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ProForm has been in the market since the 1980s and currently owned by Utah based ICON health and fitness. When it comes to ellipticals and other fitness machines for use at home, ICON is the largest in the market for their development, manufacture, and marketing. It also owns NordicTrack and other brands for fitness.

As a trainee, ProForm will keep you highly motivated as it will provide non-essentials for training in cardio in various price categories. All modern ProForm ellipticals feature sound systems that are iPod compatible and tablet computer holders. The models which are in the high category have touch screens which are integrated with Android web browsers. They come with workout menu which is extensive and can be able to support iFit coach programming. With all the aforementioned, the ProForm workout has infinite workout guidance that you will enjoy.

You can easily access the iFit Coach directly through the console which is on the touch screen on the ProForm elliptical. Those that have classic displays, you will be able to access the iFit Coach via your own mobile phone. When it comes to power and other physical performance, you have an option of choosing from a wide range of systems which are resistant, incline options, and stride length.

  • Endurance series: The ProForm models which are in the endurance series have an upfront resistance system instead of having it at the back. This ensures that they take up little space without reducing on the stride length. The models in this category include the 720E, 520E, and 920 E. Their retail price starting at $599 with free delivery to addresses within at least 48 contiguous US states.

The heavier upgrades of Endurance 520E to 920 E feature heavier drives, adjustable strides, and incline systems which are more advanced. With the 920E, the console is more feature-rich making it the most web and iFit Coach with a 7 inch HD screen for control. The maximum weight capacity for each trainer is 325 pounds.

  • Pro Series: There are three models in this category: 16.9, 12.9 and 9.9. Unlike in the Endurance Series, they don’t have an upgrade with high definition displays for the 2019 but on the overall, they are very powerful. Just like the Endurance models, they have front-drivers, but theirs are heavier to be able to support a motion which is smoother and at the same time, offers a great challenge as far as strength training is concerned. The 16.9 has a flywheel of 32 pounds while 9.9 for 2019 has a flywheel of 28 pounds. These trainers offer up to 26 levels of resistance, ensuring that, they can serve well for light training up to intense training for all ability levels.Β  The maximum capacity for these categories is 375 pounds with a 10-inch touchscreen which has the capability of connecting with the internet and iFit Coach. They typically sell starting at $999.
  • CSE Series: It has four ellipticals of Smart Striders. They are rear-driven elliptical trainers and thus, you will need enough floor room as compared to the front drive trainers. But the good thing is that, you can store them vertically to maximize the available space with their unique Proform folding elliptical features.

In normal cases, rear drive tends to be more expensive as compared to the front driver but not with these Smart Striders which are a bit lighter. They are good ellipticals for beginners but the 935 and 895 are packed with several features. The 935 CSE, which is the best of all, has a 10-degree power incline with a wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring. The starting price online for this series is $599

  • Hybrid Series: It is partly elliptical and partly a recumbent bike. It is a trainer which does double duty for a price which is very low. It has several features but in terms of basics, it is on the low end. It has a 17-inch stride and a drive of 15 pounds at maximum, making it the most preferred collection when it comes to low-intensity training by individuals who are small built. The basic hybrid trainer sells at $349 while the high end one, the hybrid trainer pro starts as from $599.


Brand Highlights

  • Touchscreen consoles that have web browsers and you have an option of using your mobile. Speakers which are iPod compatible, two-speed fan, wireless telemetry
  • Performance features are customizable
  • Incline options include power-adjustable and manual systems
  • Total body training supported by handlebars
  • Lifetime warranties for steel frames
  • High end have competitive warranties

Brand Lowlights

  • You have to buy an iFit Coach to access workouts which are more engaging
  • Quality control is inconsistent
  • Low budget models have poor warranties

Bottom Line

ProForm elliptical machines are both entertaining and at the same time, train. The high-end models have web browsers integrated with every unit coming with speakers and tablet holder to get your workout music. The resistance varies significantly from one machine to the next same to the warranties. But if you do serious comparisons, you are likely going to get a machine that has the right warranty, power, price, and durability as per your preferences.

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