🤦‍♀️ Can elliptical trainers help with cellulite?

can ellipticals help with cellulite

Cardio… Adored by some of us, dreaded by others, it is nevertheless essential to be in shape, regain a dream figure and eliminate cellulite! Cardio includes all sports activities that work endurance by increasing the heart rate, and the elliptical trainer is one of the best cardio machine on the world.

It is these activities that will allow your body to burn a maximum of calories and destroy fat. Indeed, to be able to resist the effort, your body needs a lot of energy. Jump rope, elliptical trainer, stepper, running… Many options are available to make you sweat while having fun!

Today, we offer you the chance to discover the perfect cardio activity to lose weight and say goodbye to the cellulite. Elliptical trainers combine all the virtues of cycling, running, stepping and rowing, just like that! Everything is explained in this article.

Losing weight and sculpting one’s body is a long-term challenge. The elliptical trainer is a physical activity that lends itself perfectly to this challenge – especially the challenge of getting rid of cellulite, a problem that many women face. In this article, find out why elliptical trainers are effective against cellulite and what are the most challenging exercises to get rid of it for sure and to restore smooth skin on your legs. Here are some tips and tricks to eliminate fat retention in the legs with a few cycling sessions.

Cellulite is a gender-specific problem that affects 85-98% of all women. The dimpled skin surface is not limited to overweight women, slim women also report cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, as the causes are not solely attributable to the fat cells. Although it is not a disease, orange peel skin is perceived as unaesthetic and repulsive and gives the skin an unhealthy appearance.

Reason enough to look for antidotes.

How does cellulite develop?

Before you take the first step towards “fighting cellulite”, you should understand how cellulite develops. Cellulite is a fatty substance that is located under the connective tissue. The typical dents of cellulite are caused by the fact that the connective tissue is pushed upwards by the accumulation of fat cells.

This effect occurs exclusively in women because they have a different (quilt-like – grid-like) structure of the connective tissue compared to men. While men’s skin has quite thick connective tissue fibers which vary in thickness, the connective tissue fibers in women are rather thin – and are oriented vertically towards the skin surface. This makes the female skin more flexible, and subcutaneous fatty tissue can penetrate so far upwards that the dents typical of orange peel skin are created.

But not only older women, but also young women can be affected if their connective tissue is too weak to hold the fat cells in the subcutis. In addition, bloated fat cells prevent the flow of lymph and blood, which from an alternative medical point of view means that water collects in the surrounding tissue and toxins cannot be removed.

Among other things, the hormone estrogen is also responsible for cellulite, so that the lattice-like structures swell more or less depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle and the shape of the collagen bands can be seen more clearly.

The reasons for cellulite can be summarized in 3 points:

  • Bloated fat cells
  • Lack of blood circulation & accumulation of water and toxins
  • Weak connective tissue & genetics

Estrogen, or oestrogen

Although the genetically determined phenomena cannot be changed, it is possible to influence points 1 and 2 by means of healthy nutrition, which enables the body to detoxify itself, by sports, which reduces fat, by massages, which promote blood circulation and prevent water accumulation, and by treatments such as ultrasound. The most effective and sensible is the combination of all the above methods.

The elliptical trainer: the No. 1 enemy of cellulite

The elliptical trainer, whether at home or in the gym, is a very effective physical activity to change your figure and brings many elliptical benefits to the body. Like swimming and running, the elliptical trainer has an excellent ratio time / calories burned. On average, it is estimated that you lose 600 calories per hour when you pedal an elliptical trainer! As you can see, thanks to this cardio activity, your body burns fat with each session and blood circulation is improved (in addition to improving overall endurance).

Thus, you boost your blood and lymphatic circulation. Result: your body eliminates adipocytes and drains toxins, bringing tone and firmness to your skin, both on your thighs and stomach, all without any danger to your back. The elliptical trainer works most muscles from head to toe. In the case of cellulite, it is the pedaling movements that will activate your thighs and buttocks!

The elliptical trainer: one of the best workout against orange peel skin

Like most sports, it is advisable to practice elliptical trainers in a regular and progressive manner to obtain results quickly and above all to make them last over the long term. Daily or weekly sessions allow you to fully benefit from these benefits. Elliptical trainer sessions accelerate muscle development by promoting the elimination of cellulite.

The elliptical trainer session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and should be done at your own pace, taking care not to raise your heart rate too much. Most elliptical trainers allow you to play on the resistance of the pedals. This way you burn fat while shaping your body: the right combination of cardio and weight training! As your sessions progress, you will be able to increase the intensity of the effort and thus see an exponential progression: the more you practice, the faster your cellulite disappears!

The elliptical trainer: an effective solution for cellulite removal

The elliptical trainer is one of the most recommended sports to say goodbye to cellulite. Thanks to its circular movement, it puts the gluteal muscles to full use and makes it possible to combine muscle strengthening, endurance work and fat elimination. To obtain results quickly enough, there is no need to bother: sessions of 30 minutes to 1 hour at least twice a week are enough to make it disappear. You can also combine elliptical sessions with a swimming session, which will also help to regain a flat stomach.

