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Schwinn is a brand which is very well known and has a very long history. It was founded in the 1890s during the Bicycles’ Golden Age and with time, it became the leader as far as outdoor biking is concerned. In 1965, Schwinn added some home bikes for exercises to its lineup and to this modern-day, it has elliptical trainers and home treadmill to its list. You will be able to get toned at home using an elliptical machine that is affordable in price. All the Schwinn ellipticals currently in the market cost less than $1000. They have many options available in regards to ellipticals. To get an overview of this is very easy due to the fact that, the two models which are standard or high ends for ellipticals and most famous are the 470 and 430. The Schwinn 470 and Schwinn 430 and are in the active series. Between the two, the Schwinn 470 tends to be the most robust of them all.

Highlights of Schwinn’s Ellipticals

  • Sturdy frames: The two Schwinn elliptical all have frames which are heavy for their class of price. Most of the elliptical which are priced at less than $1000 are lightweight and that is what makes the Schwinn ellipticals to be considered among the best. They can hold up to 300 pounds safely.
  • Range resistance: Each of these machines provides resistance which is digitally controlled with the 470 being the best among the two with a selection of 25 resistance levels which is a good match for most exercisers through trainees who are at an intermediate level.
  • 20 inches strides: The units of Active Series have 20 inches strides which tend to be a standard for ellipticals for home use. This length is comfortable for most users
  • Power incline: Both have a maximum of 10 percent incline. This helps to make the front-drive ellipticals to be ergonomic and also, it improves each minute’s efficiency that you spent doing the exercise. It will make you get better returns as far as muscle-sculpting and calorie burn is concerned.
  • Multiple user profiles: Using the user profile, you can be able to save workout routines which are customized and at the same time, be able to track your fitness progress on a long term basis. You can save up to 4 user profiles on these two machines.
  • Workout programs: Schwinn ellipticals are able to store up to 20 workout programs which include user-designed and manual mode workouts. Most of the programs on this machine can be controlled easily using heart rate data.
  • Easy move: Each of these machines is equipped with caster wheels making it possible to move them when you need more floor space.
  • Wireless telemetry: The Schwinn Active series elliptical trainers tend to be very compatible with the chest straps so that, you get a heart rate monitoring which is accurate. You will have to buy the chest straps separately.

Lowlights of Schwinn’s Ellipticals

  • High Surface: When you are at the highest peak of the stride, the Schwinn Active Series elliptical does position your body at about 21 inches from the ground. If you have a poor balance, you might feel insecure about this particular elliptical machine. You will be better on a seated, rear-drive, or center drive elliptical.
  • Squeaks: The 430 Schwinn elliptical does squeak as you stride
  • Warranties: When you check out the Schwinn elliptical warranties, it offers minimal protection to the buyer. Whereas it is normal for machine frames to come with a lifetime warranty, the Schwinn elliptical frames are only covered for 10 years. Its labor warranties expire after 90 days. For the same price these particular ellipticals are selling at, you can get elliptical trainers which have at least one or two years of labor coverage. When you try to make comparisons you might find out that, the electronics and parts warranties for these particular trainers from Schwinn are not very competitive.

Bottom Line

From the above, you can conclude that these trainers from Schwinn are starter ellipticals. You might find them useful for a certain period of time which might be longer, but they are not meant to give you a lasting haul. This is due to the fact that the 430 model is not strong when it comes to resistance and thus, if you use it for regular exercise, you will require an upgrade within the shortest time possible. With a parts warranty of only one year, the 430 is very low quality. At least if you go for the 470 models, you will enjoy a longer service period and its warranty is much longer. After trying the 470 models, you might like it. So if you don’t like doing online shopping, you can look around in your local shops to find where you can get a 470 model which is discounted. Online might be the better options as you will be able to shop with other home fitness brands that have more consumer protections, having better or similar features at the same or even cheaper prices.  

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