FreeMotion Elliptical Reviews

FreeMotion Elliptical Reviews

Established in 1999, FreeMotion Fitness is now owned by ICON Health & Fitness and part of their extended family. The company was started based on the principle that training that concentrates on one dimension only does not translate well in the real world and as such, and because of that aimed to deliver customizable and diverse elliptical trainers.

It’s fair to say that FreeMotion have been real pioneers in the elliptical trainer sector of the market. The brand was the first to produce a complete circuit of fully integrated strength training machines. They understood that for many people workouts are not just about losing weight but improving body strength and confidence. FreeMotion were also pioneers because they were behind the immensely popular and successful Workout TV, the first-of-its-kind cable TV channel connected to all elliptical trainer consoles.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company also produced EPIC Strength with designs that provided ergonomic exercise equipment that increased and improved individual’s strength without sacrificing on the safety of the users.

If you want a truly first-rate elliptical trainer that is ahead of the pack, look at some of these key releases from FreeMotion.

FreeMotion 510 Rear Drive Elliptical Trainer

This is the premium grade, elliptical trainer, from FreeMotion with a space-saving design that involves folding up the base and the pedals to place it out of the way easily. A compact machine, this is still highly functional and offers a versatile workout as it has a choice of 30 workout apps to choose from and the innovative Power Intensity Ramp. Ever tried an incline of 30-degrees? No? With the FreeMotion 510 Rear Drive Elliptical, you can.

FreeMotion 570 Elliptical Trainer

The 570 elliptical trainers from FreeMotion is one of the most interactive options from the company’s family of machines. It has enough to offer you entertainment and motivation while you work out in the form of news sites, radio stations, web programs, blogs and so much more. With the addition of iFit compatibility, you can be pushed further than you ever have before by world-class personal trainers like Jillian Michaels among many others.

The 570 benefits from 36 workout apps to choose from, meaning no exercise routine on this trainer ever must be the same. It also offers an adjustable stride length to help you tone both your upper and lower body and like the above has an incline ramp offering climbs between -10 to 20-degrees.

FreeMotion e11.6 Elliptical Trainer

Another advanced model from the extensive family of trainers offered by FreeMotion is the e11.6 elliptical trainer. This can help to give your workouts an overhaul. It offers a variety of stride adjustments, 20 resistance levels and a full-color 10-inch touchscreen display. This enables you to connect with iFit and use Google Maps to travel around the world virtually, while browsing the web.

  • Interactive functions – with the iFit subscription you get the benefit of an immersive personal training experience virtually, that can utilize Google Maps to take you around the world to various stunning locations
  • Ergonomically designed – Rotating pedals and moving handlebars helps to provide you with a workout that exercises and protects your muscles and joints
  • Robust and durable frames designed to last

  • Assembly is more difficult with FreeMotion machines than a lot of others. It may not be a deal-breaker, but worth noting
  • Expensive – as the models are made with residential and commercial users in mind, they are not the cheapest on the market
  • Poor warranties considering the price point of most of their elliptical trainers


FreeMotion had already established and maintained a strong reputation in the fitness equipment industry before it joined the ICON Health & Fitness family. Since then, it and its elliptical trainers and other exercise equipment have really propelled into the limelight and rightly so.

The brand’s at-home use machines are perfect regardless of what you are looking to achieve. So, if you are looking to improve your strength training, want to concentrate on losing weight or just want to build and tone specific muscle groups, FreeMotion elliptical trainers are worth considering. However, it’s important to note they do require quite an investment upfront.

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