Star Trac Elliptical Reviews

Star Trac Elliptical Reviews

Originally established in 1979, Star Trac has been a constant feature of the at home fitness equipment market. The company have always had a primary focus of designing and manufacturing machines that can help people to lead healthier lives.

Although all the fitness machinery companies out there try to keep their customers firmly in mind, Star Trac are leaps and bounds ahead in their approach. Its machines have a reputation for offering greater health benefits with a wider range of user-focused features than others.

There is over 4,000,000 people throughout 75 countries who currently use Star Trac (according to recent figures), using one of their four elliptical trainers. Why are they so popular? Let’s look at some key aspects of the S-CTx, E-CTe, E-CTi and E-CT models to see.

Long-Term Health Benefits

One of the things that sets Star Trac apart is that when they are designing their machines they are not just focused on the short term, but on helping people achieve weight management and maintenance in the long-term.

The elliptical trainers they produce are devised to suit the end user and the company appreciates that people are less likely to use a machine if they are always feeling frustrated, injured or sore because of the technology, design or mechanics of the equipment.

Nowadays, consumers have greater access to information about fitness than they ever did in the past, thanks to the internet being widely available. Star Trac took this into consideration and produced the kinds of machines people were looking for, with oversized, cushioned pedals for greater support and shock absorption, low step-up platforms, ergonomically shaped handlebars and enhanced heart rate monitoring.


Another aspect that Star Trac has proven to be a leader in their field is by producing elliptical trainers that are only powered by the users themselves. This means users can work out daily without worrying about your electricity costs.

It also means that it can be placed anywhere in a room or home, because it doesn’t need to be close to a mains outlet. As they require a bit more work and power to get them moving, they are obviously going to produce noticeable results from the very moment you start using them.

Extras and Accessories

With many of the best brands it is the small details that can really set a brand apart from its competitors. With Star Trac, it’s undoubtedly the accessories and extras that come as part of the basic packages for their elliptical trainers.

These include the very practical accessory and cup holders and the comforting cooling fans that can be adjusted. All these elements help to make working out on Star Trac special. They are still one of the few companies that offer these kinds of accessories and extra features as standard.

  • Quiet Operation – although you may notice the odd squeak or hum, Star Trac models are quieter than many of their competitor’s machines
  • Ergonomically-designed – Many models are designed and built with moving handlebars. Some featured cushioned pedals that rotate and offer a more natural movement and shock absorption
  • Very safe designs and builds
  • Well-designed
  • Customization options
  • High-quality consoles
  • Sturdy and durable frames

  • Expensive – Star Trac models are not cheap and can often cost as much as $3,000
  • Range of workout programs is lacking compared to others
  • Only a few models across their collection of elliptical trainers are backed by lifetime warranties


There is no dispute over the fact that Star Trac are a highly regarded manufacturer within the fitness industry, particularly in the area occupied by at home exercise machines. They have spent their time wisely building lasting relationships with both commercial gyms and residential consumers.

They have a sterling reputation when it comes to the production of their machines with extras like touchscreen controls, triple-cushioned and oversized pedals and movable fans being standard features across their collection. Their focus always has been and remains helping people to make healthy improvements to their lives.

Therefore, if you choose to invest the admittedly big investment required to buy an elliptical trainer with the Star Trac branding, you can rest assured you will be rewarded with a machine that is made to a very high standard.

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