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Do Vibration Platforms Really Work

Vibration Plates For Exercise: Do They Really Work?

Do Vibration platforms really work? The latest buzz in the fitness world is the vibration plate, mostly used by athletes and those keen on keeping in shape. These plates work on vibration therapy to tone and define muscles. It gives remarkable results as the same as conventional gym training. Let’s take a moment to see if vibration platforms really work, and understand why it is one of the fitness equipments of the moment.

Going back to its origin, vibration plates were initially used by Russian scientists to experiment on cosmonauts for the zero-gravity atmosphere. They used these vibration plates to reduce osteoporosis and muscle atrophy. The experiment showed tremendous positive results. It further showed that not only does this equipment stop the reduction of bone density, but it increases it. Since then, the vibration plate has been a piece of reliable fitness equipment for physical training. If you want to know more about vibration platforms, take a look at our awesome vibration plates reviews dedicated page.


What is a Vibration Plate? How Does it Work?

A vibration plate, or often known as ‘Power Plate,’ is a workout machine that sends high-speed vibrations all over the body to tone and relax the muscles. Normally, our muscles contract and relax once or twice every second. Standing on the vibration plates stimulates about 30 to 50 times of muscle contraction in a second. Comparatively speaking, ten minutes on the power plates will give the same results as 60 minutes of traditional muscle training.

The use of vibration plates is quite simple. Start with positioning your body upon the plate properly and feel the vibrations going through your body as it moves. The high frequency of vibrations from the plate will cause the muscles to contract and relax involuntarily. Depending on how your health status is, the frequency of use of the plate will differ.

Usually, sessions should not be done more than three times a week and must be less than 15 minutes. However, since the exercise duration and frequency should be done according to your body fitness level, it is best to follow basic instructions before stepping on the plate.

Vibration plates notable benefits

What are the Benefits Of Vibration Plates?

Shaking and vibrating makes you lose pounds, builds muscles and gets you fitter? At first glance, this may seem a little strange, but it is definitely possible – and even with a surprisingly high level of efficiency. The magic word is simply “vibration plates”. These are fitness machines that are mainly used in the home and, true to their name, work with a (strong) vibration. As home fitness helpers, they seamlessly complement ergo meters, treadmills and elliptical trainers – and still stand out from them.

Let’s review the most important vibration plates benefits in detail below:

Vibration Plates tones your muscles

A common concern regarding an exercise machine is whether it tones the muscles or not. The vibration plate is an ideal equipment to tone muscles with a minimum workout. By putting your body in certain positions and putting pressure on those areas, you allow the vibrations to tone the targeted muscles and define them as well. To tone your legs, you have to stand on the plate with your knees slightly bent.

Just standing alone on the plate wouldn’t tone much as a proper workout would do, but it will bring some changes to your muscles compared to doing nothing at all.

Vibration Plates help in fat loss

By using the vibration plate properly, you can shake off some fats. This may also lead to long-term weight loss. It sounds way too good, so yes, the power plate alone is not the answer to losing fats, but it has proven effective in reducing cellulite to a significant extent.

The vibrations work through your entire body, reducing fat deposits around the midriff region. This workout activates your liver, which metabolizes fat before it turns into glucose.

Vibration Plates Builds muscles

Vibration plates are also used as alternatives to strengthen the muscles without stressing the body too much. Compared to weight training and other muscle-building exercises, the vibration exercise has a low impact but effective nevertheless.

Simple movements like squats, push-ups, and lunges on the plate benefit your muscle growth and increase muscles’ density.

Vibration Plates can Stop reduction of bone density

Studies have shown that vibration therapy has helped in controlling the reduction of bone density. The vibration encourages compression on the bone tissue, and with the repetition of the stimulation, it increases the density of bone minerals over time.

A session of ten minutes six times a week is ideal for preventing bone density reduction greatly. It also strengthens muscle power and balance that prevents those with weaker bones from falling. Regular vibration therapy helps in improving bone health, which may take time but with positive results.

Vibration Plates Increase flexibility

Vibration plates improve the balance of our body by contracting your midriff while trying to stay on the plate. This strengthens your core, which means more balance and more flexibility.

You can simply use the plates for stretches to improve your range of motion and flexibility with some yoga poses. This is a great way to build the mobility of your body and further reduce the risk of falling and other injuries.

Vibration Plates Improve blood circulation

Regular use of the vibration plate for general body massage improves blood circulation in the arms and legs significantly by activating blood flow. This can improve the oxygen supply and help in the healing of injuries in the muscles.

As vibration travel throughout your entire body, it improves the lymphatic flow allowing free blood circulation. The boost of blood circulation reduces heart problems and diabetic issues as well.

Vibration Plates helps in recovery

Vibration plates being a low-impact exercise is a great way to get back to your regular exercise regime after an injury. These machines are beneficial to build muscles and improve flexibility gradually, which is ideal for removing stiffness in the injured region.

Usually, after an injury, immobility sets in. This affects the flexibility of the muscles and prolongs recovery time. The vibrations from the plate rehabilitate idle muscle strength, accelerating blood flow, and reducing pain.

Our Verdict

It is evident about the benefits of using vibration plates for a decent workout; however, there are still some potential injuries concerning its use. If not used properly, you may face some injuries like back pain, cartilage damage, and even brain damage.

Besides the probability of injuries, which is a reality check, vibration plates do have numerous benefits, and it works well in improving one’s health. Do keep in mind that this is not a standalone fitness regime to achieve the ultimate fitness goal. Include healthy foods and regular exercise to maintain a fit and balanced health

It is strongly advised to consult with your physician or trainer before you start using vibration plates regularly. Remember to maintain a balanced diet and regular cardio to see positive results from the use of vibration plates.

Do Vibration Plates really work

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