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Vision Fitness Ellipticals

Johnson Health Tech owns Vision Fitness Ellipticals. The brand was founded in 1996. The brand specializes in the production of exercising bikes and treadmills. Vision Fitness is one of the best fitness- brand out there with its high-quality products.

Vision Fitness Ellipticals consists of three different ellipticals, such as Traditional, Suspension, and Commercial. Some of the traditional elliptical consists of Vision Fitness X40 Elliptical and Vision Fitness XF40 Elliptical. Some of the suspension ellipticals also consist of Vision Fitness S7100HRT and Vision Fitness S7200HRT. The commercial elliptical consists of Vision Fitness S60 and Vision Fitness S70.

Itโ€™s not surprising then that Vision have received numerous awards over the years. One that stands out is the Consumerโ€™s Digest Best Buy Elliptical award for the X6200 machine. Recently, in 2008 the company released a new line of suspension ellipticals, which were a commercial and critical success.

To get a better understanding of what their machines offer, letโ€™s look at the key types of elliptical trainers they manufacture.

Commercial Elliptical Trainers

These are trainers that are ideal for larger families where many people will be using them regularly. They are often considered to have the sturdiest construction of any others and have commercial-style warranties that are longer-lasting and more comprehensive than standard warranties.

Thanks to the self-powered generators they utilize, you can enjoy an intensive cardio workout, while saving on your energy costs at the same time.

Traditional Elliptical

The traditional ellipticals are the most affordable and reasonable in the price range. X20 and X40 are some of the well-known machines. The XF20 and XF40 are the later versions which are upgraded. These two machines are also known as folding machines.

Users can choose based on their budget and preference. Consoles of all types are available to avail to the needs of the people โ€” both Classic and Premium machines available to the users.

Vision X40 is one of the most intelligent elliptical machines from vision fitness. The program has 5-18 workout programs with a stride length of 20 inches. It also has a resistance frequency of 20 and weighs 325lbs. It also has heart rate monitoring and other additional features. Via Fit and Virtual Active features are available.

Vision XF40 is an ergonomically designed machine. The product has multi-gripping handles and a front-driving frame that folds. It is done to minimize the footprint. The device also has 8-10 workout programs with a 20-inch stride length. It also has a resistance level of 20 and weighs at 325lbs. It also has heart rate monitoring and other extra features. However, Incline adjusting feature isn’t available in this machine. Via Fit and Virtual Active features are also not available.

Visionโ€™s standard and more traditional machines offer superb features and low-impact workouts. While they are by far the cheapest models from the brand, they still offer a sophisticated, smooth and very natural motion. Another key draw to this line of trainers for many people is the option to pick and choose the console youโ€™d prefer. For instance, if you look at the Vision Fitness X20 elliptical trainer, you will notice you can choose between either the Touch, Elegant or Classic control monitor. The features you get with each monitor will obviously be very different.

Suspension Elliptical

Suspension Ellipticals are also a product of vision fitness. It consists of two types of ellipticals, i.e. Magnetic Resistance and Self-Powered. The Self-Powered type consists of S60 and S70, and the Magnetic resistance consists of S7100 and S7200.

The S7100 has a short stride height and a more straightforward incline range in comparison to the S7200. The system provides you with 18%-37% incline feature. It helps the user workout in the lower body. It offers a better comparison as compared to the X40 and XF40.

S7100 offers up to 17 workout programs, which is a lot. It has a stride length of 20-21.5 inches. The gadget also has resistance level up to 20 degrees and also weighs at 325lbs. Touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring. Via Fit and Virtual Active features are not available. It is very affordable for users.

The S7200 machine is an upgraded version of the S7100 system. It has up to 15 workout programs with a stride height of 20-23 inches. The stride length is comparatively longer than the S7100. The model also has a full-frame and a bigger footprint. The incline adjustment is 13%-39% with resistance level up to 24.

It weighs up to 350Lbs. The system also has a heart rate monitoring feature with touch and telemetry. However, Via Fit and Virtual Active features are missing in this system. The product has a longer warranty.

