Best Lubricant for Elliptical Trainers With Long Lasting Effects

Best Elliptical Lubricants

The Best Lubricant for Elliptical Machines

What is the best lubricant for your elliptical trainer? Here’s the thing – any machine that has moving parts will need regular maintenance. Your elliptical machine is no different. The obvious, next question on most people’s minds is, “how do I maintain my elliptical machine?” Here’s how:

Taking care of your elliptical machine involves three things – inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating. Generally speaking, these machines don’t require much maintenance. However, it’s good to always keep an eye out for how each of its parts and components is faring. You want to spot a potential problem before it becomes an actual issue.

Next comes cleaning your elliptical machine. You (and many other people) are on it, vigorously working out. The machine gets exposed to sweat in the process. It is also exposed to dust and dirt while it sits out in the room. Prolonged neglect after such exposure leads to its deterioration. To prevent that from happening, you must wipe down the machine after every workout. Save the thorough cleaning of the entire machine for once a month.

Then comes the most critical step of maintaining elliptical machines – lubrication. These machines have metal parts that move against one another when they are in use. Without proper lubrication, these parts will not be able to continue doing so smoothly and your elliptical could be quite loud during operation. The best elliptical lubricants form a thin film between metal parts, so that they aren’t touching each other. This helps extend the longevity of the machine. If you want to learn what is the best silicone lubricant for elliptical, be sure to read until the end of this article.


In a Hurry? Check The Simplified List of Lubricants for Ellipticals below:

Best Elliptical Lubricants To Increase the Life Span of your Machine
1. Impressa Products Silicone Treadmill Lubricant Check Price
2. Obsidian Treadmill Belt Lubricant Check Price
3. Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease Check Price
4. Spot On 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant Check Price


Continue reading below if you want to learn about each of the elliptical lubes, along with their pros and cons.

Best Elliptical Lubricant

Listed below are four of the best elliptical lubricants that will help keep your machine in proper form for a long time:

The Best Lubricant for Elliptical Trainers for maximum performance

1. Impressa Products Silicone Treadmill Lubricant

The Impressa Products Silicone Treadmill Lubricant is ideal for minimizing a treadmill’s belt noise and for reducing friction. It is a silicone-based product that is suitable for various elliptical machines and treadmill models. The packaging on the cover of this product may read that it is for treadmills. Nonetheless, you can use it to lubricate elliptical machines too, unless your elliptical specifically ‘asks’ for a special lubricant.

One other central selling point about this lubricant is its ‘right’ consistency – it’s neither too thick nor overly thin. Has your elliptical been making a lot of strange squeaky noises lately? Hydrate its parts with this lubricant to get it back in shape. The instructions for using this product are on the bottle, so that should be helpful.

This lubricant comes with a nozzle that is compatible with applicator hoses to make usage simple. The bottle is easily squeezable, which makes it simple to control the amount of lubricant you squeeze out. Because the lubricant is 100 percent silicone-based, it ensures long-lasting use when applied to the metal parts of workout machines. Oh, and did we mention that this lubricant is odorless?

  • The bottle allows for easy usage/application.
  • It guarantees almost immediate results.
  • Made of 100 percent silicone.
  • It is a sustainable product.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of treadmills and elliptical machines across brands.
  • It is odorless.

  • It dries quicker than regular products in its category, even some of the best elliptical lubricants.
  • The product may leak.
  • It eliminates noise immediately, but it may not be as helpful for other issues.


2. Obsidian Treadmill Belt Lubricant

The Obsidian Treadmill Belt Lubricant, as evident, is another product marketed for treadmills. However, it is also suitable for use on elliptical machine parts. What makes this product part of the best elliptical lubricants list is that it does not contain any petroleum-based ingredients. Instead, it is a 100 percent silicone-based product.

This product ‘gets to work’ almost as soon as you use it on your treadmill or elliptical machine. Most users report immediate results, such as better friction, right with just one application in their exercise machines. It is suitable for use for a wide variety of exercise machines across different brands. This elliptical/treadmill lubricant fits the bill if you’re looking for a product that’ll help with reducing friction between your machine’s deck and belt. Apart from reducing noise, it also takes care of belt hesitation problems.

For your convenience, this product comes in a bottle that boasts an EZ-squeeze precision tip. This feature ensures a mess-free usage. This treadmill/elliptical lubricant can withstand high temperatures in your exercise machine and aims to increase its longevity.

