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Paradigm Health and Wellness is a leading supplier to the health, fitness, and wellness industry and it is headquartered in Southern Carolina in the United States of America. The commitment brings to the market innovative and new products which are able to address the market’s new wants and needs.

Several world-renown brands have entrusted them to develop unique products in their names in the fitness and health industry. They have great customer service to be able to serve customers well. The holistic wellness of the customer is what they strive to meet on a day to day basis.

The company sells innovative, high-quality wellness, health and fitness products under the brands which meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. They are dedicated to a healthier customer.  Some of the products they offer include the Fitness reality kids, fitness reality, exepeutic, ironman, ironkids fitness, resolve fitness, progear fitness, mycloudfitness, myfitquest app.

The best paradigm Ellipticals are the Exerpeutic 5000 magnetic elliptic with double transmission going an at start price under $400 and Exerpeutic gold 2000xlst blue tooth smart technology elliptical trainer that has 21 workout programs also under $400. There are other ellipticals that are provided by a paradigm that includes the magnetic elliptical with a pulse at under $300, the Aero air elliptical at under $200 and 1302 pedal under 30 bucks.

Elliptical Highlights

Different workout programs: The Gold 2000xlst has 21 preset workout programs, 3 workout goal settings, 16 level magnetic tension control, backlit LCD computer. It will be able to provide you with all the challenges which you need to push your limit.

Bluetooth: It has a Bluetooth smart technology that will be able to provide you with a free MyFitQuest4 app to ensure that you track down your workout results.

Flywheel: Its flywheel is large to offer you with an extra smooth momentum for a performance that is just perfect.  It can accommodate up to 275 lbs of user weight

Weight Capacity: For the Exepeutic 5000 magnetic, it has a capacity of being able to handle up to 270lbs weight capacity.

Tablet/smartphone Holder: Tablet/smartphone holder will ensure that you can watch a movie, check your emails, read a book, on your mobile device as you exercise at the comfort of your home.

Other Features: Double transmission drive, system, programmable computer, magnetic tension via a computer control, and heart rate zone being targeted by a hand pulse sensor are high-end features that you will be able to get with this particular paradigm elliptical at an affordable price.

Brand highlights

  • The natural Elliptical motion will be able to eliminate any movement which is bouncy
  • The flywheel is largely providing extra smooth momentum
  • Can accommodate up to 275 lbs of weight capacity with the construction that is heavy-duty
  • Computer preset workout programs
  • Various levels of the magnetic tension control system which makes it easier or even more challenging when working out.
  • Goal settings for time, distance, and calories which have been burned
  • LCD that has highly visualized backlight computer displays distance speed, time, odometer, calories burned, pulse, watts, RPM
  • Multi-user profiles
  • Bluettooth smart technology which is compatible with IOS
  • The IOS has a free MyFitQuest4 app to help in ensuring that your workouts are tracked
  • A smooth and consistent pedaling motion offered by a 3 piece torque cranking system
  • Upper body workout provided by the Dual Action Workout Arm to ensure that the whole body is toned down
  • Heart rate monitored by Heart Pulse Sensor
  • Quiet and smooth operation offered by the flywheel and V-belt drive without having to interfere with your listening to music or watching television.
  • Built-in smartphone/tablet holder
  • Warranty of at least one year

Brand Lowlights

  • As compared to other brands, it is on the low end
  • Not long-lasting if you put it to daily use.
  • The warranty is not long enough and it doesn’t cover all the parts.

Bottom Line

If you are out looking for the best ellipticals from paradigm for wellness and health, then Exerpeutic Gold 2000xlst with Bluetooth smart technology elliptical trainer that has 21 workout programs that costs under $400 and Exerpeutic 5000 magnetic ellipticals with double transmission drive that goes for under $400 might be the best options for you. They are loaded with several features that will ensure that you have a great workout at the comfort of your home. But you will need to be ready to spend that amount. Compared to other brands in the market, the paradigm ellipticals might not be the most durable of them all.

The good thing about the paradigm brands is that there is always something for everyone. When you are on a tight budget, you can still get an Elliptical to workout at home. There is the exerpeutic magnetic elliptical with a pulse under $300 and exerpeutic gold XL9 aero elliptical and exercise bike dual trainer under $200. Though they don’t come with the features that are found on the high-end models, it will still get the workout job done on a reasonable budget. But you should be ready to replace them as soon as possible as they are not as durable as the high-end ones. But with proper maintenance, you will be able to have a solid and durable elliptical for a long time

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