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Stamina products have been in the market since 1987 and have focused on creating affordable, renovative equipment for customers. They have flooded the leisure and fitness markets with quality products from sporting goods dealers, merchants, internet retailers, and catalogs to TV shopping channels, developing a broad distribution base. It is one of the first fitness company to develop infomercial products with the introduction of American Gladiator Home Gym. They also introduced the aero pilates performers, the body dome, in stride walker, and the Gyrotonic transformer. their other products are under brand names such as Suzanne Somers, body by jakes, tony little, Brenda dygraf, cosmopolitan, body shaping, Denise Austin, joyous, gold’s gym, lotus, and Danskin. The biggest achievement has been to ensure that, affordable pirates reformers are for use at home. Aeropilates reformers increase flexibility, build endurance, and sculpt and strengthen your entire body. All these you will be able to receive in the convenience and privacy of your own home. That is why the aero pilates is growing day by day in its product line. The elliptical for this brand which tends to be trending in the market is the Stamina Inmotion elliptical. It is available in three colors, top-rated and highly reviewed model as far as mini steppers are concerned. The feedback from customers proves that its simulator is effective and durable developing all the basic muscle groups. You can practice with it while in a sitting position as well as when standing. It is convenient to move and thus, you can utilize it wherever you want. When working in the opposite direction, stamina inmotion elliptical trainer produces adaptable and comfortable exercise. There are three stamina models of the elliptical trainer; stamina inmotion, stamina 55-1602 in motion elliptical, and stamina in-motion elliptical trainer. The inmotion features a small electronic unit which tracks the number of strides that you take, calories burn, and exercise time. in stride it doesn’t know your body stats, it is likely that the calories reading might be inaccurate. It has a delay in reading the distance and thus, the only reliable thing is the distance covered. Generally, the stamina elliptical brand is lightweight and compact, weighing under 24 pounds with a great price averaging at under $100. You will find it easy to assemble and use while providing a decent workout for cardio. Mostly they are good for low impact workout. They come with a 90 days warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on frame

Brand highlights

  • Cost: It costs under $100 meaning, if you are on a tight budget and yet you need an elliptical trainer, this might work great for you. You will be able to do your exercise at a bargainable price, keeping fit, especially as far as cardio is concerned.
  • Usage: If you use it as a desk elliptical at a low resistance, then it is likely going to serve for a longer period of time.
  • Compact size: Its size is compact which makes it be better as compared to the full-body elliptical. You will find it easy to store when not using and you can keep it under the desk where it can remain out of sight unlike big elliptical.
  • Easy installation: Installation can be done in less than 10 minutes.
  • Noise: It is low on the noise level when new

Brand Lowlights

  • Warranty: Small Warranty timeframe when compared with other brands
  • Durability: Pedals are susceptible to breaking with the wheels becoming misaligned. If you decide to use it for high intensities while standing, it probably won’t last long.
  • Compatibility: The peddle might be small and thus, you could find it uncomfortable, especially if you are over 5’9, then no need to purchase it
  • Noise: As you continue using it, it can start producing noise; and starting to squeak.
  • Features: It is less when it comes to features and thus, if you are looking for an elliptical trainer which is full of features, then you will need to avoid this type. It has no workout programs or console.

Bottom Line

For small cardio workouts, this could be the ideal brand to go for. But considering it, you need to keep in mind that, it has been designed specifically for simple cardio work out and thus, if you need something intense, then you will have to consider other options of ellipticals because it will definitely disappoint you. Considering its price, the life of this brand is definitely less, at under $100, you don’t expect it to serve you for quite a long time. But for its price, it provides great value for money, in a small space. If you value warranty, then this might not be the best for you as it comes with a low warranty of 90 days on parts and one year on frame.Β  It is one of the best elliptical to be used at a desk rather than full-body workout elliptical trainer. So if that is what you are looking for, you can use it. But if you are someone who wants to lose weight and improve your overall fitness, then there are better machines to settle for.  

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