Best Exercises for Losing Weight

Best Exercises for losing weight

The best exercises to lose weight are those that burn a lot of calories in a short time, as in the case of running or swimming. But to lose weight efficiently and maintain the results it is also essential to combine these with weight training exercises that must be performed at the gym, with the supervision of a fitness coach.

Aerobic exercises, such as fast walking and running, increase heart rate and burn more calories while endurance exercises, such as weight training, favor muscle hypertrophy, which is the increase in muscle size, which increases the person’s ability to burn calories even at rest.

Even so, the exercises that are considered the best to lose weight are the aerobics, where they are included:

1. Bodybuilding

Weight training is one of the main activities for those who want to lose weight, because from its regular practice, it is possible to increase muscle mass, as well as resistance, strength and flexibility. The more muscle mass, the greater the person’s capacity to spend calories at rest, thus favoring weight loss. However, for this to happen, it is important that the training is regular and that the person follows a balanced and healthy diet.

Amount of calories burned: the amount of calories burned during a weight training can vary between 300 and 500 calories per hour, but this value depends on several factors, mainly intensity, type of training performed and conditions related to the person, such as physical conditioning, weight, physical and genetic structure. But this value can be even higher, since, as there is gain in muscle mass, calories continue to be burned up to 48 hours after the exercise, including at rest, as long as the person trains in a moderate to intense way, continues to practice physical activity and have a healthy diet.

2. HIIT Training

HIIT training, or High Intensity Interval Training, corresponds to a set of exercises that should be performed at high intensity in order to accelerate metabolism and promote the burning of as much fat as possible. The exercises are performed in an intense way to raise the heartbeat a lot and therefore it is more indicated for those who already practice some kind of physical activity, although there are HIIT trainings for beginners, but that consist in a series of easier exercises.

Amount of calories burned: this exercise is able to burn up to 400 calories per hour. However, for this amount of calories to be reached and the body to continue burning calories, even after the end of physical activity, it is important that it is carried out under the guidance of a physical education professional, so it is possible to achieve and maintain high intensity throughout the exercise.

3. Crossfit Training

Crossfit training is also quite intense and requires greater cardiorespiratory capacity, since the training is done in a circuit with high intensity and with little rest time between exercises, and mobility of joints, and is therefore more suitable for people who are more used to attending the academy. In this type of training different weights, ropes, tires are used and often the exercises are performed, outside the gym or outdoors.

Amount of calories burned: this type of training can promote the burning of up to 700 calories per hour. To potentialize calorie burning, weight loss and muscle mass gain, it is important that the practice of crossfit is guided by a professional, especially if the person is a beginner in this sport, is sedentary or has some joint limitation.

4. Dance Classes

Dance classes correspond to a dynamic way of improving cardiorespiratory capacity, strengthening and toning the muscles, increasing flexibility and having fun, as well as being a great way to burn calories and lose weight.

Amount of calories burned: the calories burned vary according to the style of dance and the time it is practiced. In the case of forrΓ³ ( a brazilian dance style), for example, it is possible to lose about 400 calories per hour, while in zumba it is possible to have an average expenditure of 600 calories per hour of exercise. However, in order to burn this amount of calories, it is necessary that the activity be carried out intensively.

5. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a very intense and complete physical activity, because it uses several muscle groups and requires physical preparation. Muay Thai’s workouts are very intense and promote the improvement of cardiorespiratory capacity and physical conditioning, muscle strengthening and endurance, besides improving self-esteem.

Amount of calories burned: the average caloric expenditure of Muay Thai practitioners is about 700 calories per workout. The amount of calories lost due to Muay Thai training varies according to the intensity of the training and the person’s physical preparation. It can reach 1500 calories lost per training when the person trains intensively and already has very good physical preparation.


Spinning classes are held at different intensities, but always on a bicycle. These classes, in addition to promoting high calorie expenditure and promoting weight loss, also promote muscle strengthening, burning leg fat and improving cardiorespiratory resistance.

Amount of calories burned: in this exercise it is possible to burn about 600 to 800 calories per hour. To maximize the caloric expenditure of the spinning classes, it is necessary that the person does the class according to what is requested by the instructor.

7. Swimming

Swimming is a complete exercise, because in addition to promoting better physical conditioning, it is also able to strengthen the muscles and promote the burning of fat. Although the strokes are not very strong to get to the other side of the pool faster, it takes a constant effort, with few periods of downtime. When the goal is to lose weight you should not only get to the other side of the pool, you must maintain a constant and strong rhythm, that is, you can cross the pool swimming crawl and come back, for example, as a form of ‘rest’.

