Why does the elliptical trainer make you lose weight?

why does the elliptical trainer make you lose weight

Discovering why ellitpicals stimulate weight loss

If a certain category of people start doing sports, it’s with the aim of losing weight. Many of these individuals have chosen to use elliptical trainers. To help you make this choice, find out why elliptical trainers make you lose weight and how you can lose weight using them.



Working the muscles with the elliptical trainer

In order to better understand the action of the elliptical trainer on the body, it should be noted that training with this machine allows a person to work considerably on different parts of the body. By working the muscles, this device ensures the toning of the arms, shoulders and the whole upper body, including the pectorals. For the lower body, the elliptical trainer triggers work on the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and calves. The advantage is that with each workout, the muscles work and the fat gradually falls off.

The effects of the elliptical trainer on the body

If we had to compare the interest of elliptical trainers with that of other sports, it must be said that the handling of this machine is much more interesting. As an indication, when a person trains using ellipticals, the effects of the exercises on the body are similar to those obtained when rowing, running, stepping and even cross-country skiing. In other words, for someone who wants to lose weight through sport, using this fitness machine is definitely a great alternative.


Energy expenditure for losing weight with an elliptical trainer

The handling of the elliptical trainer allows a person to expend a considerable amount of energy. This machine requires the use of the different muscles of the body. As a reference, when an athlete weighing 132 pounds or 60 kg on average exercises on the elliptical for one hour, he or she can burn up to 700 calories. Considering this, as well as the various body movements required by the manipulation of the elliptical trainer, it is inevitable to say that it effectively ensures weight loss.


Elliptical trainer weight loss program

Although elliptical trainers can help you lose weight, it is essential to follow a well-defined program to ensure that you lose weight. To lose weight properly, here are a few techniques to consider when using the machine.

Each session should start with a warm-up and to do this, simply start each exercise with the lowest level of the machine.
Afterwards, you must choose your program and make sure that you do it in 3 sessions of 20 minutes each within a week. You can then increase the rhythm of your training as well as the number of sessions according to your endurance. However, it is important to rest at least one day in the week so that the body can take time to breathe a little.

To finish each session, consider stretching. This step is essential to restore mobility to the muscles and to get them back to their original lengths. A good alternative to a home bike, the elliptical trainer is perfect for fitness and slimming without making too many sacrifices. However, as with all sports, the use of this machine must also be accompanied by the consumption of a good amount of water during and after each exercise session.


Do I have to ride an elliptical trainer every day?

You can do elliptical trainers every day! It’s not like weight training where it’s recommended that you leave a 2-day beating to give your muscles time to recover! Cardio training is effective for weight loss and the more you do the more you will see results! However, if you have to choose between doing an elliptical trainer session every day from 15 minutes to 25 every day or a 45 minute session every 2 days, it will be recommended to do the elliptical trainer every 2 days with a longer session!

To see results, it is recommended to do the elliptical trainer at least every 2 days! If you are a beginner, start with 20 minutes and if you are an experienced athlete do 40 minutes to 1 hour of elliptical trainer! If you have a balanced diet, you will quickly see results on the scale!

Is it possible to lose weight in 1 month on the elliptical trainer?

With regular and assiduous practice (at least every 2 days) you should see results after a month and a half to two months. It is impossible to give an exact time frame because every person is different! Some will lose faster than others! Don’t get discouraged and give it time! If you are a beginner, it is important to increase the duration of your elliptical bike training sessions to see results!

After a month and a half you should start to see progress in your waist and legs! Beware! Just because you increase your caloric expenditure with sport doesn’t mean you can eat anyhow! To say goodbye to the pounds you need to lose, you need to eat a balanced diet! If you want to lose weight sustainably, it is obviously not advisable to stop once you have reached your goal!

Watch the video below to see how to lose weight on your elliptical in 1 month:

Is an elliptical the right choice for slimming your belly?

You’re primarily looking to lose weight and waist size. Cardio training and therefore the elliptical trainer is effective for losing tummy! In order to encourage weight loss in the belly area, the abs should be used to the maximum! The abdominal muscles can only work if they are well supported and keep the stomach tucked in! When blowing, you need to tuck your stomach in more.

Does the elliptical bike make you lose thighs?

Yes! The elliptical trainer is an excellent choice for losing weight in your thighs! Although the whole body is in motion, it is primarily the lower limbs that are active and working! The elliptical trainer speeds up your heart rate and is a great fat burner!

It allows weight loss in the legs both inside and outside! It is an excellent choice for achieving a flat stomach (with a healthy diet). You can stand on tiptoes on the elliptical to put more strain on the buttocks while you pedal. Otherwise, your feet will normally lie flat on your pedals!

Elliptical bike or rowing machine for losing weight?

If your goal is primarily to get work out your stomach, rowing may be a better choice for you! It depends on how much weight you have to lose! An obese person may not be comfortable on the rower in terms of movement. For a person looking to eliminate 1 or 2 kilos and say goodbye to bulges, the rower is a good choice! It will transform your fat mass into muscle mass!


Elliptical or treadmill to lose weight?

The treadmill is the number 1 choice for weight loss! However, elliptical machines are still an excellent choice for weight loss! Cardio training is indeed the key to burning a maximum of calories! Why is the treadmill more effective than the elliptical trainer?

During the run, you are in control of your movements. The elliptical trainer, on the other hand, will guide you in your movements. The energy expenditure will therefore be higher on a treadmill! However, the risk of injury is greater on the treadmill. If you need to choose a cardio machine that has no impact on the ground and protects your joints, you should choose our selection of elliptical trainers.

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