  • The bottle’s application tip ensures a mess-free use.
  • It is affordable, with each (average-sized) bottle allowing about three uses.
  • It does not contain petroleum-based ingredients.
  • It is a 100 percent silicone-based product.

  • The bottle’s material can cause the product to leak sometimes.
  • Its glass bottle may not be the most durable.

3. Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease

The Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease makes it into this list of the best elliptical lubricants because of many reasons. The first one is that it can withstand both high moisture and heat levels. The product in itself is marketed as being suitable for metal-to-metal or metal-to-plastic use. However, it is an excellent lubricator for exercise machines such as ellipticals too.

Proving that it can offer more than just one benefit, this grease protects surfaces from rust and corrosion. If you’ve noticed that silicone-based lubricants aren’t cutting it when it comes to solving squeaking equipment, try this grease instead. It has a dense consistency, and is ideal for tackling loud and persistent squeaking problems.

Despite its dense consistency, this product’s odor does not linger around for long. The product’s tube facilitates easy usage, especially for small area applications. However, using it for tackling lubricating concerns over large areas can be challenging given its tube and nozzle size.

Other selling points about this product are that it is non-toxic and makes surfaces free of friction. Other than on ellipticals and treadmills, you can also use this grease on door hinges, latches, and the doors of your home or car.

  • It is affordable.
  • It can be put to many uses – from exercise bikes to door latches.
  • It takes care of problems that silicone-based products have difficulty doing.
  • Its odor isn’t strong.
  • It is suitable for fixing squeaky joints in elliptical machines.

  • It is better suited for use in small areas.
  • It is a non-silicone-based product.
  • It may not be suitable for use in all exercise machines.

Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease, 1.5 oz.
Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease

4. Spot On 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant

The Spot On 100% Treadmill Belt Lubricant allows two dispensing options so you can control the quantity you get out. It is suitable for use for a wide range of both heavy-duty and home exercise machines. It is ideal for fixing machine noise and for increasing the longevity of its motor and belt.

Keeping convenience in mind, this lubricant features a ribbed flat cap that facilitates the product’s safe shipping. Its twist-spout dispensing top allows a hassle-free use. Each bottle of this lubricant has caps that facilitate an ideal flow. The 8-inch extension tube cap enables you to lubricate machines even in hard-to-reach areas properly. This tube makes that possible not only because of its length but also because of its stiffness.

This odorless and non-toxic lubricant comes in handy for all kinds of exercise equipment. You don’t even have to remove the belt on your treadmill or elliptical machine. Slide the tube that comes with this product into the narrow area between the center of the belt – it’s as simple as that. Each bottle contains enough lubricant for about four rounds of use.

  • Its controllable squeeze bottle simplifies usage.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of exercise machines across different brands.
  • It is odorless and non-toxic.
  • Its straight and stiff tube lets you lubricate hard-to-reach areas with ease.
  • It is ideal for reducing machine noise.

  • The bottle’s cap tends to slide away.
  • It is a hundred percent silicone-based (in case you aren’t into that).

Best Elliptical Lubricant for each brand

Elliptical Lubricants for specific brands

If you don’t want to use all round lubricants and prefer to use one that is specific to your elliptical brand’s, take a moment to check the next section below:

Sole elliptical lubricant

The site has a sole elliptical lube in store: Sole Lubrication OEM Lube

Precor elliptical lubricant

Mobil 102481 1 Synthetic Grease
🏆 Perfect for Precor Ellipticals

Precor recommends using SuperLube with Teflon or Mobil 1 synthetic grease (adjustable-ramp models only)

Schwinn elliptical lubricant

On Amazon, a customer recommends using a thicker oil to lubricate your Schwinn elliptical trainer. You can check the Silicone Oil 1,000cst 500ml (16oz) High Purity:

Or you can go directly to Schwinn’s website Here

Silicone lubricant for Bowflex max trainer

For Bowflex max trainers you can use the WD40 Specialist Resistant Lubricant:

WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS, 11 OZ
🏆 WD40 is well known for its impressive lubricating features

You can also check the 3M Silicone Lubricant – Dry Version, 08897, 8.5 oz:

3M Silicone Lubricant - Dry Version, 08897, 8.5 oz
🏆 Silicone Lubricant for Bowflex Trainers

