Precor Elliptical Machine Reviews

Precor Elliptical Reviews

Precor have a sterling reputation within the fitness equipment industry for designing and manufacturing elliptical trainers that are used extensively in home environments and in professional/commercial gyms. The company have been operating for more than 30 years, developing and specializing in the engineering, science and ergonomics of elliptical trainers.
This has allowed them to create exercise equipment that are safe for everyone to use, while delivering amazing results.

Although Precor do make a wide variety of fitness machines, their elliptical trainers are among the finest examples of their abilities as a company. Whereas some companies have produced easier and less challenging training tools for the home market, many of Precor machines designed for use in residential settings are the same as those designed for commercial gyms.

This gives you the reassurance that when you purchase one of their high-quality pieces of equipment, you are getting the benefit of one that has been designed with the commercial market in mind to produce the best results possible.

At our site you will find reviews of all the best Precor elliptical machines. Below we have highlighted key machines and technology created by the brand.


AMT/Adaptive Motion Trainer Series

One of the most uniquely designed elliptical trainers on the market, the AMT Series of machines are designed to give you the feeling of walking or running mid-air. The series, including the AMT 885, AMT 825, AMT 833 and AMT 813 function like three-in-one cardio trainers, combining the best elements of stairclimbers, treadmills, and ellipticals.

Precision EFX Elliptical Machines Series

The Precision series of elliptical trainers are commercial-grade machines that Precor has made for professional gyms and now made available for home gym settings too. They are an excellent combination of a durable build with commercial-grade design aesthetics and materials that provides challenging workouts for users of all abilities. The EFX 221 is the cheapest and entry level machine, while the more advanced would be the EFX 835, which is also more expensive.

Cross Ramp Technology

The Cross-Ramp technology patented and employed by Precor enables the elliptical ramp to contour with the user’s feet. With this special technology, fatigue and injury are greatly reduced and it means you can use it for impressive results without pushing yourself too hard. It makes it easy for you to build up your endurance and strength at a steady pace that suits you. It allows you to easily increase or decrease the incline as required.

Rear Drive Elliptical Machines Series

This rear drive series of elliptical machines from Precor is their most affordable range, that don’t compromise on quality of efficiency, despite their lower price tags. Precor were the first fitness brand to patent a rear-drive elliptical machine. This proved to be a stroke of genius for the company as many followed with their own designs and patents. NordicTrack realized there was none better and paid for permission to use the Precor design in their own machines. When you use a rear-drive machine it provides a more centered and balanced form of walking or running.

  • iPod-compatible consoles with many featuring dome-like buttons to adjust the incline
  • Cross Ramp – This offers inclines that can be adjusted to create a more challenging workout
  • Durable, professional-quality frames and components

  • Expensive models, so you could pay between $2,000 and $9,000 or even more
  • As they are made to commercial standards, Precor machines tend to be on the noisier side


When it comes to Precor and their elliptical trainers, you know you are getting a high-quality product. They produce machines with the long run in sight, rather than equipment that is likely to break after a relatively short period of time. You need to keep in mind though that, unlike some other branded machines, Precor trainers are a huge investment. Not only that, as they are large and heavy, they may not suit your home if you have limited floor and storage space.

The good outweigh the bad points, though, if you are looking for a high-performance exercise machine that will give you a realistic commercial gym experience from the comfort of your own home. One that won’t cause injury, while giving the workout for your limbs and muscles that matches your ability.

Precor Ellipticals

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