⚖️ How Do Vibration Plates Burn Calories? And Is it a good option to get fit?

how do vibration platforms burn calories

How Do Vibration Plates Burn Calories?

Do you want to shed some pounds or tone up some areas of your body but are too busy to hit the gym? A vibration plate might just be what you need! These tools can boost your weight loss program in a short time-span and give you results similar to what you would get from spending hours in the gym. You might also be interested in our in depth article, vibration plates reviews, where we analyze many vibration platforms currently available on the market, from cheap to higher end devices, and answer most common questions you might have about whole vibration therapy.


How many calories do vibration plates burn?

Estimated Burned Energy on a vibration platform:
For a person of 154 pounds (70 kg)

Duration Calories Burned
5 minutes 49 Calories
10 minutes 98 Calories
15 minutes 147 Calories
30 minutes 294 Calories
1 hour 588 Calories
2 hours 1176 Calories
3 hours 1764 Calories
4 hours 2352 Calories

This question is one of the most asked ones, and there are multiple types of research too on this topic and other weight-loss subjects. Your muscles contract and relax several times in a second to maintain the stability of your body when you are using a vibration machine. It doesn’t differ much from traditional exercises, just much faster. This muscle contraction/relaxation through vibration works in the same way as your other exercise to build muscle and gain strength.

In fact, about 90% of your muscles are activated at once when you are on a vibration plate, so it works quite effectively at helping you lose weight. This action and impact on your muscle fibers are responsible for your weight loss. When your body needs more energy to work your muscles, the calories from the stored fat burn, helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Your muscles burn more calories than your fats, so when the vibration plates work on your muscle mass, the fat percentage on your body lowers.

The amount of calories that a session of using a vibration machine can burn depends on factors such as your height, initial weight, and also what exercises you are performing on the plate. It might be an obvious point, but a cardio workout done on the vibration machine will help you get rid of more calories than just sitting or standing on it. Having said that, you can burn approximately 200-500 cal in an hour. So working out on a vibrating plate for about fifteen minutes will help you lose 50-125 calories. However, this is just an estimate, and the actual results will vary individually and on the type of exercises you perform.

How does a vibration plates work

How does a vibration plate work?

A vibration machine works by allowing your muscles to relax and contract using its oscillating vibrations to transfer energy throughout your body. It is quite similar to regular exercise where the muscle’s contraction and loosening use up the energy in the body. The difference is that this contraction/relaxation occurs several times per second. Hence, it takes lesser time for your body to feel warm and tingly like it does after an intense exercise.

Traditional gym workouts require you to lift weights, which determine the muscles’ load. But when you are using a vibration machine, you have to set the vibration amplitude and frequency to load the muscles. The vibrations prompt the muscles to contract and loosen, leading to intense muscle strain and activation. The amount of muscle-activation and working of groups of muscles occurring with the use of a vibration plate takes very less time than the conventional training. Also, there are more benefits of using a vibration plate than doing regular forms of exercise when it comes to muscle gaining and weight loss.

When you combine a healthy diet with the vibration machine, there is nothing stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals! You will start seeing results when you burn energy more than your intake.

Besides burning fat, vibration plates can also tone and strengthen your muscles. Improve posture, rejuvenate muscle. Increase flexibility and balance.

who can use a vibration plate

Who can use a vibration plate?

Vibration plates are quick and suitable for almost everyone. If you are a busy person and cannot spare time to go to the gym, you can find this device extremely helpful. One of the factors that make the vibration machine a popular tool is it’s fast and easy to use features. You can spend just fifteen minutes a day to see some amazing results without needing to do exhausting workouts. If you want to know in depth if you are eligible to use a vibration platform, check our article, who cannot use vibration plates.

The whole idea of this vibration plate technology is to make exercise easy and effortless so that people from all walks of life can enjoy better health. You no longer have to face sore muscles and aching body from rigorous exercises. Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a low-impact workout that promises visible results with minimal effort. You can start small and move up to more intense poses and workouts as you take your time to get acquainted with the machine and feel comfortable enough to perform them.

Another great aspect of a vibration plate is that you can use it, whether you are an athlete or someone with chronic pain issues. There are a variety of exercises you can perform on a vibration plate so that you can achieve your body goals without any limitation. Even standing or sitting on one will not be a waste of time!

How to lose calories/weight with a vibration plate?

If you are moving from a lifestyle of minimal exercise to a vibration plate, you will not be disappointed with the results. You can start by just standing on the plate for fifteen minutes every day and/or try simple exercises to make it more effective. Lunges and knee-bends are great forms of workout to start with. As you progress and feel the need to do more, you can start more intense workouts on the plate, like crunches and push-ups.


If done properly, you can achieve your weight loss and muscle gain goals using a vibration plate. These devices are effective in burning fat and helping people achieve long-term goals relating to their bodies and well-being. Following a healthy and proper diet along with regular use of the vibration plate, will provide better results than conventional exercises. Vibration plate machines burn calories by using up the energy in your body. The amount of calories you lose depends on your diet, workout intensity, and amount of time spent on the machine.


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