Spirit elliptical lube

To get approved lubricant from Spirit Fitness contact 📞 1-888-707-1880

Nordictrack elliptical grease

For Nordictrack elliptical trainers you can use DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant Squeeze Bottle, 4 Oz:

And the DuPont Teflon White Lithium Grease:

DuPont Teflon White Lithium Grease
🏆 Great for Nordictrack Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical Maintenance Guidelines

Lubricating and Maintaining Your Elliptical Machine Is Non-negotiable

Inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining your elliptical machine regularly is vital if you want to get the most out of it. Doing so not only makes the machine smoother for you to work on, but also extends its life. As with everything else, prevention is better than cure with these exercise equipment. Do the necessary research about which features in an elliptical machine suit your workout goals before purchasing one. Then, set up a fixed maintenance routine for your machine and stick to those rules. Lastly, be sure to stay updated about its service agreements and warranties.

Maintaining your elliptical machine on the daily is cost-effective. Because then, you have your eyes open to everything going on with the machine, making it easier to replace potentially problematic parts immediately. This saves you the hassle of bulk repairs that will cost a fortune, or even worse, replacing the machine.

Wiping down the machine after every use helps get rid of sweat and other bodily fluids from the seat and handles. This benefits you in two ways – it saves the machine from corrosion and keeps the equipment sanitary. Not cleaning your elliptical machine routinely means it is an open playground for dust and dirt. Over time, this can cause motor failure.

An Ideal Cleaning Schedule for Your Elliptical Machine

Everyday Cleaning

Daily checks ideally include inspecting the machine’s parts, tightening loose screws immediately if you happen to notice them. After every workout, take a lint-free towel and gently wipe down the machine to get rid of sweat. The machine’s handles, seat, and consoles are the key focus areas.

If you’re planning on taking a break from using your elliptical machine for a while, be sure to cover it up. You don’t want to leave it out, exposed to dirt and dust. There are covers specifically designed for elliptical machines, but you can also use any fabric to do so.

Monthly Checks

Make time to do a monthly inspection of your elliptical machine. Just because it isn’t squeaking doesn’t necessarily mean it is in its peak form. If the elliptical machine in question is put to frequent use, you will need to lubricate its metal parts regardless of whether it is squeaking or not. Also, when you use the machine, the vibrations caused tend to loosen its parts. Be sure to look for them and tighten them sooner than later. You may also want to check the machine’s protective covering, its belt, and the power cords for signs of damage.

Thorough Cleaning Every 6 Months

Make sure you turn off the machine before unplugging it from its power source. Then, carefully remove its protective covering and vacuum it on the inside. Take care to ensure that you don’t accidentally bump any of its internal components while doing so. This step helps get rid of dust and grime buildup in the machine.

After you do that, check for loose and dry parts. Tighten and lubricate those parts if needed. It’s also important to pay attention to the machine’s belt. They typically last for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t show wear-and-tear signs with regular use. If you notice these signs, replace the belt as soon as you can.

Unsure about how to clean your elliptical machine or which are the best elliptical lubricants to use? It may help to check its user’s manual for instructions. These manuals typically contain information about which parts to check in your elliptical machine when carrying out maintenance work.

Yearly Maintenance

Here, you do all the things mentioned above with the addition of consulting a professional technician to check on your machine. There are plenty of companies that specialize in this type of work. Some of them even dole out enticing offers for regular customers. In this type of service, a company typically sends over an expert to your house. He then goes ahead, inspecting your elliptical machine and fixing whatever needs repair or attention. You can even get information on how to better maintain your machine from them.


What to Do If You Aren’t Planning On Using Your Elliptical Machine for a While

Going on a trip or taking a break from working out because of an injury? Here’s how to protect your elliptical machine from damage while it remains inactive. First, unplug it and remove any batteries. Ideally, you want all its parts and components to be in good shape before you lock it away. Then, wrap it properly in a protective covering to prevent dust and dirt from settling on it. Make sure that you store the machine in a dry and cool place.

An environment with moderate daylight, temperature, and humidity is ideal. We say this because an elliptical machine consists of electronics, rubber, plastic, and metal parts. Though most of these materials and parts are resilient, they can easily damage if exposed to the wrong environment for long periods. If exposed to high humidity, the machine’s electronics can falter. An environment like this also causes mold to grow in and on the machine.

