How to Get a Perfect 6 Pack | But don’t expect it to be easy | Abs Defining Diet

How to get the perfect abs in no time

The million-dollar question: How can I mark my abs?

Many people simplify the concept into: What should I eat to mark abs?

If you’re wondering that, you should know what you do well to simplify it because it’s relatively simple. But… You’re simplifying it badly.

You should rather ask yourself something like…

How much to eat to have the perfect 6 pack?

No, you shouldn’t exactly eat less volume or quantity of food, but you just have to find (later I’ll tell you how) in an approximate way, how many calories you must ingest to be in a caloric deficit and therefore, force your weight to lose body fat and consequently… Finish by marking your beloved abdominals.

A good strategy is to eat foods less dense in calories (which occupy but have few calories in comparison) in order to eat more in volume and facilitate the deficit.

Basically that is what the famous process or stage of definition or any stage aimed at reducing body fat is all about: losing fat. To do this, you have to put the body in a state where it is forced to do this But without doing crazy!

If you want to estimate your daily calorie for losing, maintaining or gaining

How many calories to eat to lose fat?

First of all you must know how many calories to eat a day to maintain weight

To lose fat and maintain muscle mass there are a few basic concepts, we could call them: The 4 legs of the chair.

You must bear in mind that they are the basis for achieving the best result you can aspire to.

  • Controlled calorie deficit (approx 200-500kcl)
  • Sufficiently high protein intake, approx. 2g to 2.5g per KG body weight
  • Intense strength training. Fundamental for maintaining muscle mass
  • Adequate rest and stress management. It will help a lot to avoid muscle catabolism (loss of muscle mass)
BONUS: Cardiovascular or “cardio” training (like running or walking or cycling) is a tool to increase your calorie expenditure and therefore… make your calorie deficit the same by eating more calories. But it’s not essential and it won’t work magic on its own. It’s that simple.

Diets to Mark Man vs. Women Abdominals

The differences between a male and female abdominal diet that you should be aware of.

Usually, the calories consumed in men may be a little higher than in women, this is because the basal metabolism (by genetics) in most men is higher.

Although it is true that men tend to have more muscle mass, since they have more ease to gain it because they have more testosterone, among other factors. The belly is also one of the areas where more fat tends to accumulate in males. Therefore, it may take most men much more patience to remove the fat from this area. On the other hand, in women, it is somewhat easier to lower the percentage of fat in the abdominal area, but it is not usually as pronounced as in men in terms of how it looks visually.

Sometimes women may have to make more complex readjustments to calorie and macronutrient intake, depending on which phase of the menstrual cycle they are in.

While it is true that this is already “playing with lights” skin tone, genetics, the time of day, among many other factors, can also create visually perceived variations speaking, although “reality” remains the same

Normally, a diet to define abdominals in woman or man has with it the objective of taking you to a % of fat where your abdomen is “uncovered” and shown.

If you want to check types of exercises that can to get better abs, check out this wikihow article

When does the abdomen start to be marked?

The lower the percentage of fat, the more visual the abdomen will be. But in order to begin to mark the famous six-pack normally the numbers will be similar to the following ones:

In women, the abdominal musculature is usually noticed from -21% of body fat

Most men will begin to mark the sixpack at -15% body fat

Having a hypertrophied abdomen will make it easier for this to happen, as it will have greater relief and will be more likely to be marked.

But, as a basis, you should know that everyone (between or not) has abs, basically because the core musculature is part of what keeps us standing and the structure of the body.

That’s why sometimes you can see people as “skinny” and with marked abs.  This does not mean that they are strong by miracle, far from it. They simply have very little fat and mark the muscles, in this case little hypertrophied, that every human body has.

Mark abs in a week?

Forget about moves… One million dollars in a week, around the world in 2 days, fly without wings… Nothing nothing, all that is a lie.

Okay … You can get abs doing things wrong and do it very fast, leaving a lot of muscle mass along the way and having a hard time, also damaged your health: Still take it for granted that we will be in a week, not in a month.

At my site I like to tell the truth, not sell you the bike.

But have one thing very clear: What comes fast, goes fast. But what comes with work, lasts longer and is better.

What is the diet for perfect abs?

The abs are the genetics of each one, the genetics that your parents have given you, with their virtues and their defects.

You can change the size, but not the symmetry. In other words, make yours perfect for you, because you won’t be able to change them and mold them to your liking. But as I told you… You can make them stronger and bigger!

Message for children under 25: (From personal experience) I don’t recommend you to lose weight at all or to define only and exclusively to mark your abs if you don’t have a relatively high muscular mass, even less if you are under 25.

Focus on creating a base, there will already be summers to show it to the public. Think about the good things: You have a capacity for brutal progress, don’t stop it and take advantage of it to build the base.

Video: This Youtube Channel is actually very good and has some great exercises to get fit. Check this video with exercises even a total beginner can do…

Summary: Marking Abdominals is simple, but takes time

As you can see… Marking abdominals is very simple, you just have to fulfill a few bases and lower the fat little by little. Therefore, you don’t need to look for any kind of guru to teach you how to do it. They are pure mathematics: Calorie Deficit. Likewise, simple is not easy. The lower the percentage of fat you want to get, the harder the process will be. You decide where it pays off, but always with a head!


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