Bowflex Elliptical Reviews

Bowflex Ellipticals Reviews

Bowflex is an international fitness brand founded in 1986. The brand consists of fitness equipment such as cardio machines, activity tracker, dumbbells, and gym tools for domestic use. The marketing and selling of the products are done by Nautilus, Inc. in Washington.

Bowflex machines such as Max Trainers and Tread Climbers are some of the best selling ellipticals out there in the market. These products offer better results in comparison to other products in the market. These machines help burn calories at a faster rate without exhausting the body through an excess workout.

Bowflex Max Trainers allows the user to participate in intense workout exercises through upper body workout as well as running at the same time. Max trainers are known to provide excellent results in a short amount of time. Bowflex Tread Climbers are excellent fat-burning machines. Excess amounts of calories are burned through low-impact walking. The running movements are beneficial for cardiovascular actions, weight-loss, and muscle definition.

Bowflex Max Trainers

The Bowflex max trainers consist of three trainers, i.e. Max Trainer M3, Max Trainer M6, and Max Trainer M8.

The Max Trainer M3 helps users burn excess calories with a series of exercises. The system has two workout programs with a resistance level up to 8. It also has a pre-set workout program built-in. Motion Traxx workouts are also available with just the access of an internet connection. M3 also has the wireless heart rate monitoring feature with a chest strap. However, some features are missing in this machine. The system is an affordable product in comparison to other models.

The Max Trainer M6 helps users attain their goal through intense exercises without putting pressure on their joints. The system also allows users to burn fats, cardio benefits and provides muscle definition through low-impact exercises. It has a massive resistance level of 16, which is extremely beneficial for athletes.

One significant feature of this system is the availability of artificial intelligence called “Bowflex Max Intelligence”. This app helps assess and store data of the user’s progress and provides updates.

The Max Trainer M8 is one of the best out of all the models. It is the combination of a treadmill and stair-stepper or elliptical. It is an effective workout plan with low-impact on the user’s body. It is equivalent to owning two machines, i.e. a treadmill and an elliptical.

The device has 20 resistance levels for both beginners and athletes. It also has the Bowflex max intelligence to cater to the buyer’s need. It is an artificial intelligence that analyses the user’s performance and keeps track of the progress.

Bowflex Tread Climbers

The Bowflex Tread Climbers 2019 consists of the Bowflex Tread Climber TC100 and Bowflex Tread Climbers TC200.

The TC100 is one of the best buys in the fitness market at present as it is exceptionally durable and available at an affordable price range. The machine runs up to 4mph and has an incline adjustment of up to 40%. The product helps users with cardio benefits and strength maximization through a variety of workouts.

The machine is an excellent fat burner and burns calories faster than any product in the market. The system also has a 4.0 Bluetooth feature to monitor the user’s progress and heart rate. It also has a better surface area to tuck your smartphone during workouts.

The machine is highly durable and offers a two years warranty. The extended warranty is a plus-point for the buyer in the long run.

The TC200 is an upgraded version of the TC100. It allows users to reach an incline adjustment of up to 40% and runs at a speed of 4.5mph. The device also contains the heart rate monitor, which is an excellent feature for the buyers. The machine also has workout programs with customizable options available to the user’s preference or convenience. The system helps users attain their fitness goals by keeping track of the time, distance, calories and the progress made.

Bowflex Results Ellipticals

Bowflex Results Ellipticals are the newest addition to the brand. It consists of the BXE116 and BXE216 ellipticals. These machines are smooth and shiny in design. The products are comparatively cheaper than the other models. BXE116 and BXE216 cost around $1500 and $2000 respectively. It is an excellent deal for the buyers as it comes with most of the latest features at a reasonable price range.

Highlights and Lowlights of Bowflex Ellipticals

  • Condensed Structure: The Bowflex Ellipticals usually measure from 4ft in length to 2.5ft in width and weighs up to 350lbs. It is a correctly structured machine that isn’t unstable at all. It is very convenient for users who are into home workouts as it can be easily used for the home gymnasium. The stiff structure of the machine provides safety to the user.
  • Consoles: Bowflex Ellipticals offers a series of different consoles to the users. The consoles are sleek and shiny in design. It also provides the ability to connect the system to your smartphone to have a better experience with the system. The touch screens are easily accessible, and navigation is spot on.
  • Low-Impact Motion: These machines are joint-friendly and do not inflict pressure or pain on your knees or the body in general. This machine is best suited for runners as the joints do not face any pressure from the workout.
  • Well-Rounded: The machine offers benefits through cardiovascular exercises. It also helps users to maximize their strength and power through a series of workout programs available. It allows users to eradicate unwanted body fat and achieve that chiselled look.
  • Warranty: The promising thing about Bowflex fitness is its warranty deadline. It offers buyers with longer warranty with extended periods.

  • M3 Resistance: The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 has a manual resistance. Users have to use the dial setup instead of the touch screen to adjust the resistance level during workouts. It is a significant inconvenience for the users.
  • M3 Warranty: M3 Max Trainer, which is the original product of Bowflex ellipticals, has only a warranty time of 1 year. It is probably not enough for some of the buyers.
  • Price Tag: Bowflex ellipticals can be considered somewhat expensive for some buyers. The most affordable price range comes down to $999, which consists of the original product. Models newer than that are double the price and too costly to own by some buyers.


Bowflex ellipticals are no doubt expensive and not cheap in any shape or form. The machines, however, are excellent in usage and meets almost all the desires of the buyers. The price tag is worth the quality. The system helps users burn fats faster, builds muscles and improves cardiovascular muscles in the body. It possesses almost all the advanced features in the market now. User’s budget and preference is a significant factor.

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