Once you are ready to get back on your elliptical machine, be sure to check its parts to see that everything is in good condition. Cleaning the machine before inspecting it simplifies things. Also, considering that the machine was in storage for such a long time, it’ll help to hold back the enthusiasm before hopping on top of it. Check to see that all its parts are moving freely before you jump on. Doing this will save you from possibly hurting yourself. You may also want to check the machine’s batteries before you plug it back into the socket.


The Symptoms of an ‘Unfit’ Elliptical Machine

These exercise machines’ maintenance requirements may be universal, but each model has its unique needs, with respect to maintenance. For instance, some of these machines feature drive belts that tend to create resistance when you pedal. If you feel your machine’s pedals slipping even when it has a high-resistance setting, it may be time to adjust its drive belt. You will find the instructions for the same in the user’s manual that comes with your machine. However, generally speaking, you may need to remove the machine’s shield covers and pedals. The next step is to reposition a shield over the pedal arm.

Unsure about what constitutes a ‘problem’ when it comes to your elliptical machine? Here’s a list of common symptoms that could indicate that your machine needs some TLC:

  1. Loose handlebars usually indicate loose fastening bolts.
  2. If your machine displays incorrect speeds, there may be issues with its reed switch. This problem could also be due to wiring failure or a faulty control console.
  3. A dim console display is another common problem. It is typically the result of weak batteries or loose wiring.
  4. Is your machine’s console refusing to turn on? It may be time to change its batteries. This issue also often arises because of bad wiring, unreliable power supply, or a faulty control console.
  5. Difficulties with the machine’s pedal resistance can result from a bad motor, problems with the wiring, or a faulty control console.
  6. Squeaking noises from the machine simply mean the parts on its pivot points need lubricating.

The ‘What’ and ‘Where’ of Lubricating an Elliptical Machine

With elliptical machines, their lubrication points are not as apparent as it is with, say treadmills. This is one of the reasons why figuring out the former’s lubricating points and what type of the best elliptical lubricants to use can be tricky.

You have to understand the two basic types of ellipticals to point out its lubrication needs. These exercise machines either come with wheels and ramps, or they don’t. If your elliptical machine features wheels and ramps, it needs lubricating every four to six months. Lubricants that are liquid silicone-based are ideal for such ellipticals.

Figuring out the lubricating points and needs for ellipticals without ramps and wheels is where it gets challenging. Some machines have wheels that roll over a steel bar. If your elliptical is of this type, you will need liquid silicone-based lubricants. However, all ellipticals have bushings that can get squeaky over time. In case this happens to yours, take care of the squeaking with lithium grease.

Most elliptical exercise machines feature rotation points that have sealed bearings. You don’t need to lubricate these bearings. In attempting to do so, you may end up breaking the seals and ruining them. Regardless of your machine’s lubrication requirements, the universal rule is that you have to wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth before embarking on the lubricating mission. Wiping the machine with a cloth helps get rid of dust and dirt. If you skip this step, you risk leaving the dirt to pit in the machine’s wheels, which ultimately leads to the elliptical’s deterioration with time.

Another essential pointer to note is that you do not want to use WD-40 or any such caustic agents when lubricating your elliptical machine’s wheels and ramps. That’s because they are not lubricants and can cause a machine’s wheels and ramps to deteriorate quickly.

Last but not the least, pay attention to the belting inside these machines. All elliptical exercise machines come with an A-shaped or Poly-V belting inside. These belts are present in large amounts and tend to dry and crack with the machine’s regular usage. To keep it in good condition, treat it to the tender, loving care of belt dressings. You’ll find these products on regular online shopping sites. These dressings prevent belts from drying, cracking, and squeaking. In the long run, it helps extend their longevity.

Other Important Pointers to Remember with Elliptical Machine Maintenance

  1. It is crucial that you place the machine in a dry and cool environment.
  2. Clean all the areas of the machine that comes in contact with users’ hands and feet after every session.
  3. Wipe down the machine’s console to keep it free of oil, fingerprints, dust, and grime.
  4. To thoroughly clean the machine, wipe its surfaces using a cloth dipped in warm water and detergent or specialized cleaning agent.
  5. Clean its console at least once a week.
  6. Inspect and clean the accessory tray at least once a month.
  7. Parts such as its plastic cover and frames need cleaning weekly.
  8. The maintenance routine of these machines may vary from model to model. Stay informed about the same.

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