Norditrack Elliptical Machine Reviews

NordicTrack Elliptical Reviews

NordicTrack was first established in the 1970s and the first products they released were their cross-country ski machines, before expanding into the production of various gym equipment including treadmills and of course, elliptical trainers in the 1980s.

Modern NordicTrack is responsible for the production of various elliptical trainers. They are constantly striving to meet the widely varying demands of all households and therefore, have elliptical machines with many different sizes, power levels and price tags.

NordicTrack are one of the leaders in the industry and are particularly famous for their comprehensive range of workout programs and features like iFit Coach connectivity, integrated web browsers and high definition monitors and high quality 3-inch speakers.

To help highlight what’s on offer from NordicTrack we are going to discuss the three main categories of elliptical trainers available from the company.

Different Types of NordicTrack Elliptical Trainers

There are many ways you could categorize elliptical trainers. However, the most effective and popular way to do so is by their driver location, or in other words where the flywheel used to produce resistance is located. Although it’s perhaps not the most exciting feature, it is one of the most crucial. The drive location is a determining factor for the size of the machine, which is something most consumers factor into their buying decisions.

The three options available from NordicTrack, therefore, are:

  • Center Drive
  • Front Drive
  • Rear Drive

Center Drive Elliptical Trainers – The Mid-Mech Series

The main center drive elliptical form NordicTrack is the Mid-Tech line. These are very compact ellipticals, this is true, but they support strides measuring between 18 and 22-inches. Some of the most common are the ACT Commercial 10 and ACT Commercial models. The best model available benefits from a 10-inch HD display, seamless integration of iFit and a fully functioning web browser.

Another popular option in center drive ellipticals is the FreeStride Series, consisting of the FS9i and FS7i models. These are hybrid machines that work as ellipticals and low-impact treadmills.

Front Drive Series

The most recent options for front drive ellipticals from NordicTrack support strides of between 18 and 22-inches. They also have varying resistance ranges from between 20 and 32lbs. This means that the residential ellipticals have a similar force to the commercial models. It should be noted that front drive ellipticals from NordicTrack are not conveniently sized or compact. They also don’t fold away and the smallest still measures at 70cm long.

Rear Drive Series

Compared to the above, rear drive ellipticals from NordicTrack are renowned for being space saving machines. Although they are still around 8cm in length, they can be folded away when they are not in use, freeing up the floor space between sessions. The downside is that although they are big and bulky, they have short strides of 18-inches.

There are many people who prefer using rear drive machines and it’s not hard to see why, when you consider some of the benefits. For example, they can help you to maintain proper posture throughout your workout, without much hassle, whereas with front drive machines, you need to be able to balance yourself into the right posture.

The people who will find NordicTrack rear drive ellipticals the best and most comfortable are people who weigh less and are shorter. Most rear drive machines from NordicTrack tend to be very feature-heavy, which is worth noting if that’s what you are looking for.

Highlights and
Lowlights of NordicTrack Ellipticals

  • iFit ready
  • All models of ellipticals from NordicTrack are full of features, regardless of the price point
  • Moving Arm Bars for full body workouts
  • Extensive Variety of Stride heights to choose from
  • Wide resistance range to accommodate intensities of workouts and your skill level

  • Labor warranty is not covered


Due to their time in the industry, NordicTrack are experienced and skilled at designing exercise machines that will help people to stay fully motivated when working out. It doesn’t matter which type of drive you prefer, as there is a suitable model available in all three categories.

With Android browsing, built-in speakers and iFit Coach integration, you can really use technology to its full working out with a NordicTrack elliptical trainer. No matter what skill level you are at or how experienced you are, there’s a NordicTrack for you out there.

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