights and adjustable strides between 16 and 25-inches
  • Brake System – The linear-pull rim brakes on these models offer better control and smoother stops that are like conventional bikes
  • Durable and lightweight frames – made from aluminum for better speed.
  • Ergonomically Designed – Most models feature multi-position, soft-grip handlebars, and adjustable steering columns
  • Foldable or storage-friendly designs – Models either come with a removable steering column or folding structure to make it easier to store them

  • Speed and climbing incline – although they sit at more expensive prices, many only offer 15-miles of hour speed capabilities and inclines of 20%, which may not be challenging enough for some users
  • Rollers – the open track rollers collect dirt and debris more easily than other options
  • Warranty – although there are many elliptical trainers that come with lifetime warranties for the frame, most ElliptiGO trainers are only backed by a five-year warranty for the parts, 2 years for the major parts and 1 for all other components


ElliptiGO has carved out its own space in the market for unique exercise machines that enable users to get out and about and away from stuffy home gyms and commercial facilities.

They offer all the great benefits for the cardiovascular system that come from cycling and running without the unnecessary impact that these activities place on your sensitive joints. Additionally, if necessary, these special bikes can be transformed into stationary elliptical bike trainers, if required.

To summarize, if you are interested in going for a run, but don’t want to cause yourself injuries or strains, the ElliptiGO line of trainers is perfect. Surprisingly, the workouts they provide are both diverse and effective and enable you to constantly change the intensity of your workout just by adjusting the terrain you travel over or the built-in gears.

As you would imagine, this machine lacks in the fact it does not have a display console, therefore you cannot monitor, track or record your workout data as easily or directly. However, there is nothing to stop you using your smartphone directly to benefit from its MP3 player and your favorite fitness apps while you work out.

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