Vision Fitness were the first company to design and commercially manufacture suspension elliptical trainers. For many, Visionโ€™s suspension ellipticals are still the best. Thanks to the cutting-edge suspension design, you benefit from a truly stable and smooth ride that is enhanced by the extra heavyweight flywheel. They also come with a variety of incline and stride settings to provide truly versatile and customizable workouts.

Commercial Elliptical

Commercial Ellipticals form an essential part of vision fitness. It is all about creating high-quality machines for gymnasiums and domestic use. The S60 and S70 form a vital part of the commercial use and success in vision fitness. These products are known for being extremely heavy. They weigh 345lbs and 352lbs, respectively. It can also go up to 400lbs incapacity. The machines also have a longer warranty offer.

The Vision Fitness S60 Suspension Elliptical is a self-powered elliptical used for commercial purposes. It has 20 workout programs with a stride length of 21 inches. The system also has a resistance level up to 25 degrees and weighs up to 400lbs. It also has the heart rate monitoring feature with touch and telemetry. Incline adjusting feature isn’t available in this system. Via Fit and Virtual Active features are also missing.

The Vision S70 Suspension Elliptical is the best performing product from the elliptical suspension tier. It has a whopping 23 workout programs with a stride length of 20-23 inches. It also has a broader incline length of 15%-37% along with a resistance level of 20. It weights up to 400lbs. The system also has heart rate monitoring feature with touch and telemetry. However, Features like Via Fit and Virtual Active are not available. It has the most extended warranty, but it also has the highest price tag.

Highlights and Lowlights of Vision Fitness

  • Console: Vision fitness has a lot of elliptical models in the market. Users can easily select any console based on their budget and preference.
  • Workout Program: Vision fitness ellipticals all contain quite the number of workout programs. It is crucial to resort to different exercises to achieve better results.
  • Stride: Vision fitness ellipticals have longer strides, and it can be ajusted on all suspension models. The strides are entirely adjustable and adaptable to the user’s convenience.
  • Incline: Vision fitness ellipticals has the incline feature in almost every model. It is adjustable according to the user’s liking.
  • Flywheel: Vision fitness ellipticals or models usually has 23lbs incapacity, which provides safety and stability.
  • Heart Monitor: Vision fitness ellipticals have excellent heart rate monitoring feature. It has touch and telemetric feature.
  • Warranty: All ellipticals models from vision fitness provides genuine and longer warranties. It is essential to assure buyers.
  • Excellent choice of different consoles that are compatible with all models

  • Stride: The traditional elliptical models do not possess the adjustable stride length. It is an inconvenience for the users.
  • Complex Features: Users find some features to be too advanced and hard to use. These features are usually not favoured by the buyers.
  • Unavailable Features: Certain features such as Via Fit and Virtual Active are not available in most of the models.
  • Price Tag: Most of the Vision Fitness Ellipticals are expensive for buyers. Only a few models are available to the users at a moderate price. Especially the Commercial and Suspension models, are very expensive. Worth it, but expensive, nonetheless.
  • Although customization is possible in many ways, the companyโ€™s traditional elliptical trainers do not offer adjustable stride lengths


Vision Fitness has been an impactful brand in the global fitness community. It has produced different consoles with its unique features and innovative designs. Vision fitness ellipticals have set the bar up high for its competitors in the market. Vision fitness ellipticals are expensive, but it is worth the money value. The materials of these models are of high-quality and are very durable. Vison fitness apart from all the amazing features, it provides a long-term warranty. It is the cherry on top of a beautiful fitness year for users.

If you are looking for an elliptical trainer that is a cut above the rest in terms of the ingenuity that went into its design and the innovative features, you will undoubtedly fall head over heels for Vision Fitness machines. We are not sure what we would single out as the best elliptical trainers, regardless of manufacturer, but we know for sure that the suspension models from Vision Fitness are in the top 10.

The range of features and adjustable elements on some, but not all, of their models make them very attractive. But, for us, the crowning achievements of Vision Fitness is the work they did for the industry by introducing the concept of folding ellipticals and the fact that even the most standard of models benefits from an extra heavy flywheel. Yes, they are not the cheapest machines in the world, but if you want to invest in your fitness and have the available budget, buying a Vision Fitness elliptical trainer could be the smartest investment you ever made.

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