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Xterra Ellipticals

Xterra Ellipticals is a fine line of home workout equipment for fitness and health maintenance. The brand has been around for more than thirty years in the fitness game and has trailblazed the fitness community with its excellent products. The brand consists of athletes and professional users who work hand in hand with the brand to create products that meet the expectations of the buyers.

Xterra Ellipticals are owned by Dyaco International company. Triathalon events are also often held by the brand. It creates safe and durable products to make a mark in the fitness community oozing promises. Xterra Ellipticals are made for long-term usage and does not fall prey to early damage or machine expiration in time.

Xterra lately has been introducing ellipticals to accompany their famous treadmill machines. These machines are used hand in hand with treadmills to achieve actual results. Xterra consists of four ellipticals comprised of efficient and useful features to help users attain their fitness goals.

Xterra Free Style 4.0e

The Xterra Free Style 4.0e weighs around 325lbs with an oversized pedal and two-degree inversion. The device has a resistance level up to 20 and has a flywheel capacity of 21lb. The assembling and disassembly of the machine’s structure are extremely easy to do. Users are also able to enjoy music on this machine while they workout as it is compatible to and MP3 player. The tool also monitors the heart rate of the user and keeps track of the progress.

It is available to the buyers at an affordable price range with a lifetime warranty for the brakes and frame of the gadget. The product is very convenient for people with all shapes and sizes. It is a piece of family equipment.

Xterra Free Style 5.4e

The Xterra Free Style 5.4e is a heavy machine with a robust built-in structure. This weight capacity makes it very durable and safe to use. One significant feature of this machine is that it has an adjustable incline and resistance level up to 20. The model is built in such a way that it is very safe to use for the upper and lower body exercises. It reduces the risk associated with the workout. The 5.4e model also has Q factor pedals of 4 inches. It is used for the positioning of the foot.

It also has a heart monitoring device with a built-in MP3 player for the user to enjoy. The product is also easy to assemble and disassemble. It also has a lifetime warranty on brakes and frames just like the other models. A guarantee is also given on improved parts with this model.

Xterra Free Style 5.6e

The Xterra FreeStyle 5.6 is an excellent workout machine with a stride length of 20 inches. It is best suited for users are tall. It weighs around 375 pounds with a flywheel of 25lb which gives it a sleek and solid feel to it. The product has an incline adjustment and resistance level up to 20.

It has a big blue black-lit screen with a compatible MP3 player. The structure of the model is also easy to assemble and disassemble it. The system also has seven workout programs and two options for manual and custom use. It has a heart rate monitoring device with an available chest strap. The system has a cooling fan to keep the machine running without complications.

Xterra Free Style 5.8e

The Xterra Free Style 5.8e is one of the best-selling models out there in the market. It is a popular machine for domestic use as well as for gymnasiums and fitness centres. The product weighs a whopping 400lbs with a flywheel capacity of 25lb which gives it a smooth and silent ride during its use. It has two-degree inverted pedals which are oversized to reduce the risk of injuries. The system also has the pulse grips and the chest strap included in it.

Users are able to listen and enjoy music with the compatibility of the MP3 player. It also has an incline adjustment and resistance level up to 20. The product is easy to assemble without complications. The 5.8e also has 7.5 inches of backlight screen for the users.

Highlights and Lowlights of Xterra

  • Console: Xterra ellipticals have a variety of consoles available to the people. Users choose the consoles based on their budget and preference. The great thing about the consoles is that almost all the models cater to the user’s needs.
  • Incline: Xterra ellipticals provide incline adjustments. It is crucial for the user’s workout routine.
  • Resistance: Xterra also offers resistance to buyers. Resistance levels are up to 20 standards.
  • Audio: Xterra offers music and mp3 compatibility to its buyers. It is vital to the users as it helps progress their workout programs without getting tired or bored.
  • Flywheel: The ellipticals have smooth wheels. It keeps the machine steady and quiet for the users during exercises.
  • Pedals: The system has large oversized pedals for the user’s feet. It also has cushions which comfort the user.

  • Customize: The ability to customize the system’s handlebars and stride length is not available. Specific features are also fixed, which makes is a limitation for the product’s ability to perform at its highest level.
  • Warranty: The brand usually offers a warranty on specific parts of the machine. It does not cover the product as a whole which is a bummer for the users.


Xterra Ellipticals has been a consistent brand throughout the years in the fitness community. Simplicity and reliability are the words to describe this brand. Xterra ellipticals are usually used at homes by users, but it is also used at various fitness centres and gymnasiums.

It addresses the needs and wants of the user by keeping it simple. The features are up to par and help users achieve their fitness goals in the long run. These products have proven to be very efficient and useful to users. Xterra ellipticals are also available to the buyers at an affordable price range. The brand meets the expectations of most of the users with its authenticity.

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