The elliptical trainer helps you to eliminate cellulite

As a cardio activity, the elliptical trainer encourages your body to burn fat and boost blood and lymphatic circulation. In this way, you will help your body break down fat cells and drain accumulated toxins. Results: smoother and more toned skin!

The elliptical trainer: a simple but effective device

Although the elliptical trainer is excellent for fighting cellulite, it’s not a magic formula. Long-term results are only possible with regular training. Opt for a daily workout to speed up the removal process. Otherwise, work out weekly.

The principle is simple and incredibly effective. Each workout takes 45 to 60 minutes. Exercise according to how you feel. The device adapts to your work rhythm. It is therefore important not to exceed your cardio-vascular capacities. By increasing the resistance of the pedals, you will increase the rate of cellulite removal. At the same time, you will obtain tapered legs and firmer buttocks.

The practice of elliptical trainers is progressive. Therefore, each session will be more intense than the previous one. You will notice a real physical improvement during the training sessions.

1 hour of elliptical trainer burns about 600 calories and allows you to work out without getting exhausted, the effort being distributed over the whole body. If you do at least two 45-minute sessions per week, you will quickly see results: weight loss, a slimmer figure, a more toned body, smoother cellulite, better endurance…

Nutrition and body weight

An important point when it comes to “fighting cellulite” is the right diet and avoiding overweight. If you have a couple of extra pounds, cellulite can develop and intensify all the more quickly because the bloated fat cells press up against the connective tissue more strongly and become much more visible on the surface of the skin. But if you lose weight, these bloated fat cells can also lose volume.

Eat healthy

But also for the slim among you, a healthy diet is a prerequisite for reducing cellulite. Whether you are overweight or slim, you should know your greatest enemies: Fast food, convenience foods and foods with chemical additives and lots of (hidden) sugar. The easiest way to keep away from them is to always eat home-cooked food, because restaurants and snack bars also like to use flavor enhancers and chemical additives. If you cook without artificial additives, you automatically have no ravenous hunger, no excessive hunger for sweets and fats, and lose weight or cannot gain weight because your liver has much more time for fat digestion. Otherwise, this organ is busy disposing of additives and toxins that you take in with your food.

Cellulite – a single phenomenon?

Various studies have confirmed it: 90 percent of all women over the age of 20 have signs of cellulite on their stomach, thighs and bottom. Men, on the other hand, are almost always unaffected by it. This is also confirmed by Tatjana Pavicic, dermatologist at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University: “Men get thick bellies, but usually no cellulite”. According to Pavicicic, this only happens if the man in question suffers from a lack of male sex hormones.

So why do women? What predestines them for a dimple less bottom? First and foremost their way of storing fat, because: Men store fat between the organs in the abdominal cavity and therefore have to deal with a prenatal bulging abdomen more often. The female sex hormones, on the other hand, prefer to direct the fat to be stored under the skin surface on the buttocks and thighs. When fat reserves meet weak connective tissue, they join together to form large deposits and press against the skin from the inside – the typical dimples appear. How strong these dimples are, however, also depends on the genetic predisposition of the family. Thin skin, poor blood circulation, water retention and tidy connective tissue can be contributory causes of cellulite.

What program should I set up?

Generally, it is not so much the intensity of your training as its regularity that is important. You will adapt the difficulty according to your level but above all, get into the habit of practicing very regularly. For this, there are two very distinct schools:

  • Those who opt for short daily sessions: from 15 to 45 minutes every day.
  • Those who prefer to schedule three long sessions over the week: at least one intensive hour

Is it a good idea to invest in an elliptical for my home?

Sure, a gym has the best equipment available, but home ellipticals are generally very good to burn calories and lose weight at home.

For people who unfortunately lack space, a foldable model is an excellent compromise. The advantage is that you can put it behind a door or slide it under a bed.

After one or two weeks of practice, take the time to compare “before and after” the areas that were causing you problems, you will already see a nice improvement! To appreciate all these benefits even more, don’t forget to adapt your diet.


Workouts to get rid of cellulite on an elliptical

Training against cellulite N°1: muscle strengthening:

The training should last about half an hour and should not be done quickly, but rather slowly and with very hard resistance.

The movement must be quite slow, you have to force with each step, a bit as if you were doing step ;

You can do this training 2 or 3 times a week, during the day, to increase the tonicity of your thighs and buttocks, and therefore their caloric expenditure.

Cellulite Training N°2: Fat burning:

The second part of your training, which should last between 30 and 45 minutes, to be done every morning when you wake up, on an empty stomach.

Here, you will have to make movements without forcing but very fast, in order to increase the caloric expenditure. As in the previous training, you should not use your arms.

Here, the training can be done five times a week, in addition to training number 1: it will push your body which must use the fat located at that level.

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