Rear Drive Elliptical Trainers

The Majority of adults today are in a constant battle against weight gain/calories. Modern living has become so comfortable and easy. Machines have replaced humans in factories, fields and in most workplaces. If you’re someone who is really concerned about your health and strives to stay in good shape, you may already be familiar with elliptical trainers.

Rear Drive Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are a piece of modern equipment which you will find in almost every gym. They are considered to be even better than treadmills when it comes to burning calories. These machines are known for offering a smooth workout to people with injured joints.

There are different types of elliptical trainers, and although they differ from one another, each of these types serves the same purpose. The type of elliptical trainer which we’re going to talk about today is a rear drive elliptical. We’ll discuss its benefits, features, and design in a detailed manner, by the time you’re done reading this article you’ll get to decide if a rear drive elliptical is suitable for you or not.

What is a rear drive elliptical? Are they any good?

Rear drive ellipticals are called so because, in this type of machine, the driving mechanism which is known as “flywheel” is located at the rear or behind the user.

If you’re a regular gym-goer, or you work out in a gym from time to time, you may have noticed that the elliptical trainers in the gym are all rear driven machines. Although the rear driven elliptical machines are more pricey than other variants like a front-driven, gym owners and club owners are aware of the fact that rear driven machines are more durable.

One of the prime reasons why rear driven machines are more expensive and offer better durability is because they have only a few moving parts. In addition, rear driven elliptical machines are equipped with an incline ramp that can be adjusted manually or automatically based on the user’s preference.

These types of elliptical machines are designed to simulate or mimic walking/jogging. The pedals move in a somewhat circular motion, and it’s designed to provide the user with a smooth feel of jogging or walking, depending on the intensity of the workout the user chooses.

Front drive ellipticals or rear drive ellipticals?

Some manufacturers have come up with elliptical trainers that have a center drive. This new design is considered as a hybrid between treadmills and ellipticals. However, these machines are not yet popular, so we’ll focus more on rear driven elliptical and front drive elliptical.

For many years, the debate on whether a front-driven elliptical is better than a rear drive elliptical has been going on. In fact, the first elliptical machine was a rear driven, and the front-driven elliptical was manufactured years later to in an attempt to attract more attention.

Quite a lot of people ask if a rear drive elliptical machine provides a better work out than the other, and Vice Versa. There may not be an appropriate answer to this question since you can choose the intensity of the exercise by making a few adjustments. For example, by increasing the resistance, you have to use more energy and exercise harder.

Front driven ellipticals are not so popular in the clubs and gyms, but you’ll notice that the majority of the home rated machines are front-driven elliptical machines. It has not been proven that front driven ellipticals are easier and friendly to new users, but this is widely believed by many. Also, people choose the front drive elliptical because they are more affordable than it’s the counterpart.

On the other hand, rear driven ellipticals are more durable, and the inclined nature of the ramp offers a more challenging workout. Perhaps this is the reason why gym owners rely on rear-driven machines as they can withstand a whole lot of abuse.

Advantages of rear driven elliptical machines

The most significant benefit of owning a rear driven elliptical machine is that you won’t have to worry about maintenance for years.
As stated earlier, rear drive ellipticals have fewer moving parts. As a result, they’re often smoother and quieter.

In this type of machine, the flywheel or the driving mechanism is located at the rear. Users get to maintain a more centered and upright position. This can be very beneficial to those persons who have low back pain.

The majority of the rear drive ellipticals are rated for commercial use, which means you need not spend your time doing research on the quality of the product. These are highly reliable and trusted machines, especially the ones that are commercial grade.

The adjustable ramp is another great feature of the rear-driven elliptical. Users can increase or decrease the intensity of the work out by lowering or raising the ramp.

Most rear-driven elliptical trainers to have advanced features such as an LCD screen which shows the user’s exercise statistics such as calories burnt, heart rate, and duration of the workout, etc. This may be another reason which adds more to its expensive price tag.

Disadvantages of rear-driven ellipticals

Rear drive elliptical is usually bigger than the front drive elliptical machines. No wonder, these are mostly used in clubs and gyms.
These machines usually come with an expensive price tag, making it for some people to enjoy their benefits.
Rear drive elliptical trainers are the longest amongst other elliptical designs such as center drive elliptical machines, and front drive machines. Needless to say, they can take up quite a big space in your home.

Final Thoughts


When it comes to choosing the right elliptical trainer for yourself, it largely depends on your preference and your needs. They can help you burn away those extra fats in your body within a short span of time.

If the price is not a problem and you have enough room, choosing a rear-drive elliptical will brighten your life. They’re highly durable, and you’ll have lots of cool features to assist you while working out. You can customize workouts that best suits your body and requirements. They are also effortless to maintain, which is a significant advantage.

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