Amount of calories burned: the practice of this physical activity can promote the burning of up to 400 calories, as long as the person maintains the rhythm and remains constantly in motion.

8. Hydrogymnastics

Hydrogymnastics is also great for losing weight and improving cardiorespiratory capacity. As the water relaxes the tendency is to decrease the rhythm, but if you want to lose weight, the ideal is to be in a class with this same purpose, because doing exercises at a pace for the elderly to stay healthy, may not be enough to burn fat.

Amount of calories burned: in this type of activity it is possible to burn up to 500 calories per hour, but for this to happen it is necessary to be always in movement, enough to breathe.

9. Running

Running workouts are excellent for promoting caloric expenditure and fat burning and can be done both in the gym and outdoors. It is important that the running is always done at the same pace and preferably in an intense way. You can start at a slower pace, on the treadmill or outdoors, but every week you need to increase the intensity to achieve better goals.

In the case of people who are not in the habit of running or who are starting physical activity, running may not be the best way to initially promote caloric expenditure. Therefore, it may be recommended to start the practice of aerobic exercises with walking until the person feels able to start running.

Amount of calories burned: the caloric expenditure of the race can vary between 600 and 700 calories or hour, but it is necessary that the person maintains a good rhythm, does not take many breaks and that the effort made to do the activity is capable of leaving the person breathless, without being able to talk during the race.

10. Body pump

The body pump classes are an excellent way to burn fat because it is done with weights and steps, working the main muscle groups, which promotes their strengthening and increased resistance, and also improves the cardiorespiratory capacity, since it requires more physical conditioning to perform the exercises.

Amount of calories burned: the body pump classes promote a caloric expenditure of up to 500 calories per hour, but it must be done at the pace and intensity indicated by the instructor.

The ideal is to divide the time of training between aerobic exercises and bodybuilding exercises, preferably 5 days a week, to lose weight effectively and continuously. During the workouts, it is important to maintain the body’s energy and hydration, in these cases it is recommended to bet on homemade energy drinks.

11. Planks

Planks are champions when it comes to losing belly without leaving your home. They are considered an abdominal exercise that has several ways of being performed – which can make the exercise easier or more difficult.

How to do it: To start the isometric board, place the two parallel hands on the ground, in the same way as the tip of the feet (which should be slightly apart), dividing the body weight on these four supports.

The movement is similar to a pushup, but here you will not move the arm – it must remain stretched with the body straight. The muscle work will be to keep in the same position.

After you have managed to stabilize the board, you can perform the bike movement, taking the knee towards the opposite elbow (right knee at left elbow and vice versa). It is important to never let the abdomen relax in order to keep in this position.

12. Bicycle in the air

The bicycle in the air is a variation of abdominal exercise that combines a torso and hip flexion with a torso rotation.

How to do it: Lie down with your back resting on the ground or mattress, lift your legs without taking your back off the ground and simulate riding a bicycle with your feet up. With your hands behind your head, try to reach your right knee when it is closest to your abdomen and repeat the procedure when your left knee is closest.

Try to stay in this exercise more or less the same time you used in other aerobics, always taking care with your spine.

How to start weight loss exercises

When starting some kind of physical activity one should undergo a professional evaluation to check the weight, fat folds and pressure. In addition, it is important to say your intentions, if it is to lose weight, tone or hypertrophy, so that the training indicated by the instructor can be appropriate to the objective. The ideal frequency is 5 times a week, being at least 30 minutes per day, with moderate or vigorous intensity.

Usually the training starts with aerobic exercises, such as bicycle or treadmill and then the student can go to class or follow the training in the bodybuilding room. As the student gains stamina, the exercises or the rhythm of the class should be more difficult, requiring greater and better effort from the muscles and heart.

What exercise to do to lose weight quickly?

To lose 2 lbs of fat per week, that is, 8 lbs of pure fat per month, you must do some exercise that burns approximately 600 calories per day, 5 times a week, in addition to the daily weight training.

To achieve the desired caloric burn, exercise must be performed for 1 hour and maintain the heart rate within the ideal, which should be approximately 80% of its maximum capacity. This capacity, however, will depend on your physical conditioning, age and exercise intensity. Exercising below these values will not help you lose weight but may bring other health benefits, such as improving cardiorespiratory capacity.

For extra help it is advisable to buy a small digital device called a pedometer that shows how many steps the individual has taken per day. This device can be purchased at sports stores, department stores, or over the internet. But it is important to follow the orientation that is to take at least 10,000 steps a day.

Exercises to lose weight at home

It is also possible to do aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises at home, being a good way to burn fat. It is possible to walk fast in the street every day, running from small distances and increasing the distance every week.

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