Life Fitness Elliptical Reviews

Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Life Fitness is a name that many will be familiar with, as they have been in the exercise industry for more than 40 years. Since their first product, the LifeCycle, they have been at the forefront of innovation, designing and manufacturing high quality machines.

In fact, the LifeCycle was the first electric-powered stationary bike. A model that other companies have used as a template and inspiration for their own models ever since. The founders of Life Fitness, Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto bought the design and then marketed it.

Despite changing hands throughout its long and illustrious time in the industry, the brand has continued to design, manufacture and sell fitness equipment for commercial and residential settings.

They have a range of strength-building equipment and cardio equipment like exercise bikes, stairclimbers, elliptical crosstrainers and treadmills.

At our site, we have reviewed many of the best Life Fitness elliptical machines and below we have highlighted many of the key product lines.

X Series Elliptical Crosstrainers

The X Series elliptical models are rear drive machines that have features like the choice of Go Elliptical Console or the Track+ Console.

Many also feature the WhisperStride. This is a ball bearing system that aligns itself and make sure that the equipment makes very little noise.

One of the biggest differences between the consoles is that you get the additional feature of LF Connect with the Track+ models.

LF Connect is compatible with both Android and Apple products and further to this the console offers more preset and customized workout options. While the Go console is simpler in its design.

E Series Elliptical Crosstrainers

The E Series of elliptical crosstrainers is a selection of machines designed to be as easy and convenient to use as possible.

They also offer an impressive level of comfort. The line is divided into three different models, the E1 for beginners, the E2 for those of you who are at an intermediate level and then the E5 models which are for advanced users.

This series also offers, depending on the model you choose, the Go and Track+ consoles. In addition, regardless of the models you choose, you get LCD displays with a striking blue backlight. Along with this you get the benefit of the Coach Zone program which gives you the ability to select the specific areas of the body you want to work out.

Club Series Elliptical Crosstrainers

The Club Series of elliptical crosstrainers is a more advanced range of machines from the company. They offer high quality and although you don’t get the entertainment features you get from the Platinum Club series, you do get Apple compatibility and a durable build quality with the convenience Life Fitness equipment is known for.

Many people love the commercial range of the Club machines made by the company, which is why they designed an exclusive range that offers similar functionality and features for home use and at a fraction of the cost. You also get great features like 20 levels of resistance.

Another key feature is the ErgoGrip handlebars that are stationary and provide firm and reliable support while you work out.

Platinum Club Series Elliptical Crosstrainers

The last range of Life Fitness Elliptical crosstrainers we want to highlight is the Platinum Club Series. These give you the choice of two consoles, depending on the model you buy, Discover SI or Discover SE tablet consoles.

There is a big different between both these models in terms of budget, with the Discover SE is pricier, but for the investment you get the 16-inch LCD touchscreen with LifeScape Interactive and integrated TV.

Both features are perfect for anyone who gets bored easily with simple workouts.

Although the Discover SI does not feature those kinds of features, it still comes with a 10-inch LCD touchscreen, making it a standout against other equipment from competitors.

  • High-quality commercial-grade steel-built frame
  • ErgoGrip handlebars with incline controls
  • Various high-end and practical display consoles
  • Lifetime warranty on all models

  • Some of the consoles do feature basics like cup holders or built-in fans that others do
  • Some models are expensive but lack even basic features
  • Customization options are lacking from some


Life Fitness as a brand are known for producing some of the most advanced models on the market with amazing features. The main downside for some people will be the price. However, they offer a wide range of choice across their lines, so it’s easy to find the best one for your needs and fitness goals.

Life Fitness Ellipticals

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